With the 10 Best Balls for Senior Golfers, You’ll Feel Young Again!

If you’re feeling your muscles and joints rebel at the possibility of playing a sport, don’t fear!

The best golf balls for seniors will help you rediscover your love for the sport! With these, you’ll surely match the games of the younger professional players.

The 10 Best Golf Balls for Seniors

Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls: Best Overall

Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls


  • Proprietary TruFlex cover
  • Low-compression core design (TruTouch)
  • 376 tetrahedral dimples for superior distance


This ball can travel at a great distance, even for slow swingers. Its straighter ball flight means you can get your golf balls into the green without going out of bounds.

The TruSoft is a low spin ball, perfect for long shots even if you only have a medium swing speed.

It’s also the most aerodynamic ultra-low compression core golf ball we’ve tested, covering more distance even for slower swingers.

Feel and Control

Titleist is a pro player’s secret to wins – but they’re not just for professionals! Senior golfers will LOVE how soft the TruFeel can be!

It’s one of the softest balls we used – rivaling only the Callaway (our value pick!).

But we preferred the straighter ball flight we got from the TruFeel, which gave us excellent greenside control even if we misfire with the club head. More on its performance below!

The TruTouch Core and the TruFlex cover of this Titleist give you great control even with a weaker golf swing. If your skills aren’t good enough for firmer golf balls, the TruFeel is good to get started on.

With ultimate accuracy, these are suitable even for experienced golfers who want a short game.

When it’s time for putting, get some help from the side stamp alignment aid you’ll find in even pro-level Titleist golf balls.

Overall Performance: Is Titleist TruFeel for You?

For a straight flight, you’ll need to balance distance and accuracy. The Titleist TruFeel gives you just that. Both beginners and experienced golfers will LOVE how well this performs.


  • Incredibly soft
  • Consistent performance
  • Superior distance over the competition


  • Expensive

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls: Best Value

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls, Pink, Pack of 12


  • 332 dimples for better long shots
  • Ultra-soft Low Compression Core Construction (just 38!)
  • Hybrid Cover with PARALOID Impact Modifier


The problem with soft golf balls is they can have a lower lift and increased drag, so your ball doesn’t get very far before you have to swing again.

That’s NOT the case with this professional ball! The Callaway Supersoft can reduce drag and improve lift. That all results in a low spin and fast ball speeds to help you carry the golf ball long-distance.

Feel and Control

This isn’t called the “supersoft” for nothing! The Callaway Supersoft is the softest ball we’ve tried, and with the soft Trigonometry cover, swinging this ball feels almost like nothing!

The ONLY DOWNSIDE? It’s prone to scratching. So if you play often, you’ll need to replenish your golf balls faster than you would with others.

If you combine the comfort of a softer ball and the distance you get with these balls, you’ll have a straighter trajectory with a good flight, so you’ll need fewer swings to get your ball into position.

The Callaway Supersoft’s HEX Aerodynamics technology ensures that your ball goes exactly where you need it.

These have EXCELLENT greenside control, and a few of us senior golfers agree that it’s hands-down the easiest to get right the first time.

Plus, the low spin of these balls means you can aim better. If you already have good technique, you’ll be unstoppable with these!

Overall Performance: Is Callaway Supersoft for You?

The Callaway Supersoft is an amazing all-around golf ball for both beginners and advanced golfers. It’s useful for beginner golfers to improve distance with a soft feel.

If you’re an advanced golfer, the Callaway Supersoft gives you ultimate control and accuracy, even with how soft this ball feels.


  • Great for both beginners and advanced golfers
  • High accuracy performance for less swings per round
  • Affordable for all the benefits


  • Prone to damage

Srixion Men’s Soft Feel Golf Ball: Best Budget

Srixon Men's Soft Feel Golf Ball


  • 388-speed dimples (for the newest model)
  • Composite construction
  • Lonomer cover
  • Low compression, rated at 71


If you need more distance off the tee, the Soft Feel can give you just that. Its resilient core snaps back into shape after your swing, so it travels longer distances compared to the competition.

It’s almost surprising how affordable the Soft Feel is, with how easy they are to use off the bat (or, uh, your golf clubs)!

Feel and Control

Soft golf balls often can’t take a beating. But after a few swings with the Srixion, these balls came out unscathed!

The highly resilient FastLayer soft core has a super-soft feel for increased control over your shots. And you don’t compromise softness, too! Srixions are high durability golf balls, perfect for seniors.

But accuracy is where using the Srixion gets shaky, especially for more experienced players.

While its long game sidespin does increase some accuracy, the Srixion Soft Feel is a distance ball first, so it’s NOT the best golf ball for tours.

Overall Performance: Is Srixion Men’s Soft Feel Golf Ball for You?

If you’re on a budget, the Srixion makes many affordable balls for seniors to enjoy. And if you’re a beginner senior golfer, it’s harder to find a more forgiving golf ball than the Srixion.

If you have a little more experience, there are better golf balls for you to use.


  • More forgiving and great for beginners
  • Straighter shots will benefit slow swingers


  • Limited features for more advanced players

TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Balls

TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls (One Dozen)


  • React core gives you a low spin at higher speeds
  • Its 342 aero dimple pattern covers more distance


This is where the TaylorMade Distance+ wins, hands down. Senior golfers with a SLOWER swing speed will enjoy the extra distance these balls will travel to.

That probably means you won’t want to use these golf balls for a short game. But if you’re a beginner, you’ll probably want to get your golf balls to the green before you can even worry about accuracy.

Feel and Control

While it’s not the softest senior golf ball we’ve tried, it can still give you a straight ball flight and just enough control that you can play with ease.

Distance balls aren’t supposed to be for control anyway, but slow swing speeds will benefit from a distance ball like the TaylorMade Distance+.

Like we said, these golf balls cover MORE DISTANCE, so they aren’t the best balls for a short game.

These prioritize better speed for a slower swing speed, so they’re not the most accurate to get the job done.

But senior golfers need the extra push that your arms can no longer give you! If that’s the case, these offer just enough control for you to do that.

Overall Performance: Is TaylorMade Distance+ for You?

Who knew that TaylorMade could make dirt cheap golf balls? We didn’t. Their more professional equipment is usually for professionals, and they can be quite pricey.

But the dollar-for-dollar value of these can rival pricier alternatives. It has some shortcomings – like shallower dimples and a plasticky feel – but if that’s no issue for you, it’s a good golf ball for the price.


  • Super Affordable
  • Amazing performance in greens
  • Great even for average senior golfers


  • Firmer than other distance golf balls
  • Shallow dimples
  • Plasticky feel

Wilson Duo Professional

WILSON Staff DUO Golf Ball, Professional, White


  • Ultra-thin cover (urethane)
  • The seamless 362-dimple pattern gives you long shots
  • A low compression rating of just 60!


Don’t let the “professional” label scare you away from using one of the best golf balls for senior golfers! Because of its 362-dimple pattern, the Wilson Duo Pro has an enhanced distance.

But how about trajectory? That’s what makes this ball amazing! Wilson’s straight ball flight ensures that you actually make it to the green before you can even think about making it to the hole.

Feel and Control

Distance balls are usually FIRMER than tour balls. But the Wilson Duo Professional has an outstanding softness that rivals even specialty “soft golf balls.”

Its low compression helps give senior golfers enhanced control, even for those who need a little work on their technique.

This 3-piece ball uses a cast urethane cover, so it’s both durable and resists scruff. It also has an excellent greenside spin in case you’re at that point where you’re using your iron or your wedge.

These make the Wilson Duo Professional excellent for players who need control.

Overall Performance: Is Wilson Duo Professional for You?

The only downside is, these are quite expensive. But if you can get your hands on them, they’re definitely one of the best senior golf balls.


  • Outstanding balance of distance and control
  • Excellent greenside spin
  • Great for beginner and advanced senior golfers


  • Quite expensive compared to other soft golf balls

Titleist Pro V1

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls (One Dozen)


  • Dimples: 388 tetrahedral dimple
  • Cover: Urethane elastomer cover system
  • Compression: Over 100
  • 2.0 ZG Process Solid Core golf ball construction

If you take a look at all the golf balls played by the top 100 PGA players, one name stands above the rest: the Titleist Pro V1.

Titleist wasn’t kidding when they say that the Pro V1 is “the #1 ball in golf”!

This ball perfectly balances a soft feel and a large trajectory, giving you the extra distance you need – which is a plus if you’re a senior with a slow swing speed.


With a 2.0 ZG Process solid core, you get increased distance with a low long game spin, so your balls can go farther, longer.

The 388 tetrahedral dimple design can help deliver a penetrating ball flight that maximizes the distance in just one swing.

As we all know, less swings are better in golf – and with the Titleist Pro V1’s superior ball flight, you’ll be ready for putting in no time.

Feel and Control

What’s ball speed and distance if you can’t even aim it right? That won’t be your problem with the Titleist Pro V1. This ball comes with an AIM logo marker to help align the ball when putting.

Now THAT’S attention to detail and accuracy that other golf balls can learn from!

We’re not about to say this is the softest golf ball for seniors – its compression of over 100 makes it firmer than others, especially for senior players.

But the soft cast urethane elastomer cover helps with this ball’s soft feel: it’s the SOFTEST COVER EVER used on a Pro V1 – so you get professional performance while still benefiting from a soft feel.

Overall Performance: Is Titleist Pro V1 for You?

If you’re a senior golfer and swinging fast gets difficult for you, the Titleist Pro V1 can help you get distant shots even with a slow swing speed.

But this IS NOT a beginner’s golf ball! So if you don’t think you can hit clean shots, a softer ball might be better for you.

But if you’ve had your fair share of experience in the golf course, use the same ball that the pros do!


  • The cover lasts for a very long time
  • Superior straight ball flight


  • Expensive
  • Harder for beginner senior golfers to use

Bridgestone SOFT e6 Golf Ball

Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Balls (One Dozen)


  • 2-piece construction with low compression core
  • Delta dimple pattern
  • Lowest-spinning ball from Bridgestone


Its low driver and long iron spin mean you can hit straight even at long distances. It might not be the softest ball out there, but it has better distance than a regular, 2-piece distance ball.

The e6 accommodates senior golfers with a moderate swing speed, so it’s a better option for those with a bit of experience – but can’t exactly compete with the pros just yet.

Feel and Control

You won’t compromise greenside control because of the Bridgestone e6’s incredible distance play. Its lower side spin gives you more control.

And because the e6 is designed for straight shots, you won’t have to worry about hitting this Bridgestone out of bounds. Hold the green with its normalized approach shot spin!

If you play on a rainy, windy day, you’re in luck: the Bridgestone e6

Overall Performance: Is Bridgestone e6 for You?

Bridgestone IS NOT just a car tire brand! It’s the golf ball of choice with plenty of pros. You can’t get any greater than Tiger Woods, who uses a Bridgestone himself!

But Bridgestone also has a well-balanced ball in case you’re not at the pro level yet – the e6 soft is an excellent golf ball for seniors who need a little help with distance.


  • Excellent all-rounder for both distance and short games
  • Bright optic yellow color option helps with visibility


  • Limiting for senior golfers with faster swing speeds

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls, Prior Generation, White (One Dozen)


  • 4CE soft, thin grafted cover
  • 342-dimple tiled cuboctahedron design


A bit more experienced on the field? You’ll LOVE how the Titleist can give you superior distance with the increased spin of the Tour Soft.

It perfectly balances a slow swing speed with a longer travel, and you won’t need the extra strength of younger players to get to the green.

Feel and Control

Since the Tour Soft is a distance ball, it DOES NOT have the best control. While it’s an amazing ball for experienced golfers, new golfers might find it hard to control the ball.

A newer player will find that this ball can misfire and throw their balls out of bounds.

Since the Tour Soft is a distance golf ball, a wrong swing can send it FAR out of bounds – which will make it that much harder to recover. Say goodbye to your brand new golf ball!

That said, the Titleist Tour Soft is plenty soft, with a good feel so you can send your balls straight into the green… If you know what you’re doing.

Overall Performance: Is Titleist Tour Soft for You?

The Titleist Tour Soft is a golf ball better suited for more experienced golfers. While it might not help a beginner’s performance, it’s unbeatable when in the hands of a champion in the making.


  • One of the best golf balls for distance
  • Straight trajectory
  • Medium flight
  • Very soft feel for slower swing speeds


  • More expensive than other beginner options

Wilson Smart Core

Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball - Pack of 24 (White)


  • Durable yet soft ionomer cover


Wilson claims that the “smart core” of these golf balls will adjust and adapt to a golfer’s swing speed. That means you get the following results:

  • Faster spin at a slow swing speed
  • Low spin at faster swing speeds

While we didn’t notice a vast difference in spin between swing speeds, the Smart Core golf balls reach a great distance – enough to get you to the green, with a straight trajectory.

These are better at distance, with a firm response off the tee. So if the distance is a big problem for you, consider the Smart Core.

Feel and Control

The Smart Core golf balls feel soft enough, though nothing exceptional. It’s BETTER at distance than control, but that doesn’t mean your golf ball will ricochet off course if you’re a less experienced golfer.

These golf balls are fantastic at long games – but come short at short games. It may roll off course by a few centimeters while you’re putting.

Overall Performance: Is Wilson Smart Core for You?

Can’t choose between distance and control? Why not get both?

The Wilson Smart Core adapts to your swing speeds, so you can use this golf ball both long-distance and in the green.

While it’s not the best golf ball for short shots, it’s still a fantastic choice as an all-around, well-balanced golf ball. And for a pack of TWO DOZEN? It’s one of the cheapest golf balls on this list!


  • Cheap
  • Great balance of distance and control


  • Not the best golf ball for control and short plays

Callaway Superhot Golf Balls

Callaway Golf 2020 SuperHot Bold Matte Golf Balls (Red)


  • Multiple color options
  • 3-piece construction
  • HEX dimple pattern
  • Soft ionomer cover material


The Callaway Superhot has an aerodynamic design, so it reduces drag to keep your ball in the air longer.

For slow swing speeds from senior golfers, this means you can still get a straight, penetrating trajectory even when your swing isn’t perfect.

So if you don’t have a lot of strength in your muscles anymore, you can still expect some additional yards of distance from the Superhot.

If you need that extra push, the Callaway Superhot can definitely improve your game.

Feel and Control

For a distance golf ball, the iron performance of the Superhot is incredible. The ball action stops when you want it to, for a less frustrating and a much better putting experience.

Are these the softest golf balls you can find for the price? Definitely not. The Callaway Superhot has a moderately soft feel – not too soft, but not too hard either.

Plus, these balls are quite forgiving, so they’re a great choice for beginners.

Overall Performance: Is Callaway Superhot for You?

If you need a golf ball that will enhance your golfing performance, the Callaway Superhot is one of your best picks. It adds a few yards to your distance, no matter your swing speed.

Plus, when it’s time for putting, your ball won’t veer off course, which is usually your problem with distance golf balls.


  • Good for seniors who have swing speed problems
  • Adds a few yards of distance to your usual play
  • Well-behaved for putting


  • Quite expensive

How to Choose the Best Golf Balls for Senior Golfers

Let’s face it: we don’t have the same skills on the golf course. So unless you’re a lowkey professional golfer, there’s no reason why you should use professional-level, high-compression balls.

You’ll only end up frustrated with your skills or switching out clubs – only to discover that the problem IS NOT you or your equipment; it’s your golf balls.

And choosing the right golf ball is the cheapest fix to improving your golf game. Here are a few things to consider before you pick out your next golf ball.

Your Swing Speed

Swing speed is probably the MOST IMPORTANT criterion when selecting a golf ball.

Your swing speed can affect whether you choose a high compression, firmer golf ball and low compression, soft feel golf ball.

If you already have some experience or are powerful enough, you can feel the difference between a premium multilayer ball and a low compression golf ball, and you’ll likely choose a firmer ball.

But a senior golfer would likely have slower swing speeds – mother nature and the passage of time tends to do that to you.

So you likely won’t have the energy to transfer and increase your ball speed on swing alone. That leads to a shorter ball flight, which isn’t very good if you need to be on the green.

You can improve your performance with a suitable soft golf ball that can help you gain ball speed and increase distance.

What Golf Ball Is Best for Slow Swing Speeds?

For senior golfers with a slower swing speed, we recommend choosing the softest ball your money can afford.

At slower swing speeds, a soft ball will produce a BETTER spin and help you control your golf ball. There’s no point buying the best golf ball that professionals use if you don’t have the swing to match!

And here’s one clear advantage of a two-piece, basic golf ball: they’re usually more affordable, so you get more bang for your buck – great for beginners!


A golf ball is a lot like the Earth – so if you studied geology long ago, you’d know that the Earth has a core, a mantle, and a crust.

Studying and choosing golf balls is a lot like high school science class. Each ball contains three important pieces: a core, a mantle, and a cover.


This is the MOST VITAL part of your golf ball because it drives your ball’s speed.

When you see the word “engine” in those fancy marketing write-ups for golf balls, don’t worry – it’s just referring to the core!

Manufacturers usually use high-performance butadiene rubber centers for cores, which can retain the energy gained through your swing speed and keeps it there until your golf balls land.

Your ball’s core affects its compression since most of the density of your golf ball rests in the core.

Mantle or Outer Core

The mantle is what protects your golf ball’s core from external conditions, like moisture, rain, and water hazards.

Mantles usually use a blend of ionomer, and depending on the chemistry, the mantle can affect your ball’s hardness and speed.


Your core retains your swing speed’s energy in your golf balls. But the cover isn’t just some fancy coat for a golf ball; it helps your performance, too!

The golf ball’s cover affects your ball’s spin, durability, and flight:

  • The cover’s dimple pattern influences a golf ball’s speed because it’s what makes a golf ball spin.
  • Dimples can make your ball travel further than a smoother ball. The long-distance flight is why some golfers LOVE using older, secondhand golf balls.
  • Since your cover’s on the outside, its construction will affect your ball’s durability. Softer covers give you better performance because it increases control, but it’s more prone to damage.

TIP: A thin cover will usually have a softer feel than a thicker one.

REMEMBER: A cover IS NOT just for show! It’s a performance criterion you should look into when buying your next few golf balls.


When you see the word “soft” or “firm” in your golf balls, they usually refer to two things: its compression or the cover that they use.

Compression just refers to your golf ball’s density, and a golf ball’s core construction usually affects it.

Compression ranges from 70 to 110.

  • Low-compression golf balls: 70-80
  • High-compression, firmer core golf balls: 100 and above.

Low Compression Balls

The softer your ball, the more control you have. We mostly reviewed softer balls for seniors because they can help you get more accurate shots with them.

A low-compression ball is better for a short game since it produces greater backspin. These are usually two-piece golf balls that transition from a soft inner core to the outer cover.

So if you always hit your ball out of bounds, a low compression ball is more useful for you.

High Compression Balls

A high-compression golf ball with a marking of above 100 is better for advanced golfers or those with a faster swing speed. A five-piece golf ball usually has higher compression, so watch out for those.

High compression golf balls are more difficult to use – that’s why the best golf balls for seniors are usually low-compression, softer golf balls.

Higher compression means you’ll need enough swing speed to compress the core, so you have better spin.

It’s quite difficult to get a fast ball speed with these types of golf balls. They’re harder to control, too. But some golfers like the durability of these golf balls.

So if you’re a beginner or swing your golf club at slow swing speeds, you’re better off with soft balls.

Choosing the Right Ball Based On Handicap

Like we said, not all golf balls are created equal for all players.

As you can see with the above criteria (that’s the same criteria we used in our handy review!), your ball of choice depends on your skill level – like your handicap.

  • If you have a handicap higher than 15, you want a more forgiving ball with a straight trajectory. You should prioritize distance first. This is where beginners fit in.
  • If your handicap is anywhere from 5 to 15, you need something that launches higher. Also, balls that help you with a short game are better.
  • If you’re REALLY good, say 5 and below, look for something that gives you better control. Chances are, your swing speed is fast enough to spin the ball better.

However, these are general rules, so it won’t hurt you if you stray away from them.


Is There a Difference Between Beginner Golf Balls And Golf Balls for Seniors?

Seniors have a lot of physical disadvantages over younger players, whether they’re beginners or professionals.

Seniors deal with two problems:

  • Problem #1: Distance. It’s harder to get a ball far with a slow swing speed. Since seniors lose muscle strength as they get older, you’ll have to get by with good technique and
  • Problem #2: Accuracy. It’s hard to get a ball landing exactly where you want it to if you can’t even see it.

A soft golf ball can help you solve these two problems!

Why a Soft, Low Compression Ball Is Better for Senior Golfers

That “soft feel” actually has strategic advantages, especially for senior golfers:

  • Control is the most important benefit of soft golf balls. A softer golf ball produces more backspin, so your ball will travel further and into the green. That solves Problem #1.
  • It reduces the speed lost on mis-hits, making it suitable for beginners. Plus, these kinds of balls won’t spin out of control. That solves Problem #2.

So if you’re looking for a golf ball for seniors, lean towards a soft ball with low compression. Otherwise, you’ll struggle to get your golf balls to the green.

Do I Really Need a “Tour” or “Pro” Golf Ball?

It might be tempting to use the same golf balls as the pros on the PGA tour, but we don’t recommend it.

Here’s why: a “Tour” ball performs well, but only in the hands of experienced players – like for those with a single-digit handicap.

Tour golf balls use materials and offer features that a senior golfer WOULDN’T want!

  • Tour golf balls are firmer than golf balls for seniors. A firmer ball means you’ll need a faster swing speed to transfer enough energy.
  • Because tour golf balls are firmer, they won’t help you with distance.

As you can see, a Tour golf ball won’t help you if you swing slow… Which is quite natural if you’re already in your golden years.

That doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun of golfing! Just remember to choose a softer golf ball for seniors to aid your distance.

And as with everything else golf-related – it’s a personal choice and depends entirely on what you prefer.

How Many Golf Balls Should I Carry?

You might think that a dozen golf balls is enough for playing on the course, but it’s just not possible. While playing, you might find yourself losing all your balls in the first few balls.

Whether it’s a bad swing or strong winds, it’s always a good idea to back up your golf balls.

So how many should you bring? Well, that depends on the size of the course, and of course, your playing style.

If you’re a risky player, bring more golf balls than you think you need. A PGA Tour golfer would usually bring around nine golf balls to the field. Double it up!

Unlike the 14-club limit, the Rules of Golf actually says that you can bring as many golf balls as you want to a tour, just as long as they’re the same type and manufacturer of the golf ball all throughout.

So here’s a word of advice: it’s always better to bring more golf balls, just in case. It’s always a bummer to end your game extra early just because you ran out of golf balls!

Verdict: What Is the Best Senior Golf Ball?

Srixion Men’s Soft Feel: Best Budget

Do you want the best golf ball on a budget? Try the Srioxion SoftFeel!

Srixion is popular for most beginners – and with its affordable price and excellent feel, Srixion is a good place to start playing!

Callaway Supersoft: Best Value

If the Titleist feels too out of reach for you, the Callaway is another option for the more value-conscious.

It’s neck to neck with the Titleist TruFeel as the best golf ball for seniors, but with a more accessible price tag.

Titleist TruFeel: Best Overall

The Titleist TruFeel is hands down the best golf ball for senior players.

Its straight flight and even alignment marker for when you’re in the green are great extras that will add confidence to your swing.


Who knew that a golf ball could improve your game? Well, it does! And if you’re stuck and you feel like retiring from golf completely, try to get a feel for any of the best golf balls for seniors.

You can do it! Don’t give up! With the right gear and the proper golf balls, you’ll be ready to take on the fairway just as much as the younger kids do.

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