About Barry Rhodes

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Barry Rhodes has been playing golf for 25 years. He never misses a single weekend of golf, and has played on a wide variety of courses all over the world.

His favorite golf club is TaylorMade and his best score is 3 under par. Barry always looks forward to his weekly round of golf, but one day something happened that made him reconsider his passion for the game.

While playing at his usual course, Barry hit into a sand trap for the first time all day. He took a few practice swings, then attempted to hit the ball out of the bunker.

Unfortunately, he only made things worse and ended up burying the ball even further in the sand.

After several more attempts to get out of the bunker, Barry finally gave up and walked off the course in frustration.

This experience made Barry realize that no matter how much experience he has with golf, there will always be times when he struggles. He also realized that it’s important to have fun with the game, even when things aren’t going his way.

Barry is now more grateful than ever for the moments when he is able to play golf and enjoys the game even more than before.

That’s where the idea for this website came along. Nearly every golfer out there gets stuck at times, and it’s important to have some support to help you get unstuck.

That’s what we’re here for.

Our team of expert golfers will provide you with tips, tricks, and drills to help you improve your game and get out of those frustrating situations.

We hope that you find our website helpful and that you’ll visit us often for all your golfing needs! Thank you for reading and happy golfing!