Acustrike Golf Mat Review

Hello golfers, did the Acustrike golf mat catch your attention?

Are you wondering at this exact moment if it’s worth it?

Good to know golfers! We can help you find out if the benefits and features of an Acustrike golf mat are worth your money!

What Is an Acustrike Golf Mat?

The Acustrike golf mat is a golf training aid for golfers that gives them instant feedback on ball strike and swing path,

That also allows them to instantly make the changes they need to:

  • Improve their golf strikes
  • Increase distance
  • Understand their swing

An Acu strike golf impact training mat also changes its shade or color when a shot is played on it.

The dark shade on the Acu strike golf mat indicates where the golf club head strikes the impact training mat. 

How Does It Work?

Every time golfers hit the ball, it is simply wiped clean with the golf club, and it’s ready to go again, with the instant feedback from the last shot.

The white dot in the middle is where you would hit the ball or make a shot.

It also has a launch monitor that gives out numbers of the results of your aim.

The instant feedback on the strike and club direction of travel takes the estimated work out of practice and further determines why the shot made a mark that way. 

This is highly beneficial for golfers and beginners because instant feedback adjusts and corrects their swing and improves their strike game.

How Much Does an Acu Strike Golf Mat Cost?

There are two kinds of Acu Strike mat training aids, one for an indoor version and an outdoor version.

The 19″ x 10″ indoor version retails for $69.95


The 19″ x 10″ outdoor version retails for $49.95


You can also buy the Acu strike golf two-impact training mat set package for $119.95 but for only $107.95 with the coupon code.

What Are the Benefits From an Acu Strike Training Aid Mat

When it comes to practicing the ideal golf impact position with your irons, this extraordinary impact training mat can change your entire gameplay.

It is A MUST for golfers who want to know how to hit the ball first and turf the second contact with your irons.

  • #1: It leaves a mark on the special fabric showing where your clubhead hit in relation to the ball.
  • #2: You can use it at home without hitting the golf ball, or you can go to the driving range and practice your ball striking.
  • #3: It identifies the swing path even if you’re too far from over the top, too steep, or too far from the inside.
  • #4: Square, open or closed clubfaces can be easily detected, providing valuable training aid information on possible grip, hit tendencies, feedback that needs improvement.
  • #5: It’s great as a training aid tool for beginners to teach, correct, and improve.


Some Things to Be Aware of Before Purchasing

These are some factors to consider so that you avoid any problems with your gold mat.

  • #1: The accuracy is questionable. There are some instances where the numbers on the launch monitor showed different results even though the shot caught the ground perfectly.
  • #2: It does not indicate where the club face is pointing, which affects the sight of the path.
  • #3:It would be tricky to work on your low point and impact the downswing to the ground.

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Final Thoughts

We think it’s a great idea to buy the outdoor version and test it out for a more authentic and accurate experience.

We hope this full overview helped you out! Don’t forget to let us know!

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