Choosing the Best Driving Iron Shaft: 7 Top Picks [Buyer’s Guide]

Having a reliable driving iron is ALWAYS a must when you’re on the golf course.

Whether you’re hitting from the tee or the fairway, it’ll keep you one step ahead.

If you’re shopping for one and having trouble choosing, don’t worry.

We’ll not only show you the best driving irons, but we’ll also teach you how to pick the perfect shaft that fits your golf game!

The 7 Best Driving Irons for Both Beginners and Advanced Players

Let’s dive right into our list of best driving irons. Every utility iron we’ll show you will make a superb addition to your bag!

1. TaylorMade P790 UDI – Best Overall

TaylorMade 2021 P790 UDI Iron 2

We’re kicking this list off with our best overall pick. If you’re a scratch golfer or looking for a driving iron with a lower handicap, the TaylorMade P790 UDI is your golf club of choice!

It has a smaller design that makes it easier to shape shots. It’s also pretty forgiving for a 2 iron!


  • Golf Club Flex: Stiff
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Golf Club Loft: 1 Degree
  • Shaft Type: Carbon Steel Alloy

Overall Thoughts

The TaylorMade P790 UDI is actually a golf club for better players. However, it’s quite forgiving for a 2 iron!

Its flex means it’s for more advanced golfers, but its low loft allows your golf ball to cover a greater distance.

This driving iron is offered only in a 2 iron for right-handed players. It’s also designed for 0 to 5 handicaps and great for shots with low launch and spin!


  • SpeedFoam
  • Forged Hollow Body Construction
  • Tungsten Weighting
  • Thru Slot Speed Pocket
  • Progressive Inverted Cone Technology

It’s also a club rich with other features. SpeedFoam injected into its club head allows for faster swings and a better feel once you hit the ball.

Its forged hollow body also enables you to land a hit that creates great distance. It even makes the P790 UDI a forgiving club to use!

Its tungsten weight lowers its center of gravity and allows for higher launches. What’s more, with its Thru Slot Speed Pocket and Progressive Inverted Cone, you get better ball speeds and accuracy!

We’d also like to point out it’s not the best choice if you’re going to hit from the rough. On the other hand, it can easily hit well from the tee or clean fairway lie. It can even replace your driver!


  • High-performing driving iron
  • Enables high ball speed and launch
  • Works great from the fairway and interacts well with turf
  • Lets you hit easily


  • A bit pricey
  • Not the most forgiving driving iron

2. Srixon ZX Utility Iron – Best Value Pick

SRX ZX UTI #2 18 S RH (10307500)

We chose the Srixon ZX utility iron as our next pick for one specific reason. Out of all the best driving irons on our list, this option strikes the greatest balance between value and price!


  • Flex: Stiff
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Loft: 18 Degrees
  • Shaft Type: Carbon Steel

Overall Thoughts

We’ve mentioned its main selling point already, but let’s talk about it more in-depth.

For the price you pay, you get an option that can get you through a tight fairway, windy playing conditions, and even lets you hit long shots with ease.

It’s quite forgiving and offers a lot of control compared to a typical long iron. It has a smaller profile than the other driving irons on our list, but it still packs power and offers excellent forgiveness!

Its flex was meant for players with faster swings, but it’s still quite easy to play with. As for its other features, we’ll cover them below.


  • Mainframe Milled Pattern
  • Hollow Design
  • Tungsten Weight
  • Forged SUP10 Face
  • Forged 1020 Carbon Steel Body

Its milled pattern and compact shape offer you better speeds and let you achieve greater distances with every hit. As for the hollow design, you get more forgiveness and control.

Its tungsten weight and forged face enhance launch, speed, and distance. As for its body, it offers a superbly soft feel despite being made of forged material!

It comes in different iron options (2, 3, and 4 irons, to be specific) and is a great-looking driving iron. It also has a medium sole and a blade-like design making it a stylish addition to your golf bag!

Lastly, the Srixon ZX has multiple shafts to choose from compared to other utility irons. With different flexes available, you’ll be able to find one that fits your preference.

However, a downside with this is that it’s not the most beginner-friendly option. It’s still going to be better than your longest iron, which is going to be heavy. 


  • Perfect balance between value and price
  • Better option than long irons
  • Has a soft feel when hitting your ball


  • Smaller profile may not fit every golfer’s preferences

3. Cobra King Utility Iron – Best Budget Option

2020 Cobra Golf King Utility 4 Iron (Men's, Right Hand, Steel, Stiff Flex, 22.5 Degree)

Up next on this list is the Cobra King Utility Iron. If you want a unique option that offers an unbelievable price, this should be your choice!

Its combination of features makes it stand out, but what we’d like to highlight most is its adjustable loft!


  • Flex: Stiff
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Loft: Adjustable
  • Shaft Type: Graphite

Overall Thoughts

Surprised? Typically a feature seen in hybrids or fairway woods, utility irons with an adjustable loft is rare.

Honestly speaking, it’s a huge perk! It gets rid of the hassle of changing clubs too often!

You can adjust the loft within three degrees, but you still have options. There are stock versions like a 2 iron (16 degrees), a 3 iron (18 degrees), and a 4 iron (21 degrees).

Meanwhile, its graphite shaft will be convenient for players with slower swings. As for a downside, an X-Stiff shaft is available only for a custom option.

It even makes use of Cobra Connect’s shot tracking technology. All Cobra King utility irons have an Arccos embedded grip sensor that syncs with its corresponding Arccos Caddie app.

You can use data to learn all about your golf statistics and adjust your game as needed. As for its other features, we’ll cover them briefly below.


  • PWRShell Face
  • Hollow Construction
  • Tungsten Weighting
  • MyFly Adjustable Loft

Like the other utility irons we’ve covered, its face allows for high launches and faster ball speeds. The same goes for its hollow body.

As for its tungsten weight, you already know by now that it lowers the center of gravity for better speed and distance.

It’s the MyFly adjustable loft that can easily make it any golfer’s favorite club. With 8 settings available, you can adjust both your launch and spin for perfect trajectory control!


  • Very affordable price
  • Versatile club
  • Tracking system helps improve your golf game


  • Others may find the abundance of features overwhelming

4. TaylorMade SIM UDI

SIM UDI Iron #2, 18 Degree Loft, Graphite Shaft, Right Hand, Stiff Flex

The TaylorMade SIM UDI is another great club for advanced players. It’s a utility iron for any low to high handicapper. It also has a lower launch and spin.

If you find it difficult to launch your ball and keep this long iron close to the floor, we recommend finding another utility iron.


  • Flex: Stiff
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Loft: 18 Degrees
  • Shaft Type: Graphite

Overall Thoughts

It may be for better players, but the TaylorMade UDI is quite helpful for this with SLOWER golf swings. Its flex and shaft material make it possible!

It’s a long iron for right-handed golfers, and its high loft doesn’t exactly allow for a high launch. However, it’s best off the tee and the fairway since your ball flight will always stay true!

As a tip, don’t forget to evaluate the lie when using this club in the rough. Also, make sure you hit your ball! As for its other features, we’ll talk about them below.


  • Tour Validated Shape
  • SpeedFoam
  • Diamana Thump Hybrid Shaft
  • Forged C300 Face With Inverted Cone Technology
  • Thru Slot Speed Pocket

It has a Tour-inspired shape that not only looks good, but also offers better turf interaction, minimal offset, and greater workability!

Like the other TaylorMade clubs on our list, the SpeedFoam in its head allows for faster swing speeds and a better-feeling hit.

It has a hollow body construction, but what we want to highlight is its Diamana Thump Hybrid Shaft. With different available flexes (S or X flex), this stock shaft provides you with some agile options!

Also, the combination of its Forged C300 Face, Inverted Cone Technology, and Speed Pocket lets this utility iron provide you with high ball speeds and a straighter ball flight!

A downside to the TaylorMade SIM UDI is it’s only available in a 2 or 3 iron, which isn’t ideal for many golfers. It’s kind of pricey too!


  • Great driver replacement
  • Confidence-inspiring shape
  • Great workability off the tee or fairways
  • Straight ball flight


  • Options are limited
  • Pricier than other utility irons

5. TaylorMade SIM DHY Max

SIM DHY #3, 19 Degree Loft, Graphite Shaft, Right Hand, Stiff Flex

If you’re looking for a more forgiving utility iron, then the TaylorMade SIM DHY Max should float your boat.

Think of it as a middle-ground between most long irons and small hybrids, but slightly larger. It’s a quite versatile club that should let you launch confident swings and hit the ball more easily!


  • Flex: Stiff
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Loft: 19 Degrees
  • Shaft Type: Graphite

Overall Thoughts

Among the other driving irons, we think the TaylorMade SIM DHY Max is something many golfers would absolutely love.

It’s not a difficult club to use, and you can play it from almost ANYWHERE on the golf course. You can hit shots from the fairway, off the tee, and even from challenging lies!

If you find it challenging to play with fairway woods, this will be a great addition to your golf bag. As for its other features, we’ll break it down further below.


  • Versatile Clubhead Shape
  • SpeedFoam
  • Low CG Hollow Body Construction
  • Forged C300 Face With Inverted Cone Technology
  • Thru Slot Speed Pocket

Its versatility comes from its shape and wider sole. Getting a higher launch is also easy thanks to its low-CG Hollow construction!

Similar to the other TaylorMade clubs, it’s injected with SpeedFoam and has a Speed Pocket. You get a better ball speed and an improved hit!

As for its forged C300 face with Inverted Cone Technology, it also helps improve ball speeds and straightens your ball flight. The best part is that more speed means more distance!

You can get it at different iron lofts which deliver a mid-launch to mid-low spin. Since it’s a versatile utility iron, it’s suited for a wide variety of handicaps (0 to 25)!

This makes it a wonderful option for a golfer that needs help with longer irons. A downside, however, is it doesn’t have other types of shafts.

However, it is lighter compared to other long irons. That makes it ideal for the average golfer.


  • Versatile
  • Forgiving
  • Ideal for average golfers


  • A bit bulkier than the other options

6. Titleist 716 T-MB Utility Iron

Image Source

If you’re looking for utility irons that give you a good feel and offer precision, then you’re in luck. The Titleist 716 T-MB should be right up your alley!

It may not be the average players’ club, but even they will appreciate the performance this driving iron offers!


  • Golf Club Flex: Stiff
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Golf Club Loft: 20 Degrees
  • Shaft Type: Steel

Overall Thoughts

Some golfers would typically say that the best driving irons are those that not only feel good, but also look good. We advise against making looks a part of the criteria, especially for the average player.

The Titleist 716 T-MB offers a good feel, precision, and performance. However, it’s not as forgiving as the other utility irons on our list.

To properly utilize it, you’ll need to overcome a learning curve. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have upsides, though. We’ll give you a better breakdown of its features below.


  • Muscle Back Shaping
  • Tungsten Weighting
  • Thinner top-down look
  • Wide Sole

Its muscle back shaping works in combination with the high-density tungsten weighting to make it a bit more forgiving and provide you with a high launch.

The tungsten weighting also helps position the 716 T-MB’s center of gravity, making it low and deep to improve its loft. Because of it, you get a low spin and better carry distance.

You also get more ball speed off-center, and its wider sole enables less turf resistance. What’s more, this golf club by Titleist is one of the best driving irons in terms of looks.

Overall, it’s a high-performing driving iron that makes a very stylish addition to your golf bag!


  • Fairly priced
  • Provides excellent launch
  • Every hit has a great feel


  • Not as forgiving for average golfers

7. Titleist U510 Utility Iron

Image Source

If you’re searching for a superbly stylish hybrid club, then the Titleist U510 is exactly what you’re looking for!

Compared to typical hybrid utility irons, the U510 has a more muscular shape. It’s also more forgiving than the other options!


  • Flex: Stiff
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Loft: 20 Degrees
  • Shaft Type: Hybrid

Overall Thoughts

Think of it as a mix between your traditional long iron and a hybrid club. It has a larger and more forgiving blade making it pretty friendly for average players.

We’ve already mentioned that it’s stylish, now let’s go into the specs. Its flex is made for players with faster swings.

For the price you pay, the Project X HZRDUS smoke black shaft is actually a high-quality shaft from Titleist. As for the rest of its features, let’s talk about them below.


  • Larger, more forgiving blade
  • Low CG High-Density Tungsten Weighting
  • Super Thin forged SUP-10 L-Face insert

You get lots of launch thanks to its low CG high-density tungsten weighting. You also get high ball speeds because of its face insert.

We reviewed its 20-degree loft variant, but there are also other options. The U510 is also available in 16, 18, and 22 degrees for both right and left-handed players.

The biggest advantage we saw with this utility iron is its WEIGHT. Using utility irons can be difficult because they’re too heavy, but the U510’s shaft weighs only 79 to 83 grams!

A few downsides, though. With a shaft designed for lower launch and minimal spin, beginners may have to face a learning curve.

Since it’s also a bit larger, it’s ideal only for hits off the tee or from a good lie in the fairway. So keep in mind, treat it like you would other driving irons. It isn’t a rescue club!


  • Pretty forgiving
  • Great launch
  • Lightweight


  • Workability is not ideal for beginners

Picking Your Driving Iron: Key Considerations

Here are some vital characteristics you should consider when choosing your driving iron.

All of them are crucial to helping you find the next best addition to your bag!

#1 Shaft Type

If finding the right shaft type is your primary consideration, you have two choices. You either choose one made of steel or graphite.

Just keep these points in mind:

  • Graphite shafts are lighter, more expensive, and less sturdy than steel shafts. On the other hand, graphite’s feedback is less.
  • Weaker golfers can use graphite shafts to improve their swing speed. Shafts made of steel are for stronger golfers who can still get decent swing speeds. The better the swing speeds, the better distance you get off the tee.

#2 Distance

Distance is probably one of the biggest factors when shopping for a new driving iron. You need to find a club that goes the right distance!

To help you choose, keep in mind that your driving iron should typically cover more distance than your 3-iron and less than your 3-wood.

#3 Length

Driving irons will be typically longer than the rest of your golf clubs. However, we want to point out that the distance increases as your golf club’s loft decreases.

Here are a couple of points to help you choose the right length for your golf club:

  • For players with average height, finding custom lengths for your driving irons isn’t necessary.
  • Custom-fitted driving irons are recommended for players taller than 6’0″ or shorter than 5’6″.

#4 Flex

Like any other iron or driver, a driving iron has flexes. Remember that your chosen flex should directly relate to how fast your golf swing is.

Here’s what you should remember:

  • Players with a FAST golf swing should get a stiffer shaft.
  • Golfers with a SLOWER swing should get a driving iron with more flex.

#5 Head Thickness

In terms of your golf club’s head thickness, it would depend on what appeals to you more. Just take note of these two key points:

  • Some driving irons will have a thin top-down look. Many golfers prefer this for its traditional style.
  • Other driving irons will look like a hybrid. This offers more forgiveness and a higher launch.

#6 Driving Iron Grip

A driving iron comes with a standard golf grip like any golf club. There’s nothing to worry about, though.

Grips for driving irons are easily replaceable in case your hands are too small or large for it. We also advise against getting a midsize grip for your driving iron. Only do this if your hands are too big.

#7 Club Price

Price is obviously a key consideration in all our purchase decisions. The good news is that driving irons are a less expensive option!

A fairway wood or hybrid club is pricier. And with driving irons, it gets really expensive if you’re replacing 2 or more clubs with them!

#8 Workability

This consideration basically means you should find the right utility iron to fit how you play golf.

This also ensures you’ll be using it for the long-term. Don’t forget to test the golf clubs you’re looking at!

Frequently Asked Questions

By now, you should have a great idea about finding the best driving iron to fit your needs. Up next, we’ll just try to answer any possible questions you have left.

What Is a Driving Iron?

To answer it simply, it’s a long iron designed specifically for tee shots. It’s meant to provide you with an alternative to hybrids, 5 woods, or long irons from the tee.

If you find a good enough iron, it can even serve as a substitute for your driver! Here are some things you should know before deciding to get one:

  • To feel its benefits, you’ll need a higher swing speed.
  • They’re great for links golf or playing in windy conditions. It keeps your ball flight low and allows it to roll out.

Are There Alternatives to Driving Irons?

Yes, there are. In fact, these alternatives are recommended for beginners.

If you’re new to golf, search for irons with hybrid shafts. If hybrids aren’t an option, a fairway wood is another good choice.

As for experienced golfers wanting to improve their long game, we recommend looking for utility irons.

How Much Should Driving Iron Shafts Weigh?

Here’s how much driving iron shafts typically weigh:

  • Driving iron shafts for men would usually weigh 55 to 60 grams.
  • As for driving iron shafts for women, they normally weigh 45 to 50 grams.
  • If you’re working with a steel shaft, it would probably weigh 130 grams.
  • A graphite’s weight, on the other hand, can be as light as 55 grams.

As an example, let’s look at the professional tours. PGA Tour driver shafts weigh 60 to 85 grams while LPGA Tour driver shafts weigh 50 to 65 grams!

Why Is a Graphite Shaft Longer?

They’re lighter compared to steel irons, thus also having lower weights for swings. Manufacturers, when they make golf clubs, make sure that the weights are uniform no matter the shaft type.

That’s why they make graphite shafts longer.

Should I Put a Steel Shaft in My Driving Iron?

Here are a couple of points about iron shafts to help you decide:

  • If you’re a strong and competitive golfer, choose steel.
  • On the other hand, if you’re older, a woman, or generally unathletic, choose a graphite shaft.

Wrapping It Up: Our Winners

To conclude, we’ll reiterate every driving iron that made it to the top of our list.

Best Overall – TaylorMade P790 UDI

A high-performing driving iron that offers you better control, speed, and lets you cover a greater distance with every hit. It’s quite forgiving too!

What more can you ask for in a driving iron?

Best Value Pick – Srixon ZX Utility Iron

This one’s a no-brainer. The Srixon ZX offers the best balance between value and price.

Whether you’re hitting from the tee or from the fairway, you’ll know that this wonderful addition to your golf bag is worth every penny!

Best Budget Option – Cobra King Utility Iron

A superbly affordable iron that’s both unique and flexible. You can adjust your lofts, you can even track your data while playing!

The Cobra King is a welcome and budget-friendly option that will surely help you improve your golf game!

Final Words

At the end of the day, the best product for you will depend on your own personal preferences.

OUR ADVICE: Go through the key considerations we provided to narrow down the best option for you.

Happy swinging!

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