The Best Fairway Woods for High Handicappers

Read on to learn about the best fairway woods for high handicappers.

It’s easy to overlook fairway woods as an option when picking up new clubs. If you’re a high handicapper, it’s possible you’ve never even considered them. The thing is, they’re actually pretty great for covering long distances and can also lend a welcome boost to your overall versatility as a player.

Don’t let the smaller footprint fool you.

In our opinion, you’re making a mistake if you don’t at least take a look at some of the available options. They can even save you a fair bit of money if you buy smart. Wading through the multitude of different models and sizes out there can be prohibitively time-consuming — that’s where we come in.

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to. After cross referencing reviews and opinion pieces online, we’ve landed on what we feel are some of the best models out there in 2021, especially for high handicappers. We’ll also discuss fairway woods for beginners throughout this page.

Our Favorite Fairway Woods in 2022

Looking for the easiest 5 wood to hit? Maybe you’re after the best 3 wood for a high handicapper? Whatever your poison, you’ve come to the right place. This section contains our favorite fairway wood options available in 2021.

We’ve tried to cover a range of great choices for high handicappers and beginners alike. Read on to learn more.


TaylorMade Golf M6 Fairway, 7 Wood, Left Hand, Regular Flex Shaft: Fujikura Atmos Orange 6

Taylormade Golf M6 Fairway Wood


Cleveland Golf Launcher HBTurbo Fairway Wood 3 R LH

Cleveland Golf Launcher HB Fairway Wood


Pinemeadow Golf PGX Offset Golf Fairway Woods (Right Hand, Graphite, Regular, 9 Wood/28°)

Pinemeadow PGX Offset Golf Fairway Wood


Taylormade Golf M6 Fairway Wood

TaylorMade Golf M6 Fairway, 7 Wood, Left Hand, Regular Flex Shaft: Fujikura Atmos Orange 6

The M6 range is probably one of the easiest to hit fairway woods we’ve ever seen.

It offers an excellent ball speed, aerodynamic design and an intelligent head model that makes it a fantastic choice for those looking to boost their impact on the green.

It achieves this while staying reasonably forgiving with a satisfyingly low center of gravity.

As all high handicap golfers know, this is one of the most important things to consider when picking up a new club.

The M6 is available in 21, 24, and 15-degree loft variants which should be more than enough choice for most people.

With a steel head and carbon crown, these clubs comes with the durability you’ll need to hold your own when playing.

What We Love
  • Best 3 wood for high handicapper (15-degree head)
  • Easiest to hit fairway woods we’ve seen
  • Nice, low center of gravity
  • Used on tour professionally

No adjustable weight or loft


Cleveland Golf Launcher HB Fairway Wood

Cleveland Golf Launcher HBTurbo Fairway Wood 3 R LH

Coming in at a close second place is perhaps the best 3 wood for beginners on this list.

The Cleveland HB comes in both 3 wood and 5 wood variants. In particular, the 3 wood option is remarkably easy to use. It’s light weight and “turbocharged” cup face provides a larger impact area for striking the ball.

Other features that help make this option the best 3 wood for beginners include the intelligent weighting system used through the whole unit.

This significantly increases the MOI rating of the club, making for a far more forgiving experience for newbies.

You’ll still be able to make things work, even with a few bum-shots.

The HiBore crown design used by the Cleveland HB range allows for a much lower center of gravity. This will give you the swing you need to perform while playing.

What We Love
  • Very forgiving for beginners
  • Larger impact area when striking the ball
  • Low center of gravity
  • High MOI rating
  • Lacks the speed and impact that some high handicappers need


Pinemeadow PGX Offset Golf Fairway Wood

Pinemeadow Golf PGX Offset Golf Fairway Woods (Right Hand, Graphite, Regular, 9 Wood/28°)

With a graphite shaft and stainless-steel club head, the Pinemeadow PGX comes with the perfect combination of materials.

The lightweight durability that comes with this setup will serve you well for many years to come. We’re big fans of how this one feels to use.

The “anti-slice” technology that comes with this fairway wood isn’t exactly brand new, but it is a feature that has matured somewhat in recent years.

It can now be found on many higher-quality fairway woods. The offset of the PGX makes it significantly less likely that you’ll slice and mishit.

If you’re a high handicapper, you may appreciate how forgiving the design of the PGX can be.

If your style involves striking the ball from many different angles and positions, this club should deliver the performance you need when it matters most.

What We Love
  • An easy to hit fairway woods
  • Great 3 wood or 5 wood options for high handicapper players
  • Anti-slice technology
  • Graphite shaft and stainless-steel club head
  • The grip could be more comfortable


Callaway Mavrik Max 

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Fairway Wood (Right Hand, Project X Evenflow Riptide 60G, Regular, 3 Wood)

The performance of the Mavrik Max has been optimized to perfection. Using A.I analysis, Callaway has developed a face that’s built to push performance to the max.

Expect killer loft, spectacular ball speed and a club that’s more forgiving than you might expect.

If you play with a high handicap, this option is well worth a look.

The 5-wood variant is perhaps the best 5 wood for high handicapper play we’ve seen at this price point. The weighting, shaft and speed all perform very well in our opinion.

What We Love
  • Best 5 wood for high handicapper games
  • Excellent overall performance
  • Surprisingly forgiving
  • Well weighted
  • The weight might take some getting used to for smaller players


Callaway Epic Max 

Callaway Epic Max 5 Wood (Right-Handed, IM10 60G, Regular) , Black

The “jailbreak velocity blades” do a great job on this fairway woods club. Callaway completely redesigned them for the Epic Max using A.I analysis.

The result is a ball speed that many competitors simply can’t match.

The Epic Max comes with two tunable weights that significantly impact the club’s center of gravity.

You’ll be able to choose between increased forgiveness and a lower launch. This kind of tunability is great to see, as it adds a huge amount of versatility to your game.

This set contains another strong contender for the crown of “best 5 wood for high handicapper games.”

What We Love 
  • Superb ball speed
  • Tunable weights for increased versatility
  • A high-performance club
  • Not the cheapest option out there


Titleist TS2 Fairway Woods 

Titleist TS2 4 Wood 16.5 (KuroKage Black 55 Regular) Fairway Golf Club

This is another option on the list that comes with an adjustable swing weight.

While this may not seem like a big deal if you’re a beginner, trust us — it can be a gamechanger.

Even your average golfer can quickly knock a few points off their score once they’ve found a weight that works for them.

If you’re new to golf, this might be the best 5 wood for beginners at this price point.

Other features that will help newcomers to the sport include the club head and face designs that allow for superior levels of accuracy and forgiveness when playing.

What We Love
  • One of the best fairway woods for beginners
  • Adjustable swing weight system
  • A very forgiving set
  • There are better options out there for high handicappers


Titleist TSi2 Fairway Woods

The TSi2 uses the “longest, straightest, best looking and best sounding Titleist fairway metals ever”. Marketing exaggeration aside, these clubs perform very well and will provide exactly what most golfers are looking for.

In our opinion, this range is ideal for the average golfer looking to up their usual game.

The aerodynamic design, weight distribution and overall performance are all very impressive. In particular, the active recoil channel (ARC 4.0) does a great job of driving the ball with the power you need while significantly reducing unwanted spin.

The face design of these clubs works in tandem with the active recoil described above.

The result is a balance of forgiveness and speed that out paces many other fairway ranges on the market. If you benefit from a high-forgiveness club, check this option out.

As a general rule, the Titleist name has built a strong reputation over the past several years. While this doesn’t mean you should immediately trust everything they produce, they are worth checking out if you need a new set of clubs.

What We Love
  • A great all-rounder
  • Excellent balance of speed and forgiveness
  • Well optimized weight distribution
  • The grip design won’t be for everyone

How to Spot the Best Fairway Woods for High Handicappers

So what does a good fairway woods club look like? This section will run through the main things to look out for when picking one up for yourself. Use the tips we outline here to make a decision that works for you.


It’s worth starting with the amount you expect to spend on your new clubs. The right purchase for you will depend heavily on your specific requirements. That said, we want to highlight at this point that some of the easiest to hit fairway woods aren’t necessarily more expensive.

Several budget options can do just fine under most circumstances. For this reason, we recommend checking out some of the cheaper models on this page first and only spending more if you’re still not satisfied.

What do You Need it for?

Looking for easy to hit fairway woods? A solid new driver replacement? Something else entirely? Being clear about what you’re hoping to achieve with your new clubs will make it much easier to make the right decision.

If you’re new to the world of golf clubs, be sure to check out our recommendations for the best fairway woods for beginners further down this page. They might just narrow down your search significantly!

How Popular is it?

Before we elaborate on this one, we want to mention that it’s important not to get swept up in marketing lingo — that’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re saying that desirable clubs tend to be worth paying attention to.

If you notice that one fairway wood in particular is a bestseller, don’t immediately run out and buy one but do check it out in more detail. Larger, more popular brands often offer features and materials that smaller competitors just can’t match.

Even if you don’t need the features now, you might be grateful for them later on.


This is of course influenced by how often you play, but it’s important to make sure you’re buying a club that will go the distance for you. For example, there’s no point picking up what looks like the best 5 wood for beginners if it’s just going to warp or fall apart on you after a few months.

Check for materials, warranties and durability reviews online.


Even with the best will in the world, the wrong club will let you down if it doesn’t offer the distance you need for the course you’re playing. In general, look for clubs with thin, well-formed faces to maximize on distance wherever you can.

The last thing you want is to be left high and dry mid-game with a club that’s pushing your score higher and higher.


Don’t settle for a club that will punish you for a slight mishit. As a high handicapper, you’ll likely be hitting the ball from a broad variety of angles and striking at varying points too. For this reason, make sure any fairway wood you consider will give you the wiggle room you need.

In 2022, you should still be able to make a slight mishit work with the right clubs.

Loft and Launch 

The launch of your hit determines how high your golf ball will travel upon initial impact. When picking up a new club, the most important thing to consider is the loft of the specific model you’re considering.

In short, a higher loft means a shorter lateral distance traveled and vice versa. While different golfers can achieve very different lofts with the same club, it’s important to check out the average loft of any fairway woods you consider. They behave slightly differently to more traditional clubs.

Don’t be intimated by launch if you’re new to this. While it’s vital to make sure you have a good idea of the loft that comes with any club you buy, the best way to get familiar with launching the ball is to play the game!


Not all fairway woods come with the same adjustability features as drivers, but a fair few brands out there are beginning to offer options for tweaking the setup of your club. In general, there are three main adjustability features to look out for:

  • Loft adjustments 
  • Repositioning weights
  • Face angle

Loft Adjustments 

As mentioned earlier, the loft you achieve with a club determines how high and far your golf ball will travel after you strike it. In short, it’s an important thing to keep an eye on. A decent club should make it possible to adjust the shaft by removing a small screw.

This allows the user to tweak the loft setting of their club and switch up their playstyle.

Repositioning Weights 

The center of gravity of your fairway woods is more important than you might expect as a beginner. For some players, the game just isn’t playable until they’re using a club that has the “right feel”.

Look out for clubs with movable weights that can adjust the feel of a club significantly. Keep in mind that this feature is more common on drivers and only some fairway woods manufacturers bother to include it.

Face Angle 

You don’t have to be a physicist to understand that the angle of your club’s face will significantly alter the path travelled by your golf ball. Fairway woods clubs with adjustable face settings can give you the versatility you need while playing.


The shaft length you choose will depend on the loft and subsequent launch you’re looking for. As a general rule, 3 woods use longer shafts to get the speed they need to get the ball launched. Conversely, 5 woods use shorter shafts and tend to deliver significantly more launch.

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Best Fairway Woods — Final Thoughts

We hope this page will help you begin narrowing down your search. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or wide-eyed beginner, it’s worth checking out our buyer’s guide and general tips towards the top of this page.

They’re designed to make it easier to spot a high-quality club out in the wild. While we feel the options listed on this page offer some of the best performance available in 2021, it pays to learn what separates a dud from a must-buy.

Remember that if you’ve never used a fairway wood before, they handle a little differently to traditional clubs. Whichever clubs you choose, we hope they serve you well on the green!

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