Best Golf Bags for Push Cart: 5 Choices Easy Push And Carry

If you’re a golfer, or you’ve ever seen a golfing course, you’ll know that it takes place in a very large area of big fields. That’s why a lot of golfers hire the iconic little golf cart vehicles that are used to get around from one hole to the next, as you make your way around the entire course.

This is because doing it on foot is quite a long walk. 

But hey, for those that opt for the good old traditional use of your legs to move around, the walk can be one of the best parts, enjoying the scenery and talking about how you’ll be the best at the next hole. 

However, when golfing, you carry quite a bit of equipment, with the average golfer carrying around a few different clubs to play with. So when you’re walking, you want to be able to push or pull a golf cart that holds all of your equipment in a golf bag, safely secured, and easy to handle.

Best Golf Bags for Push Cart

Finding the right golf bag for your pushcart will make life a lot easier, so it’s important you choose the right one for you. To make the search a little easier, we’ve compiled a list with our top picks for you!

In a hurry?

If you’re going to be pushing a golf cart around with all your equipment, you’re going to need a good golf bag to keep everything organized, secure, and easy to manage as you move around.

It can be the difference between an enjoyable and easy day on the golf course, and an absolute nightmare of effort and fatigue from walking long distances while having to transport awkward objects.

If you’re looking for a good golf bag that will do the job, we recommend you go check out our list of top picks. And if you’re in a hurry, just go straight for our number one option: the Founders Club Premium Cart Bag

With a budget-friendly price and an excellent quality favored by many customers, this golf bag makes it to the top of the list thanks to its many accessible pro features. It has a 14-way divider, with rubberized slots for better storing, and a unique anti-rattle technology that keeps the irons from banging against each other as you push the cart.

No need for a noisy walk! The base is reinforced for extra sturdiness, with easy maneuvering thanks to the many handles it has. It also has a cooler pocket for your drink and plenty of added features with compartments for almost everything you need.

Here are some of the features:

  • Budget-friendly and excellent quality
  • 14-way divider with rubberized slots
  • Anti-rattle technology for silent movement
  • Reinforced base with plenty of handles
  • Cooler pocket and other added features


Founders Club Premium 14 Way Organizer Cart Bag (Black)

Founders Club Premium Cart Bag


Sun Mountain Golf 2019 C-130 Cart Bag GUNMETAL-BLACK-RED (Gunmetal-Black-Red)

Sun Mountain C-130


TaylorMade 2017 Golf Bag TM Cart Bag 5.0 GryWht, Grey/White

TaylorMade Golf Bag


Founders Club Premium Cart Bag

Founders Club Premium 14 Way Organizer Cart Bag (Black)

The Founders Club Premium Cart Bag is an excellent choice that is aimed at golfers of every level, taking into account the range of differences in equipment carried.

It is high-quality and portable, making it very easy to mount on to a cart to push around. It has a 14-way top divider, each slot coated in rubber to direct the grips away from each other. It also keeps the irons from banging against each other while moving, with the anti-rattle technology. 

The base is sturdy and reinforced, with plenty of handles that make lifting it on to the cart really easy. It has a cooler pocket to keep you hydrated and plenty of extra features such as the umbrella holder, the glove compartment, or the snap-on rain hood.

This golf bag covers all the basics and adds a lot of pro features that will make carrying equipment a breeze.


  • Budget-friendly and excellent quality
  • 14-way divider with rubberized slots
  • Anti-rattle technology
  • Reinforced base
  • Cooler pocket


  • Can’t store jumbo grip putters 


Sun Mountain C-130

Sun Mountain Golf 2019 C-130 Cart Bag GUNMETAL-BLACK-RED (Gunmetal-Black-Red)

The Sun Mountain C-130 is another amazing choice that is budget-friendly and offers a great quality that will make golfing a lot easier. It’s aimed at all levels, loved by beginners and advanced golfers alike.

It has 14 individual full-length dividers, with additional wells for your putter and driver. The bag has plenty of storage space with 10 big pockets, for any other equipment you might want to bring along with you.

It even has a water-resistant pocket, to keep your valuables safe when it starts to rain. You can also stay hydrated thanks to the cooler pocket it comes with.

To keep the bag well attached and secure on the golf cart, this golf bag comes with a Smart Strap System, which uses two velcro straps that avoid any twists in the bag that might interfere with the pocket use.

A great choice that offers quality storage and transportation, with a matching rain hood included!


  • 14 full-length dividers
  • 10 big pockets
  • Water-resistant pocket and cooler
  • Smart Strap System


  • Oversized putters don’t fit as well


TaylorMade Golf Bag

TaylorMade 2017 Golf Bag TM Cart Bag 5.0 GryWht, Grey/White

The TaylorMade Golf Bag is aimed at those golfers who don’t carry as much equipment as others, and that, therefore, don’t need as much storage space.

This bag is the most lightweight option available, making it the most manageable and easy to lift or handle. It has 14 dividers, which aren’t full-length but still do quite a good job. It comes with 7 pockets, 2 of which are big enough to fit larger items, as well as having one velour-lined pocket for valuables.

Some of its added features are an umbrella holder, a bottle pouch, and a rain hood. This bag offers the basics at a high quality while remaining one of the lower-priced products on this list.

Perfect for being handled often, or for people that struggle with heavier weight and want something small and easy to move around the golf course. 


  • Extremely manageable and lightweight

  • Lower price

  • Extra-strength zippers

  • Highly durable


  • Design is a bit bottom-heavy

  • Not as much storage as other bags


Bag Boy Golf Chiller

Bag Boy Chiller Cart Bag Black/Charcoal/Royal Chiller Cart Bag

If you’re the kind of person that gets really thirsty while doing sport, walking around the golf course pushing a cart will definitely have you wanting to hydrate extra.

The Bag Boy Golf Chiller is designed to hold more beverages than average, so you can stock up on bottles and cans to last you the day. It still has plenty of space left for your actual golfing equipment, with 15 full-length dividers and 9 big pockets.

The handles are ergonomic with a soft-grip, so you can lift all the heavyweight of the bag onto the cart without struggling too much.

Although it doesn’t have as many added features as other golf bags, it can store a lot of equipment and drinks and does so to a high quality while remaining stable and secure on the cart. 


  • 15 full-length divider
  • Removable 6 pack cooler
  • Lots of storage space
  • Ergonomic soft-grip handles


  • NOt as high quality as other bags


Callaway Golf Cart Bag

Callaway Golf 2020 ORG 14 Cart Bag Black/Camo/Blue, One Size

The Callaway Golf Cart Bag simply had to be included in this list, as it is a customer favorite that is very sought-after by golf players of every level. It’s high quality, lightweight and easy to move around, and completely waterproof!

That means your equipment will remain intact, even if it does start raining throughout the rain! It has 14 full-length dividers and an astounding amount of 11 pockets for storage. It also comes with 2 magnetic pockets to keep your valuables safe and sound. 

Some of its added features include dual pen holders (so you can keep a note of the score!), a rain hood to top off the waterproofing, a towel ring to dry off the sweat you’ll break out from pushing it around, an umbrella holder and even a velcro pouch for your gloves. 


  • 14 full-length dividers
  • 11 large pockets
  • Waterproof
  • Added features such as dual pen holders


  • No carry handle on the front

Best Golf Bags for Push Cart Buying Guide

A push cart is usually the best option for lugging around all of your golfing equipment around the golf course, as it saves you from having to carry the weight yourself. (A little golf car or people to carry it for you would be better, but we’ll stay realistic for now).

To securely keep all of your equipment mounted on top of a push cart, you need a good golf bag able to store everything you need in an organized and secure way.

With so many options in the market, we know it’s a bit overwhelming to try and figure out which is the best one for you, so we’ve put together this little guide summarizing the main features to look out for.

You need to be aware of what kind of usage you’ll give your golf bag, knowing things such as how much equipment you’ll be carrying around with you and what type of climate your golfing course has!

There are also plenty of personal preferences that come in when choosing what golf bag you want, so keep everything in mind when you make your choice!

Storage space and pockets

The storage of the golf bag is, of course, the most important factor to consider as carrying equipment is its main purpose. How much equipment are you going to carry around with you when golfing?

This is something you need to ask yourself before choosing, as it will determine the amount of storage space you need. If in doubt, you can choose to go for bigger storage space, just in case, but this means the bag will be bigger and probably heavier. 

The absolute must-have is the space dividers for golf clubs at the top. Most golf bags have an average of 14 dividers, and it is always best if they are full-length. You also need to check how many pockets the bag has, and whether the amount and size suit your equipment needs. Around 8 to 10 large pockets tend to be the average. 

You should also keep an eye out for special pockets, such as a cooler to store your drink in, and velour-lined pockets to keep your valuables in. 

There are usually added features such as umbrella holders or glove compartments, so that’s always good to keep in mind so your bag has all the nooks and holes for everything you want with you!

Straps and handles

Straps will keep your golf bag secure and stable on the golf cart, so it’s important they’re effective and easy to use. Some bags have a velcro strap system that is really easy to use and also keeps the bag from twisting so the pockets are always accessible.

The handles should be big and sturdy, able to help you lift the bag without too much of a struggle. It’s always good if they have some sort of comfort feature, such as softness so that your hands don’t suffer as much from the effort.


This is a factor you should consider when buying almost any type of product, but it’s especially important when buying something that you’re going to use quite regularly while being exposed to outside weather.

You should get a golf bag made out of sturdy and resistant material, even better if it’s somewhat waterproof. A good thing to check for this is the base of the golf bag, as it’s always a good sign when it’s extra sturdy or reinforced in some way!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many miles does a golfer walk in 18 holes?

A regulated golf course of 18 holes will on average signify that you walk between three and six miles, depending on how often you have to wander around in search of a lost ball or two. It also depends on the length between holes, as this can vary, and on how much walking you yourself do. 

How long does a golf bag last?

This highly depends on the usage and care you give your golf bag. On average, modern golf bags have a lifespan of around three years. However, with the appropriate care and a few reparations for maintenance here and there, your golf bag can last you a lifetime.

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