Best Golf Balls For Low Spin: Improving Your Distance

Golf is booming right now, with many people all across the world, from children to seniors, picking up their favorite wood iron or sand wedge, putting on their golf clubs and hitting the fairway for a few holes of golf. It is a game that requires much dexterity, precision, timing and proper equipment.

If you have a high handicap, you might find yourself slicing the ball more often than not, having it end up wide of your target and wedged in a sand trap or some thick foliage. Playing with a ball with low spin is a great way to keep your golf ball aim dead straight.

Low spin balls have a different construction to higher spin golf balls. They are designed to be hit further, which might sound ideal to a starting golfer, however, for greater precision, especially on the green, you’ll want a high spin golf ball that stays within the limits of your shot. Although you can get balls that achieve a certain degree of both.

A low spin ball will drive further down the fairway and are generally harder and have less bounce than a high spin ball. With a lower flight path than other golf balls, a low spinner will give you more control during the swing but less control during your short game on the green.

But what is the best brand of low spin golf ball that you can buy? What distinctive features will make a low spin golf ball an invaluable asset to your golf bag? How much will a set of low spin golf balls be looking to set you back in terms of price?

Well, don’t worry golfers, because we have the answer to some of your golfing queries, with a list of some of the best low spin golf balls currently available on the market.

We also have a buyer’s guide to help you narrow down the features of a low spin golf ball and why you might need one, followed by some frequently asked questions from golfers.

Top 5 Best Golf Balls for Low Spin


TaylorMade TP5x Golf Balls (One Dozen), White

Our first golf ball is one by a company that is very well established in the golf world, manufacturing clubs, gloves and balls for decades to great acclaim from golfing professionals.

It contains a five-layer construction to make it hit extra sturdy off your clubface, while also giving some degree of control on the green - introducing TaylorMade TP5x Golf Balls.

If you are struggling to get the ball down the fairway, then this ball might be the one for you. With a urethane, semi-rigid construction, your ball will spin a lot less, meaning less slicing and more accuracy with your longer-range clubs.


  • With a dense inner core, this ball is harder and will pop when it comes into contact with your club.
  • This is unlike other low spin golf balls in that it give you a lot more control on the green, making it the perfect golf ball for those golfers looking to transition from high to medium handicap as their game improves.
  • The urethane insides mean that you’ll have no trouble launching this one down the fairway and getting to your intended target.


  • This golf ball is slightly more expensive than your usual low spin balls, but the added price will give you that greater control on the green if that’s what you’re after.


Top-Flite 2019 XL Distance Golf Balls – 15 Pack

Our next ball is a distance beast, featuring a very playable high loft with a core construction that will ensure you have the velocity and accuracy you need to reach the green straight off the tee.

The cover has a unique lonomer resin finish which greatly reduces the spin and will prevent those harsh cuts off to the side - introducing the Top-Flite 2019 XL Distance Golf Ball.

If you are struggling with your long game, the Top-Flite will certainly help you, significantly lowering the spin and providing the golfer with a decent range. You might not have the same degree of spin control as some of the other balls on this list, but it is a good option for a beginner golfer who wants to practice their long shots.


  • This ball gets very high off the ground, launching forward with good velocity and reaching the green with little fuss.
  • High handicap golfers won’t have to worry about cutting or slicing balls - this one keeps its trajectory from the clubface to the green.
  • The lonomer resin finish gives this ball its unique spin pattern, perfect for those who want to smash the ball as far as possible down the fairway without having to think too much about control.


  • The control on the green is a lot lower than other low spinners, although it could result in the new golfer to upping their short game very quickly!


TaylorMade Kalea Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)

Next up we have another golf ball by TaylorMade, with a ball that is designed specifically for swing speeds of less than 85mph, giving the golfer a decent amount of elevation off the tee with a much softer feel than most low spinning golf balls.

With a powerful core that will increase the response on the green, this ball is a perfect option for those mid-handicappers - Introducing the TaylorMade Kalea Golf Ball.

When you strike this TaylorMade golf ball model, you’ll really feel the softness, with a specially designed REACT core that gives your ball that extra bounce and makes sure it stops as close to your desired endpoint as possible.

The lonomer resin, two-piece construction will reduce the slicing on your tee off, an ideal softer ball for female players too.


  • The inimitable REACT core really grounds this ball and gives it that added responsiveness, meaning that you will certainly have more precision when you’re on the green.
  • The lonomer resin cover and 342 Aero dimple design and mid-range compression rating mean that this ball has a mid-range density that will cause it to keep within the limitations set by your swing.
  • This ball is designed for those with a much lower swinging speed, allowing a more tentative player to get to the green with ease, increasing your playing confidence over time.


  • The swing trajectory is slightly reduced on this ball due to its softness.


Callaway Golf Chrome Soft X Truvis Golf Balls, (One Dozen), White/Black

Our next golf ball gives the player a lot more visibility than most other low spinning balls while ticking all the boxes in terms of distance and control.

The ball covering makes it easier to see when going through the air, which will allow for greater analysis for your trajectory and overall improvement for your swing - introducing the Callaway Golf Chrome Soft X Truvis Golf Ball.

This ball has a whiplike speed off the tee, giving you that low spin and greater drive power, with a cushioned feeling as it hits the clubface. The reaction speed of this ball is great, with decent control and a high loft.


  • The visible covering on this ball makes it the ideal candidate for analyzing and improving your swing as you modify the trajectory of your last shot.
  • The distance and control on this ball are impressive, combining a low spin with a softer hit, making it a nice, comfortable ball for a beginner golfer to use.
  • The reaction of this ball is decent, giving you additional control on the green and allowing golfers with a high handicap to improve their game both on the fairway and on the green.


  • This ball gives you slightly less distance than some of the other low-spinning golf balls currently available.


BRIDGESTONE GOLF e6 SOFT Golf Balls, White, Soft (Dozen Golf Balls)

Our final ball is one for golfers who might not want to spend as much money on their first set of low-spinners, giving a greater drive and power to those using drivers and low irons.

With this ball, you’re likely to get the height and distance you want, with a smoother flight path - introducing Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Balls.

This ball gives golfers a decent amount of ball control on the green, as long as there isn’t too much pressure put on those pitch and run shots. This is also great for golfers who have mastered their driving but need a transitional ball to work on their short game.


  • The Delta Dimple design of this golf ball will make the flight path from the fairway to the green a lot less dramatic than some of the big brand balls.
  • The price - this is one for those new golfers who don’t yet feel confident enough to invest in top quality golf balls but simply want something cheaper that they can bang about with and improve things like their swing and stance.
  • Designed to be used with lower irons and drivers, this ball will easily get you off the fairway, almost as efficiently as some of the top brands mentioned on this list.


  • This ball does achieve less range than some of the more upmarket balls listed here.

Best Golf Balls For Low Spin for Beginners Buying Guide

There are numerous things you should consider before purchasing a low spinning golf ball, as there are many unique features even within this subset of balls that will be beneficial to a whole range of golfers.

Here are some of the basics you should be looking for in a golf ball.

What Is The Compression Of Your Ball?

If your ball has a lower compression then that means it is adapted for a slower swinging speed. The low compression balls are not built to handle a higher impact, the harder exterior maintaining its shape and giving the golfer a springlike responsiveness off the clubface.

A high compression ball is a lot softer in order to better absorb the impact of a faster swing, transferring the energy efficiently and giving the golfer a lot more control of its direction and trajectory.

What Do The Dimples Do?

Dimples on a golf ball affect the drag, lift and air-speed. The dimples allow the air to circulate more fluidly around the ball and result in far less drag.

If you have more spin on your ball, then that means your ball rotates a lot faster in the air, giving the golfer a greater degree of control depending on the angle of his clubface.

Finding the correct dimple pattern for you might be tricky, as each combination will suit different players' styles - simply experiment with a few different patterns and see which one suits you best.

What Is The Cover Material Of Your Ball?

Golf balls are usually covered with two principal types of material: urethane and surlyn.

High spinning balls traditionally feature a urethane covering, giving the ball a much softer feel and more control on the spin. Surlyn is much harder than urethane, reducing the spin, making it the ideal ball for golfers with slower swinging speeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should You Be Using Low Spin Golf Balls?

You will probably have to opt for a low spin golf ball if you find your balls slicing off in the wrong direction. If you have a lower spin then the chances of your ball veering off-target are significantly reduced.

If you find it difficult keeping the ball within certain limitations, then a lower spin ball will be an option for you also, as they are recommended for players who prefer a pitch and run style of playing on the green.

Should A Professional Golfer Be Using A Low Spin Ball?

Professional golfers should not use a low spinning ball, as they will appreciate the greater levels of control that a high spinner will give them.

Low spinning balls do not give the precision that pros will need for an approach shot, as they tend to run further than intended.


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