Best Golf Club Set For Intermediate: 5 Top Picks

If you are ready to take your golf skills to the next level you may be interested in purchasing an intermediate golf club set. They are a big step up from a beginner set in terms of quality and effectiveness. Although they are more of an investment, they are certainly worth looking into. 

If you are debating which golf club set to choose, then look no further. In this article, we have chosen the five best golf club sets for intermediates for you to browse.

We have compared them all and have provided you with a handy buyer’s guide so you know exactly what to look for.

We think this article will be the driving force you need to purchase the best golf club set!

In A Hurry?

Here is the best golf club set for intermediate golfers!

Wilson Men's and Teen Complete Golf Set

We have chosen this set because it includes everything an intermediate would need. It is made from great quality materials and is a durable set.

It comes with a useful bag and bag stand. Not only is it great for men, but teens can use this set too, so it is particularly versatile. If you are over 180cm, however, this may not be the best set for you.

In terms of price, it is great value for the money. It is good for those wanting to improve their distance shots, and the putter is accurate. The handle grips are soft and comfortable. Overall this is a great set for intermediate golfers.

Top 5 Best Golf Club Set for Intermediate


WILSON Golf Men's Ultra Complete Package Set, Right Hand

This set is great for men and teens alike. It is particularly useful for those who want to improve their distance shots. The set contains nine essential clubs in total. The bag is lightweight and comes with a useful stand.

This is the cheapest golf club set featured in this article, but the quality is brilliant so do not be put off by the price.

It has a large matrix driver that has a low center of gravity to help you connect with the ball. The irons are large and provide a great sweet spot. This will help to improve overall performance. The putter is accurate and has a soft grip for comfort.

As this set is tailored more towards teens, taller men may struggle to use these as well.


  • Suitable for men and teens
  • Great for distance
  • Great value for money
  • Large irons with a good sweet spot


  • Not the best option for taller men


Callaway Golf Men's Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set (16-Piece, Right Hand, Steel)

This is a 12 piece set that has everything an intermediate will need. The stand bag is made out of good quality materials. Designed for ultimate distance and performance to take your golf to the next level.

This model has streamlined irons and a titanium driver with a good size sweet spot. The putter is precise and the irons and wedges are made out of stainless steel.

Overall the quality of this golf club set is great for intermediate users. It’s made with good quality materials and contains everything an intermediate player will need. It is worth noting that some users have experienced issues with their clubs cracking after a period. 


  • Good quality stand bag
  • Great performance
  • Streamlined Irons
  • Precise putter


  • Could potentially crack with use


Callaway Women's Strata Complete Golf Set (11-Piece, Right Hand, Graphite)

The Strata set is a great option for women. It comes in a range of set options - 11 piece, 14 piece, 16 piece, and 16 piece tour set. Although the larger sets are more expensive, the 11 piece set is great value and offers everything you will need. Strata is a great brand that makes good quality golf clubs.

The putter included is a mallet type and provides fantastic precision and accuracy. The irons are made out of stainless steel, providing durability and control. In terms of forgiveness, this golf set is great. The clubs are easy to use and each comes with a head cover.

This set comes with a durable bag and useful bag stand. The only con we could find with this set is that it is tailored towards women and is not unisex. 


  • Suitable for women
  • Mallet putter is great for accuracy
  • Forgiving golf set
  • Head covers included


  • Only suitable for women


18 Piece Men's Complete Golf Club Package Set With Titanium Driver, #3 & #5 Fairway Woods, #4 Hybrid, 5-SW Irons, Putter, Stand Bag, 4 H/C's (Red, Tall Size +1')

This is one of the more expensive sets on this list, but it is great value for money being an 18 piece set. The S7 contains everything an intermediate golfer would need.

The putter is lightweight and has a blade style, making it more precise and accurate. The driver is made from titanium and has a good-sized sweet spot.

In terms of the irons, they are all made from stainless steel. There is also a sand wedge included, which is great for courses with sand. This is a great additional feature. In terms of the grips, some users have stated that they are not as comfortable compared to other golf club sets.

This golf set is great because you can purchase it in both regular and tall sizes, so it is suitable for all heights. It comes with a sturdy bag and a bag stand.


  • Standard and tall golf club sizes
  • The putter is blade style
  • Sand wedge included
  • Stainless steel irons


  • The grip is not always comfortable


Precise M5 Men's Complete Golf Clubs Package Set Includes Titanium Driver, S.S. Fairway, S.S. Hybrid, S.S. 5-PW Irons, Putter, Stand Bag, 3 H/C's

The Precise M5 golf club set has oversized club heads that make golfing easier and gives you good aim. It comes with a bag stand and the set is sleek.

It is reasonably priced and is a good quality set overall. You can purchase it in a regular size or tall.

The irons are made from high-quality stainless steel. The bag has big pockets and three head covers. The putter is particularly great for aiming and the driver is great for long distances. It is also forgiving. The graphite shaft makes the golf clubs lightweight and easy to use.

While this is a great set, it was made with right-handed golfers in mind. If you are left-handed, you will struggle to use this set.


  • Bag stand included
  • Oversized club heads
  • Graphite shafts
  • Forgiving driver


  • Right-handed golfer set

Best Golf Club Set For Intermediate Buying Guide

We have provided you with a useful guide of things you should take into consideration when purchasing a set of intermediate golf clubs.

What You Will Need

When you are purchasing a golf set, it is important to consider what is included in the set and what type of golf clubs you will need.

Typically every set should come with the following golf clubs:

  • Putter
  • A set of irons
  • A set of woods
  • Hybrid

Of course, how many of each golf club you get is dependent on the size of the set you purchase. You can purchase sets of nine to even sets of 16. 

If you are looking for the basics then we would recommend choosing a smaller set like the Wilson Men's and Teen Complete Golf Set. If you would prefer to have a full set of options then we would recommend the Precise S7 or if you are a woman, the 16 piece Strata set.Every set will be slightly different and may or may not contain extra hybrid golf clubs.

As an intermediate, you likely know which golf clubs you will want in your set, so always remember to look at the specs before purchasing.

Left or Right Handed

Whether or not you are left or right-handed is important when purchasing golf sets. If you are right-handed, the majority of golf sets will be suitable for you to use unless they are made specifically for left-handed people. For example, the Precise M5. 

Unfortunately for those that are left-handed, you will have more difficulty finding the perfect set for you. When you are looking for a set of golf clubs, you want to ensure that they are suitable for both hands or that they are made specifically for left-handed users. 

Your Height and Gender

Your height plays a pivotal role when purchasing golf clubs. Although you may not think it, your height has a big impact on the set of golf clubs you are using. If you are particularly tall, a regular set of golf clubs will be too small for you. You will struggle to get the perfect angle and will probably hurt your back in the process. 

If you are over 180cm we would recommend purchasing a tall set of golf clubs. Brands such as the Precise M5 or S7 offer these options. If you are shorter, then normal-sized golf clubs will be fine. The Strata sets are a great option for you.

If you are a teen, we would recommend purchasing a golf set made specifically for teens. The Wilson set is a fantastic option as it will be suitable for younger golfers and as men can use it too, they can use the set for a good amount of time.

Gender does play a part in what golf sets you purchase. If you are a woman, we would recommend a women’s set such as the Strata because it will be more suited to your height and overall build.


The materials your golf clubs are made out of is important. You always want to look for good quality metal, such as stainless steel or titanium. The better quality materials, the longer your golf clubs will last. 

You also want to ensure that the grip is the correct size for you. If the grip is too thick or too thin, this can affect your overall performance.

Extra Accessories

It is always worth checking what accessories come with the golf club set. Ideally, you will want the set to come in a bag so that you do not have to purchase one separately. All of the sets in this article provide a bag. 

In addition to this, if the bag has a built-in bag stand that is even better. This will make playing golf much easier and you will be able to access your golf clubs quicker instead of the bag resting on the floor. You will want your bag to be durable to withstand all weather climates.

It is great if your bag contains pockets like the Precise M5 or the women’s Strata. This will allow you to store more equipment in your bag and it will give you a place to store your phone and water.

Some golf club sets also come with head covers. This is particularly good as it will keep your golf clubs more secure and it will help to prevent damage or any potential weathering. Gold club sets such as the Wilson and Precise 5 come with head covers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I An Intermediate Golfer?

This depends on you as an individual. If you are a confident golfer that has practiced the sport for some years, it is likely that you are an intermediate. 

An intermediate golfer will have good knowledge, feel comfortable with the shots they are taking, and can break at around 90 to 100. 

How Long Will A Set of Intermediate Golf Clubs Last?

This will depend on how often you use your golf clubs and the overall quality of the clubs. If they are not made out of good quality materials they will not last as long. 

If you purchase high-quality golf clubs, they should last for at least four to five years. They can of course last longer if you take good care of them.

Do I Need To Upgrade My Golf Clubs?This is entirely up to you. If you are an intermediate golfer with beginner golf clubs,  you will benefit from getting a good quality set. 

However, if you already own a good set of golf clubs, you do not need to purchase a new set until yours are worn and in need of replacing.


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