Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicapper: Pull off a Longer Hit

A mid-handicapper is a golfer that is capable of shooting in the 7-over to the 18-over range. This implies that the handicap golfer can generally break 90 every round or shoot in the 80s range for every round.

They are not considered as a low handicapper because they are not shooting only several strokes over. They are also not classified as a high-handicapper since they are not steadily shooting in the 90s or 100s range.

Golf is a kind of sport where improvement is constant. Even the best professional golfers understand this and also posts a challenge for them.

For mid-handicappers, it is vital to identify the huge impact that quality golf equipment can have on their game. It can enhance your game, improve your technique, and overall give you a better golfing experience.

driver for mid handicappers

Most of the time, it is your club that is not ideal for your game. Thankfully, technology has improved the design of the clubs. Although not noticeable to the naked eye, the difference between the older drivers and newer ones is that the newer ones provide better carry and lift.

A good golf driver can make surprising and impressive improvements to your swing. It allows you to achieve straighter shots and add in a whopping 20-yards without you altering your method. This will let you get closer to those precious birdies and have low scores, ultimately your sweet spot.

The Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers


Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Driver

Callaway Mavrik


Cobra Golf 2019 F9 Men's Speedback Driver (Black/Yellow)

Cobra F9 Speedback


Taylormade SIM Driver, HZRDUS Smoke Green 70 Shaft

Taylormade SIM


Callaway Mavrik

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Driver

If you are a fan of the Callaway Rogue, then you will also like the Callaway Mavrik.

 It is considered as one of the most technologically advanced drivers for mid handicappers in the market utilizing AI in their product’s forefront design.

With the success of their Epic Flash driver, they’ve proven that they know the direction they want to go, and that is to combine technology and the principle of Epic Flash to achieve a faster ball speed, better sound, and a lot of forgiveness.

The Mavrik is part of Callaway’s newest Flash Face SS20 design combined with a stronger but lighter FS2S Titanium face and rogue irons.

This is specially intended to maximize the ball speed while ensuring that it is strong enough to stop the face from failing at breakneck speeds within the limitations of R&A.

As the middle driver of the three “Mavrik philosophy,” this standard best golf model also embodies the Jailbreak technology and the use of T2C Triaxial carbon crown to promote a faster ball swing speed.

The head, though, is lighter now, allowing the weight to be evenly distributed so forgiveness and MOI can be improved.

The only reason why mid-handicap golfers seem hesitant to get this driver for mid handicappers would be the limitation when it comes to trying new weights.

Overall, with its excellent dispersion in both directions and distance, you can feel your confidence grow with every swing speed.

Regardless if you are an intermediate or expert handicap golfer, this will be an excellent option for you and one of the excellent drivers on the market.


  • Features a moderate draw bias and mid-level spin
  • Incorporated with the Flash Face SS20 design
  • Uses jailbreak bars technology and Triaxial carbon crown


  • No option to change the weights

Our verdict:

It suits a huge majority of golfers, including those who tend to slice. It features a moderate draw bias and a mid-level spin with the exclusive Callaway’s aero shape, designed to enhance the clubhead speed.

This is a plus for this new driver unless you are a golfer who has challenges with ballooning ball flight. It follows the principle of high flight with a low spin and longer distance. A process earning them to have positive mid handicappers reviews.


Cobra F9 Speedback

Cobra Golf 2019 F9 Men's Speedback Driver (Black/Yellow)

With this driver, you will physically feel that regardless of where you strike the ball on the face while in the tee box, this best driver for mid-handicappers will always be powerful, firm, and solid.

It is no wonder that the Cobra F9 Speedback club has become a front-runner in the emerging golf club technology and one of the best drivers today.

The numbers are impressive from the 9° off in the low setting to the ball speed of up to 156 mph with low spin and a high launch carrying an average of above 275 yards.

Today’s usual market driver designs focus on either the aerodynamics for the clubhead speed or on the low center of gravity for forgiveness. As per Cobra, the King F9 Speedback driver drives well-capable and can do well in both aspects.

This golf driver is a better version of the king f8 where the brand has softened the leading edges and crafted the crown to be a little flatter so the head can go through the air faster with lesser drag.

It also moved the driver’s trailing edge upwards to achieve improved speeds.

With a similarly tilted bulge and the roll axis, the Cobra’s face brings into line the same high toe to low heel miss pattern that is found in a majority of the golfers.

You will like the user-friendly adjustability of this driver. You can adjust the weights to make your ball speed better.

You can swap the 14g, red steel weight with the 2g plastic version to stir small backward and forward movements to the center of gravity.

Of course, it would take several tries to finally knock off that swing speeds and the distance you are aiming for.

The only setback of this driver is the lack of an option to adjust the shot shape.


  • The powerful firm, and solid feel
  • Improved design to improve the speed with lesser drag
  • Fully adjustable weights


  • No option to adjust the shot shape

This club is ideal for all game players of varying skill levels but would be a huge advantage for you if you are a handicap player and a beginner in the game.

Those struggling with distance won’t have much use for this club.


Taylormade SIM

Taylormade SIM Driver, HZRDUS Smoke Green 70 Shaft

In appearance, you will see a noticeable difference in the sole view of the Taylormade Shape In Motion (SIM), sim max, and rbz black driver where the uneven Inertia Generator is eye-catching.

You will see that this Taylormade golf driver for mid-model has done away with the central weight track because most golfers focus the central weight throughout the head for forgiveness.

This means that the weight track is already rather redundant since the front track is still there to fade the bias or add drawing.

Also, it is remarkable how the accent colors can make a difference. The SIM driver can easily be recognized as TaylorMade due to its carbon fiber crown and white leading edge.

The additional blue accents make it distinct compared to M5’s orange and red color touches. It easily identifies from its other siblings like the sim max.

When you concentrate on the ball’s sweet spot, you no longer see the driver’s matte and dull finish, but instead, the crown of the driver is made a little brighter with a new chalk white finish, which is really pleasing to the eyes.

Despite being more modern and a little bigger to look down on, it is still simple to align like the sim max.

As far as the sound and feel go, it is powerful and has the right dullness. And when it comes to accuracy, you will feel like you are in total control of your swing shots.

Additionally, if you find a pattern that is out of the heel or toe, then the additional forgiveness and higher MOI might make all the difference you need.

A misstep for the Taylormade SIM is only a marginal gain over the previous M5 and the M6 game series.


  • Features a new chalk white finish crown
  • Utilizes a twist face technology
  • A new shape for enhanced aerodynamics and better forgiveness


  • Minimal performance improvement between the M5 and M6.

This driver model provides a new shape for enhancement and allows beginners to get the most out of their playability and forgiveness.

Skilled golfers, however, may not find much use for this one feature.

Here are the other golf driver brands for mid-handicappers and drivers that are also worth considering as you shop around.


Wilson D300

Wilson Golf Staff D300 SL Driver 10.5 Regular Flex

The Wilson Staff D series allows for extreme forgiveness, and the D was further improved with Wilson Staff D300 Iron. This new driver is promising.

It gives you that solid feel throughout. This boost is courtesy of the FLX Face Technology that debuted in the Wilson C200 irons to allow 76% of the driver’s face to be detached from the rogue iron’s body.

Its thin face is surrounded by Power Holes filled with TE031 Urethane to flex and add a distinct dramatic appearance.

The D300 also comes with a KBS Tour 80 shaft that vastly contributes to the lightweight of the club and is also responsible for that 1 mph clubhead speed.

And with everyone going after distance, Wilson is determined to push distance further, so they designed this golf driver with irons that are extremely long, high, and straight.

It follows what a golfer wants: a longer driver length, so the ball and ball speed is also longer. This is perfect for mid and high handicappers who struggle with distance and in the ball swing speed.

This is hard to beat when you are talking about distance. One drawback of this driver is the gap wedges are rather long, and it feels awkward, especially for lower handicap golfers.


  • Provides you a solid feel
  • Power Holes and TE031 Urethane power face
  • Comes with strong, long, and straight iron


  • Gap wedges are rather long

Golfers who are struggling with distance can enjoy the benefits of these clubs and drivers while retaining their fast swing without exerting too much effort.

High-handicappers can also have better performance using this driver so it can be an excellent morale booster as they improve on their center of gravity.

Those who seek creativity in their golf club though might be discouraged because all they see will be metal on the large sweet spot of the driver’s face.


Srixon Z585

Srixon Z 585 Driver

The Srixon Z585 one is a follow-through from the earlier Z565 irons as it drives the same solid and forged construction joined with the forgiveness that the brand’s Z65 series is known for.

The Z585’s profile is almost the same as the previous drivers of Srixon but with a nicer offset and a plentiful top line.

If you are struggling with distance in your irons play, then one of the best changes you can have is this club.

The muscle back on the reverse of such drivers has been modified as it becomes a byproduct of the previous models’ shapes.

The muscle’s primary portion is lowered down and is geared towards the toe so the weight can be distributed across the head. This, in return, improves the MOI. With more mass behind the center of the face, the head also has more power now.

The internal cavity is the major transformation in the Srixon, enhancing the head by moving back the Speed Groove in the 1 millimeter SUP10 face insert.

This allows more room for flexing. It retained the same Tour V.T. Sole design that is intended to go through grass faster.

The Z585 is an obvious indication that Srixon is now committed on tour and improved play equipment. The irons on this golf driver are brilliant, and they’ve reconsidered the momentum as well.

One drawback of this Srixon model is it lacks the forgiveness that mid handicappers require.


  • Solid and powerful feel
  • Provides excellent distance and consistency


  • Lacks the forgiveness needed by mid-handicappers

For single-digit sticks, low and mid-handicaps, and even those who scrap to break 90, the Z585 is a great choice.


Cobra Speedzone Driver

Cobra Golf 2020 Men's Speedzone Driver Black-White

The Cobra King Speedzone is noteworthy for its consistent, powerful, and optimized performance.

Appearance-wise, it boasts the unique CNC-milled Infinity Face, and with its all matte crown, it showcases a cleaner and more sophisticated look.

This best driver is designed to make the most of forgiveness, with engineers focusing on dialing adjustability.

The weight ports at the back and front are completely interchangeable, so you can fine-tune your tee shots land your spin to achieve the performance you like.

The sole boasts bold branding, thus promoting a more efficient and aerodynamic head shape.

The sound and feel of the SpeedZone are also solid with a metallic “tink” accompanied by a tad hollow tone. The head will always be stable regardless of where you strike.

When it comes to performance, the Speedzone is empowered by the 360 Carbon Wrap, where 25 grams is taken off from the crown with an aero shape so the airflow can be harnessed.

This results in lesser drag and is perfect for golfers who need some boost with their distance without compromising their high launch and soft landing.


  • Cleaner design with lesser drag
  • Drives better ball speed, low spin, and higher launch


  • Cobra Connect requires your phone to be always with you

Cobra Connect, the club’s mobile app helps you keep track of your results and progress, but this doesn’t work well with every golf enthusiast because you have to have your phone always in your pocket, which is not really convenient.

Factors to Consider When Looking for a Mid Handicapper Driver

When shopping for a mid-handicapper driver, you don’t settle for whatever is available. You also don’t join the golf club bandwagon and get the same brand and model because everyone uses it. It’s nice to shop around first, and it’s even nice to have a checklist of what your potential driver should have. This will ensure that you get the best driver for mid and you maximize what you pay for.

Below are some of the features that you need to factor in when looking for a mid-handicapper driver:


Golf shafts come in various bend curves, flexes, lengths, and weights, with each contributing to your ball play. Overall, these properties help you to match the ball flight and the swing to different options. If you are the golfer with fast swings, you would need a heavier and a stiffer flex. But if you are into slow swinging, then a lighter and softer shaft flex is your best choice. The shaft you select will define your golfing experience. It will bring consistency to your performance when you hit the ball.

So this golf driver for mid handicapper is highly recommended that when you are shopping for your driver, you consider the shaft because not only will it match your flex, but it also helps improve your swing speed.


Adjustable weights can be helpful for golf players, giving them the freedom to fade, draw, and neutral the ball flight. If you are challenged in hitting the tee in a certain direction, then the weights can be your saving grace.

Although this might not be your first consideration, always get one with adjustable drivers. Usually, adjustability features will be incorporated in the hosel or the part that connects the head and the shaft. The adjustments would include movable weights.

Having room for adjustability can provide you the following benefits:

Shot Too High

Your driver is to be used virtually solely off the tee, and if you approach the golf ball with an extreme upward launch angle, then you end up with a lot of spins, a high loft sleeve, and your ball not really reaching your desired distance. It will also not roll as far as desired. When your club is adjustable, rotating the adjustable hosel is possible, altering the loft launch angle. Reducing it, for instance, can give you lesser height but with more forward action. Without changing your slower swing speed, you can create a shot covering a greater distance with an additional roll.

Hooking the Shot

Even the best golfers come across this challenge, and it entails the club’s face being extremely close to the swing path. This is where the adjustability makes an impact because by adjusting the toe’s weight, your result is evenly opening up the face for the golf ball. This guarantees excellent results sans the draw bias that is a mid handicapper’s best mate in the game.

With an adjustable mid handicapper driver, you can carry on playing your opening shot with whatever you are comfortable with. Still, when you start modifying your golf clubs, you can have more control over your swing results. It’s quite interesting that many players actually have adjustable clubs, but the feature is not being utilized. Check out for yourself how an adjustable driver can make your performance better.

Face Technology

You definitely still have to swing the club yourself, but with all the advanced technology being incorporated today, the driver for mid-handicappers has come a long way.

Components like the weight, aerodynamics, and better graphite shaft flex have paved the way for golfers to strike the ball straighter and longer. This helps improve your performance and enjoy golf better.

Today, most driver heads are now created based on aerodynamics leading to lesser wind resistance and better swing speeds. The components inside your best golf driver are designed to be lighter but stronger; hence aesthetically, they are now bigger.


Having the best golf driver can make or break your play and performance and excelling in both is the best feeling driver. Golf teaches you to excel and continuously find the right approach and methodology for a better play.

With so many golf drivers for mid-handicappers, it is overwhelming to make a decision and an investment. The reviews above are convenient because you can identify which one is the closest to meeting your needs and purpose.

With factors like the driver adjustability, the shaft, and the face technology being considered, you can shorten your options and ensure that you get a great deal with your purchase and always hit the sweet spot in your every swing.

Cobra, Wilson, TaylorMade, Callaway, Srixon, and Ping are just some of the best golf drivers for mid-handicappers. Note that all products have their advantages over other brands and there are also compromises that you’d have to be willing to make.

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