The Best Hybrid Golf Club: Top Picks and Reviews

Finding the right hybrid to match your playstyle can have exceptional results. These clubs offer a phenomenal balance of performance, forgiveness and versatility.

You just need to know where to look. Searching for the best hybrid golf club? You’ve come to the right place.

It’s our job to dive into countless online reviews and comparisons to find some sort of consensus. We’re dedicated to finding product recommendations for you that are genuinely worth your time and money. This page contains our top picks.

Best Golf Hybrid Club

We’ve assessed performance, quality, customer feedback and price to separate the timewasters from the hidden gems.

Be sure to check out our buyer’s guide a little further down this page. It’s designed to help you identify great clubs for yourself when shopping.

Best Hybrids Clubs Explained

So, what is a hybrid club? In short, a hybrid, or rescue golf club as they’re sometimes called, combine the swing mechanics of an iron with the performance and forgiveness of a wood.

If you’ve tried a range of different clubs and found them difficult to get to grips with, we strongly recommend giving a hybrid a go.

The best hybrids clubs offer a level of versatility that many new players aren’t used to. In our opinion, they’re an excellent option for those looking to improve their game and learn more about their technique as a player.

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Best Hybrids – Golf Clubs Worth Buying

Let’s get into it! This section runs through our top picks for the best golf hybrids. We’ve considered performance, durability and price to help you start narrowing down your search.

You’ll find a summary rating at the top of each review and a link to an affordable listing on Amazon.

Best Golf Hybrids — Our Buyer’s Guide

This section will run through some of the main things to look out for if you want to find the best hybrid driver for the money. There are plenty of excellent options out there, but there are also a fair few duds.

The more you understand about hybrids and what makes them great, the easier it will be to buy a product that serves you well on the course.

Read on to find the best hybrid driver money can buy.


TaylorMade SIM MAX Hybrid, #3, 19 Degree Loft, Right Hand, Regular Flex

TaylorMade SIM Max Rescue Hybrid


Cobra Golf 2020 F Max Hybrid 4H Black-Blue (Men's, Right Hand, Reg Flex, 22.0)

Cobra F-Max Airspeed Hybrid 


Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Pro Hybrid (Right Hand, Graphite, Stiff, 4 Hybrid )

Callaway Mavrik Hybrid


TaylorMade SIM Max Rescue Hybrid

TaylorMade SIM MAX Hybrid, #3, 19 Degree Loft, Right Hand, Regular Flex

Distance: 9.0

Durability: 8.8

Comfort: 8.6

Advanced materials, intelligent engineering and a wealth of industry experience combine with these clubs to deliver some of the best results we’ve ever seen.

In fact, this is probably the best hybrid for a mid-handicapper on this list.

Expect impressive distance, reasonable forgiveness and a build quality that will last you for many years to come.

One thing that stands out in particular with these hybrid clubs is the inclusion of TaylorMade’s “V Steel” design.

Historically reserved for their other lines of clubs, their V-shaped sole plates are designed to significantly reduce turf friction and resistance.

This should give you the confidence you need to approach any challenge the course throws at you.

If you value forgiveness with your hybrid clubs, this is an option that’s worth considering closely.

The “Twist Face” feature of these rescue clubs is designed to maintain a high level of performance, even with mishits and bum-shots.

What We Love:

  • “V Steel” and “Twist Face” for forgiveness and performance
  • Very easy to use
  • Best hybrid for mid handicapper

The Drawbacks:

  • The included headcover is just ok


Cobra F-Max Airspeed Hybrid

Cobra Golf 2020 F Max Hybrid 4H Black-Blue (Men's, Right Hand, Reg Flex, 22.0)

Distance: 8.9

Durability: 8.5

Comfort: 8.2

If you’re a more experienced player, this option from Cobra should serve you well. I

t’s available in 19, 22, 25, 28 and 31-degree loft variants which should be more than enough for the vast majority of requirements. We’re huge fans of this one.

If you’re a newer player, this club will still perform very well for you.

If you have the skill required to work with it, this club can deliver some truly exceptional distance.

Cobra has been putting a commendable amount of effort into the design of their clubs in recent years and these efforts really shine with the F-Max.

The back/heel weighting of this option does a great job of increasing your available control when swinging. Your shots will be biased straight down the target line for reliable, predictable performance.

Finding a club with the right weight distribution for your playstyle can dramatically improve your point average.

The lightweight graphite shaft on this club combines durability and speed for a swing that’s fast enough to deliver the swing you need while powerful enough to deliver the right level of launch.

If you’ve never tried a club like this, we strongly recommend giving it a go.

What We Love:

  • Graphite shaft for durability and speed
  • Back/heel weight distribution
  • Excellent levels of control

The Drawbacks:

  • The grip is reasonable but could be more comfortable


Callaway Mavrik Hybrid

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Pro Hybrid (Right Hand, Graphite, Stiff, 4 Hybrid )

Distance: 9.6

Durability: 8.2

Comfort: 8.5

This club is our top choice for those of you with a high handicap. You’ll enjoy a phenomenal combination of both speed and stability with a shaft that’s remarkably comfortable to swing.

This option is available in three shaft variants: regular, stiff and extra stiff.

This should give you the flexibility you need when playing. Noteworthy with this option is Callaway’s AI-optimized design.

While “AI” is a very common marketing buzzword these days, the results are pretty darn impressive.

In short, the Mavrik delivers exactly what you’d expect from a high-quality hybrid. You’ll encounter no nasty surprises with this club.

Expect an easy launch, impressive speed level and a satisfyingly high MOI for the results you need on the course.

In terms of durability, this option should serve you very well. You’re unlikely to encounter significant scuffs, dents or breakages for several years.

This is an important thing to keep in mind when picking up a new hybrid. The last thing you want is to spend money on a club that will fall apart on you after a handful of months!

What We Love:

  • AI-Optimized design
  • Excellent MOI and overall launch
  • Super stable shits

The Drawbacks: 

  • It’s a touch expensive in our opinion


Cobra King Speedzone Hybrid

Cobra Golf 2020 Speedzone One Length Hybrid Matte Black-Blue 3 One Length Hybrid (Men's, Right Hand, UST Recoil ESX 480, Reg Flex, 19.0)

Distance: 8.7

Durability: 8.6

Comfort: 8.4

This is another excellent hybrid option that is capable of delivering some seriously impressive launch in the right pair of hands.

The 70% larger hot spot area on the Speedzone promotes significantly higher launch with very little extra input required from the user.

The result is a club that can dramatically improve your performance, especially if you’ve been using clubs that weren’t right for you in the past.

If you can, we strongly recommend giving this club a few test swings to see if you notice a difference — it might just transform your technique.

It’s great to see a back weighting system on this hybrid. As a general rule, this approach to weight distribution results in an efficient transfer of energy from the club to the ball when you strike it.

In short, it squeezes every last drop of launch out of your swing.

What We Love: 

  • Excellent weight distribution
  • 70% larger hot spot area
  • Comfortable to use

The Drawbacks:

  • The shaft might be a little stiff for shorter players


Mizuno CLK Hybrid

Mizuno 2020 CLK, Left Hand, 19 Degree, Stiff

Distance: 8.4

Durability: 8.6

Comfort: 8.9

Last, but certainly not least, is the Mizuno CLK hybrid. We’re not sure what specific magic Mizuno has put into this club, but the strike sound is exceptional in our opinion.

Expect a satisfying strike with significantly dampened vibration.

This club performs very well, even for new players. The levels of both forgiveness and launch have more than earned this club its place on our list.

The optional quick switch adapter for this club opens up a world of versatility to players.

It’s possible to tweak the loft/lie settings while you play, giving you the power to adapt to challenges as they present themselves.

What We Love:

  • Adjustable loft/lie
  • Very forgiving
  • Satisfying noise

The Drawbacks:

  • The durability is good but not exceptional

Why Use a Hybrid?

The best hybrids clubs are the most versatile golfing tools you’ll ever use. In our opinion, they’re a fantastic choice for beginners and intermediate players. Many high handicappers also make use of hybrids thanks to their highly forgiving nature.

We list some of the main benefits of hybrids below:

  • Better distance than irons
  • Tend to be more forgiving
  • Easier to use for beginners
  • The clubhead uses a lower center of gravity
  • Super speedy swings
  • Can be more comfortable to hold

It’s important to mention that while we believe wholeheartedly in the advantages listed above, every golfer is different. Depending on when they started playing and their individual playstyle, some golfers simply prefer other clubs like irons or fairways.

Our advice is to have a few test swings with a hybrid and see how you feel. You might just find your new favorite club.

The Best Hybrid Golf Club VS the Best Iron — What’s the Difference?

So, what actually sets hybrids apart from their iron counterparts? Check out our flash descriptions below.


Significantly heavier than other club options, irons use smaller, thinner clubheads and deliver less real-world loft and more bounce than newbies will be able to handle. More experienced and stronger players can usually perform fairly well with an iron, but they’re not for everyone.


Lighter, more comfortable and easier to swing, hybrids mimic the swing mechanics of irons while using the larger clubheads and ease of use often associated with woods. For many players, these clubs represent a “best of both worlds” scenario.

The larger clubheads in particular make hybrids very popular with newer players. It provides significantly more surface area with which to strike the ball at the end of your swing. If you’re still perfecting your technique, this increased size can make it easier to launch the ball successfully.

Hybrids VS Woods

So, what’s the difference between hybrids and woods then? The main differences between these two club types are head size and the technique needed to swing them successfully. Woods tend to use a larger head and shaft and are sually swung with a different downward angle than their hybrid counterparts.

If you’re able to, we strongly recommend trying out a few swings with as many different club types as you can. It’s the best way to get to grips with which option works best for you.

Replacing Woods with Hybrids — What to Expect

An increasing number of high handicappers are considering replacing their woods with hybrid clubs. While this can be a smart decision for the right player, it’s worth keeping some things in mind. Check out our brief overview below.

You’ll Have to Adjust Your Swing

This might not be a huge deal if you’re an experienced player, but it’s worth keeping in mind that hybrids perform best with a slightly different swing technique when compared to woods.

You’ll almost definitely be able to adapt, but you’ll be fighting against entrenched muscle memory if you’ve been playing for several years.

They’re Not a Silver Bullet

While rescue clubs can breathe new life into a player’s technique, they just don’t ‘click’ with everyone. You may find that you actually prefer to play with woods, or even irons. That’s why it’s so important to try before you buy if possible.

The more familiar you are with how each club type feels to play with, the easier it will be to know if making the switch is right for you.

Brands to Look Out for

We’re not here to turn you into a brand-loyal customer who never scrutinizes their favorite company. That said, there are a few names in particular that we think are worth paying attention to, especially when looking for hybrid clubs.

They’re featured in our product recommendations further down this page.


Over the past several years, Cobra has built a strong reputation for providing excellent clubs with phenomenal levels of both performance and overall quality. Their weighting systems in particular deserve praise in our opinion.

Several Cobra club options come with adjustable weight systems to help players fine tune the feel of their clubs with precise detail.


Since 1979, TaylorMade has been producing some of the best golf clubs on the market. While you should still consider any of their offerings with a reasonable amount of scrutiny, they’re usually a safe bet in our experience.

In recent years, the company’s hybrid clubs have been catching our attention. They deliver excellent levels of forgiveness, performance and durability.


With a strong range of fairways, irons and hybrids, Callaway is one of the best manufacturers out there in our opinion. The brand’s customization options stand out from the bulk of the competition.

You’ll be able to tweak the striking zones, design and paint job of your clubs to your heart’s content. That is, if you’ve got the money to pay for them!


If you’re a customer in the US, one of the best ways to make sure a Mizuno club is right for you is to visit one of their “fitting centers.” You’ll be able to try out a wide variety of clubs and get a feel for them.

As mentioned earlier on this page, trying out a set of clubs is the best way to make sure you’re buying a product that’s right for you. There’s a lot of subjectivity involved when it comes to what makes a club “feel right.”

Best Hybrids — Golf FAQs

This section will run through a couple of the most common questions we see regarding this type of club.

How do I Know if a Hybrid is Right for Me?

Test them out! We know it isn’t always possible to try a few practice swings, but it really is the best way to get to grips with how a club feels. Many manufacturers offer test centers or testing areas in their larger stores that are built to let you try out their clubs.

Are Hybrids Actually Better?

For many people, yes! Every golfer is different. Your strength, height and overall experience will determine the clubs that work best for you. That said, hybrids are a very popular choice as they combine the best aspects of irons and woods.

How Much Should I Spend on a Hybrid?

That depends on your budget and requirements. Hybrids can range in price from $50 through to more than $500. It’s best to only spend money on clubs that come with features you actually need. If you’re a beginner, definitely start with a decent budget option first.


We hope this page has successfully made the case for hybrid clubs. For many players, they offer an excellent sweet spot between other options on the market. Use our recommendations outlined above to find an option that works for you.

Whichever club you choose, we hope it serves you well!

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