Best Junior Golf Clubs: 6 Picks Your Juniors Will Love Instantly!

We’re sure you’re excited to share your passion and love for playing golf with your kids! With so many skills to learn, golf is a great sport to introduce to your children.

Today, we’ll list down some of the best junior golf clubs you can find that can help your kids get started.

Ready to jumpstart your kids’ golfing career? We sure are!

Top 6 Best Junior Golf Clubs

Precise X7 Junior Golf Club Set for Children – Best Overall

Precise Distinctive Right Handed Junior Golf Club Set for Age 9 to 12 (Height 4'4' to 5') Set Includes: Driver (15'), Hybrid Wood (22*), 2 Irons, Putter, Bonus Stand Bag & 2 Headcovers

If you’re looking for a golf club set that encourages your kids to be the future Tiger Woods, the Precise X7 is one of the best to get them started.

It’s perfect for young golfers who’ve grown to love the game, and are on the road to becoming a serious golf player. Here’s what you can expect from the golf club set:

  • Wood clubs
  • Iron clubs
  • Hybrid club
  • Mallet style putter

Style & Performance

A closer look at the wood clubs and you’ll instantly notice its graphite shafts and sweet spot. Both look significantly well and perform great on the golf course.

Your junior golfer can enjoy the distance and speed the wood clubs yield in a hit. It’s perfect to help them build their confidence and perfect their aim!

You might also notice the graphite shaft is pretty lightweight.

That’s perfect, actually!

It’s so that junior golfers won’t have a hard time trying to perfect their golfer’s swing.

Also, a great addition to the golf club set is the 22-degree hybrid, which sports the same shaft and wide face. We love the hybrid club because it feels natural to use, and packs a TON of power.


And once your junior golfer is done with using the clubs, wipe it clean and you’re done. The heads are so easy to clean, you’ll hardly have to do anything to maintain them.

Keep the heads covered, pack them in your bag, and go! Plus, the set even comes with a rain hood to cover the clubs in case of a drizzle.

Should You Choose the Precise X7 Junior Golf Club Set?

Out on the golf course, the Precise X7 will give your junior players the experience they’re looking for: a first-time friendly golfing session that will make them fall in love with the sport…and of course, their swing!

All the kid clubs provide a great combination of strength and versatility, making sure they can get the most out of their golfing experience.

Rest assured, your young player will come out of the field looking forward to the next session.


  • Lightweight even for young kids
  • Mallet putter provides a smooth and easy putting experience
  • Rain hood and club head covers come in handy
  • Ideal for first-time players


  • Not as durable as other clubs

Tour Edge HL-J Junior Complete Golf Club Set – Best Value for Money

Tour Edge HL-J Junior Complete Golf Set with Bag (Left Hand, Graphite, 1 Putter, 2 Irons, 1 Hybrid, 1 Wood, 5-8 YRS) Orange

Looking for the best golf set that comes with great value for money can be a bit of a challenge. To save you your time and effort, we’ve got the Tour Edge HL-J Junior Golf Club Set to check out.

Among the good junior golf clubs, we guarantee its excellent durability and quality. It’s perfect for the all-around junior golfer, who’s into taking golfing seriously.

Speaking of being an all-around golf club set, the Tour Edge HL-J is perfect for those looking for left or right-handed clubs. It also comes in different styles and colors, it’s a perfect choice if you want to do some customization.

But what sets the TourEdge HL-J apart is it comes in medium to large sizes. Each bag comes complete, containing the following:

  • Driver
  • Hybrid
  • Iron
  • Sand wedge
  • Putter
  • Fairway wood (but only for the large golf set)
  • Stand bag

The clubs also come with headcovers, to keep your junior golf clubs clean at all times. Pack it in your bag, head out to the field, and go.

Now, the stand bag that comes with the golf set is pretty basic. It sports the usual dual straps for carrying, a stand for when you play, just like any bags.

But suffice to say, it performs the way you expect it to.

Should You Choose the Tour Edge HL-J?

Once your junior player decides to take the sport seriously, the HL-J has great clubs to get your kid started.

The set comes in every size, color, and more. You’ll have no problem finding a set that will perfectly suit your kid.

Although this set leans on the pricey side, the extra bucks you spend on this are very much worth it!


  • Great value for money
  • Durable and quality junior golf clubs
  • Comes in different sizes, perfect for all ages
  • Comes with a fairway wood club for the large golf set


  • A bit pricey compared to other clubs

Wilson Juniors Complete Golf Set – Best Budget Pick

WILSON Golf Profile JGI Junior Complete Golf Set — Large, Blue, Right Hand

Wilson is always one of those brands that come top on the list when we say golfing gear and equipment. With over 100 years of experience in the industry, Wilson knows what makes a piece of great equipment.

You can expect this Junior Golf Set to come with exceptional quality that can easily match the demands of a young golfer.

However, do note that this Wilson Junior Golf Set is designed for young golfers between 11 to 14 years old. That being the case, it’s slightly taller and heavier than others.

The set comes with the following:

  • Wood clubs
  • Iron clubs
  • Dynamic pitching wedge
  • Blade-style putter

You can expect all the junior golf clubs on this set to have a pretty large sweet spot, which is very ideal even for the most competitive young golfer today.

They’ll sure have a lot of fun using each of the clubs, and we don’t doubt they’ll find one which can match their power.

Even for inexperienced players, the Wilson Junior is perfect for them. The quality of each of the junior golf clubs can take up a beating, without discouraging the player.

We don’t doubt your young one will find a lot of fun using this set.

Should You Choose the Wilson Juniors Complete Golf Set?

If you’re looking for a no-brainer go-to club set, this one’s for you. It comes from a reliable brand with over a century’s worth of experience. They sure know what they’re doing.

Whether your junior golfer is new to the sport, or you’ve got yourself an aspiring Tiger Woods, this club set won’t disappoint.


  • Comes from a reliable brand
  • Clubs come with great quality
  • Impressive set inclusions
  • Stylish bag


  • Not ideal for young or small kids

Precise M7 Junior Set

Precise M7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set for Children Kids - 3 Age Groups - Right Hand (Ages 3-5 Red, Right Hand)

The Precise M7 Junior Golf Set comes in three different sizes and colors, for all aspiring junior golfers out there.

  • Red Set – kids aged 3 to 5 years old.
  • Green Set – kids aged 6 to 8 years old.
  • Orange Set – kids aged 9 to 12 years old.

More or less, each set contains the same clubs that only vary in height. And for your one-time payment, the set already includes a driver, fairway wood, iron clubs, putter, head cover, and stand bag.

Now that’s a lot of things in one bag!

Despite being clubs for kids, each of them is nevertheless manufactured with the latest technology to make sure your junior golfer gets the FULL gaming experience.

They can improve their game each time they’re on the golf course, and appreciate golf even more.

We love the fact that the clubs’ heads are highly durable, thanks to their stainless steel material. Rest assured, you can use the golf clubs in this set to last your kids a long time.

Whether the clubs are in for some serious beating as your kid learns golf, it’ll be by your side for the full ride.

Should You Choose the Precise M7 Kids Clubs Set?

The Precise M7 delivers exactly what you would expect from its brand: precision. You can choose a set that suits the age group of your kid, making sure they get the most from their experience.

Whether your kid is still trying to get the hang of the game or already good at it, the golf clubs that come with the Precise M7 set are some of the best your young golfer can use.


  • Comes in different sizes
  • Durable clubs
  • Convenient and easy to use stand bag
  • Lightweight


  • Sizes don’t always accurately match an age group

Aspire Junior Plus Set for Children

Aspire Junior Plus Complete Golf Club Set for Children Kids - 5 Age Groups Boys & Girls - Right Hand (Blue Ages 3-4)

Are you looking for an all-around junior golfers club set? Then this one’s for you.

It’s a great set to introduce kids to the wonderful game of golf because it comes with a ton of clubs that’s perfect for kids of all ages!

You can expect the clubs to be pretty durable, lightweight, and more! Nothing is stopping your junior golfer to be their very best, even at a young age!

The set comes with the following components:

  • Wood clubs
  • Iron clubs
  • Mallet style putter
  • Stand bag

The clubs on the set sport a large sweet spot, making sure each swing feels strong. It also does a great deal with helping junior golfers improve their aim and swing!

Kids can have a pick between small and lightweight clubs, or big and heavy clubs.

  • Small clubs – kids between 3 to 8 years of age.
  • Big clubs – kids between 9 to 12 years of age.

Impressive Shaft Design

The graphite shafts on the clubs are also worth mentioning. They’re highly lightweight and durable, making sure the wood clubs can last your junior golfers a long time.

Not to mention, the shafts were designed to keep up with the strength and swing speed of every player! Thanks to the integrated progressive flex system, children of all ages can enjoy this feature.

Iron Clubs

The two iron clubs in the set are also pretty impressive. They’re made with aircraft-grade aluminum, so you can expect them to be lighter and durable.

Also worth mentioning is that the iron clubs on the Aspire Junior Plus are relatively bigger, making sure kids hit their target ALL THE TIME.

All-In-One Durable Golf Bag

Finally, the set wouldn’t be complete without the bag. Admittedly, the Aspire Junior Plus golf bag looks just like any other golf bag.

However, you’ll be happy to know that it comes with some features. It’s highly portable, thanks to its handle and straps.

Junior golfers can carry this bag like they would a backpack. The lift handle also comes in pretty handy, especially when it comes to loading it on the car.

Should You Choose the Aspire Junior Plus?

Without a cast of doubt, we can safely say that the Aspire Junior set offers some of the best golf clubs out there for all kids. Regardless of age, there’s always something waiting for them to use.

You’ll hardly need to look anywhere else when you have this golf set.


  • Exceptional quality and lightweight graphite shafts
  • Perfect for all ages
  • Perfect set for both beginners and advanced golfers
  • Easy to align mallet putter


  • Too short for other players

Precise XD-J Junior Complete Set for Children

Precise XD-J Junior Complete Golf Club Set for Children Kids - 3 Age Groups Boys & Girls - Right Hand & Left Hand! (Blue Ages 9-12, Right Hand)

Introducing your kids to the game of golf isn’t usually the easiest task out there. It requires a lot of skill and practice, and not just hitting the ball to its goal.

Sometimes, teaching golf can be frustrating for a parent. Admittedly, the same goes for children, feeling frustrated with trying to grasp all the rules and understanding how it works.

Don’t you just wish there was a way to make it all easier?

Well, you’ll be happy to know that there is! And this is all thanks to the Precise XD-J Club Set. The set comes with several essential components for your kids to try out and enjoy, such as:

  • XD-J
  • Graphite shaft hybrid
  • Two iron clubs
  • Stand bag

There’s a lot to love with the XD-J, especially its large sweet spot. It helps junior players with their control, aim, and more! Getting the ball flying up in the air WON’T be a problem.

Hybrid Clubs

The hybrid is also worth mentioning, because of its graphite shaft and outstanding performance. It’s lightweight, making sure young golfers can practice their swing and perfect them later on!

Kids can start playing golf with this club, and understand the dynamics between swinging and aiming!

Lightweight Iron Clubs

The set also comes with two iron junior golf clubs.

Both of them sport a graphite shaft and feel extremely lightweight to handle. It feels almost like the hybrid club, and it does a great job of helping golfers perfect their swing and ball contact.

Two-Strap System Bag

And finally, this set wouldn’t be complete without the golf bag. It has various pockets and compartments, making sure young golfers can pack all the equipment they need.

We also love the fact that the bag features a stand, which junior golfers can easily prop on the field.

And once they’re done, they can carry the bag on their back, thanks to its two-strap system.

Should You Choose the Precise XD-J?

If you’re trying to get your kids to love and understand the game of golf, the Precise XD-J set is one of the best you can find out there.

It’ll help junior golfers understand how the game is played, and appreciate every aspect of the experience.


  • Reliable and affordable club set
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Comes with different clubs
  • Durable and lightweight stand bag


  • Tends to be heavy for some junior golfers

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Kids Golf Clubs

There are certainly several junior clubs out there. Some of them purport to be the best golf clubs on paper, but not necessarily on the field.

With such a wide range of selections, how on earth will you find the best junior golf clubs?

Worry no more because we’ve got your back. We’ve listed down some of the features you should look for when it comes down to choosing which junior golf clubs to buy.

Junior Golf Club Sets or Singles

The first thing you’d notice when you look for junior golf clubs is that they either come as a set or sold separately.

Choosing either of the two has its pros and cons, depending on what you’re after.

Individual Clubs

If you’re just starting to introduce golf to your kids, choosing a single golf club is probably a good idea. It’s a great way to introduce the sport to your kid, and whether they’ll pick it up as a hobby later on.

Buying only a single golf club is cost-effective, considering how you don’t have to spend loads on a big set just yet.

Plus, in case your kid doesn’t pick up on the sport, at least you didn’t end up spending a fortune! Right?

Golf Sets

Once you’ve introduced the sport to your kids, and you feel like they’re enjoying and getting the hang of it, it’s time to get them their very own junior golf club set.

Now, do note that buying golf club sets can be costly. After all, you’re practically buying all the gear, equipment, and accessories your kid will need for a game.

One set can come with 4 or more clubs for your child to check out! It can even come with a sand wedge, an extra golf ball, a mallet, and more.

But if you ask us, the cost is pretty worth it.

You’re essentially paying for a complete set PLUS the convenience of not having to go through every aisle of your sporting store, trying to look for every individual component.


Golf bags are very handy to have around. You can place all your gear and equipment in one place, all you have to do is grab and go!

There are various golf bags out there, but not all of them are built with the same caliber as the best ones out there. What exactly do we mean?

We’ll explain it down below.

Weight and Portability

It’s very important that you choose a golf bag that your kid can carry. Just imagine buying a golf bag for them that they can hardly lift or drag. Yikes! You’ll end up wasting your money when this is the case.

Always choose a lightweight golf bag. Today, there are lightweight golf bags out there that can hold a ton of equipment at a time, without compromising its durability.

Also worth noting is that the bags should at least come with straps your kid can use to carry the bag. The straps should be able to support the weight with no problem.

Compartment and Pockets

If you’d ask us, looking for a golf bag with a lot of compartments and pockets is always a good deal. After all, you can put practically anything inside!

Some would gravitate towards a stylish bag. But is it really practical in the long run?

Essentially, golf bags will be the one-stop-shop for everything your kids need once they’re out in the field.

It should have a water bottle holder, umbrella holder, a pocket for their gadgets, sand wedge, extra golf balls, and more!


Whenever you’re looking for golf clubs for your kid, make sure you let them try it out first. Remember, you’re buying the golf club for your kids, and not yourself.

To you, the golf club might probably feel light and easy to work with. But for a small kid? Now that’s a different thing.

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is for parents to make sure they include their kids in choosing their junior golf club’s weight.

The heavier clubs they hand up working with, the harder it is for them to perfect their swing! You’ll see them struggling a lot, and it just won’t give the best performance out there.

On the other hand, choosing a lightweight one isn’t always a good thing. Thus, you should always find a balance between finding weighty golf clubs that can still provide accuracy and flexibility.


Golf clubs come in different lengths, you’re sure to find one that suits your kids’ height.

Taking into consideration the height of your kid and length is very vital, especially when it comes to the grip.

As much as possible, your kid should be able to hold on to the grip properly. If not, then it significantly affects how your kids perfect their swing or balance.

Shaft Flex

While your kids are still new to playing golf, you’ll notice that their swing is as powerful or accurate just yet.

To address this problem, you need to choose clubs that have a shaft and can provide your kid with power and flexibility.

Shaft flex plays a crucial role in determining the distance and height of the golf ball, once it’s been hit from the ground.

Luckily, most clubs have a shaft flex to help your little one practice their swing.


Regardless of what you’re buying, price always comes out as the number one consideration. After all, you want to get the best deal without spending too much of a fortune, right?

In finding the best junior golf clubs, you’ll hardly need to break your bank! There’s a ton of products out there that provide affordability and quality in one!

A Guide to Finding the Right Club Size for Your Child

By now, you already know that there’s a lot of difference between an adult golf club to a junior golf club. The main difference being the most obvious one, which is the weight and length.

Now, there’s a lot of golf clubs and sets out there. When you look at those, you’ll most likely see a label that says the club is good for children aged so-and-so. You’ll probably end up believing what the label says.

There’s generally nothing wrong with sticking to what the label says. However, what it indicates IS NOT always accurate.

Sometimes, the club may be too big or small for your kid, even if they fall under the age category. And once you’ve already bought it without even considering this, you’ll end up wasting your money.

To save you your time, effort, and money, we’ve listed a few tips for finding the right size golf clubs for your kids.

Tip #1

Bring your kid to the sports store.

Unfortunately, some parents think they can choose the golf clubs for their kids. After all, they’ll be the ones to pay for it in the end.

Well, this isn’t always the best practice. When parents go looking for golf clubs, they assess the product based on their own opinion. “Is the length enough for my kid?” “Will it be too heavy for my kid to use?”

Sure you might be able to answer that on your own. But once you’ve checked it out on the counter, there’s no going back.

To minimize mistakes, bring your kid along with you! Have them hold the different golf clubs, and you can assess from there whether it’s meant for them or not.

Besides yourself, your kid is the best person to decide whether the club is too long or heavy for them.

Tip #2

Start with a single golf club. You might not need four or more clubs just yet.

Your child finally found a club they can use in the golf course. Hooray! You feel over-excited about it and you think to yourself, “Hmmm, should I buy my kid a set?”

If you ask us, the answer is no. Don’t get ahead of yourself and buy a whole set until you’re sure your kid will commit to playing golf for a long time.

Golf sets don’t come cheap, and it’ll be a waste of your money if you end up buying the whole thing without your kid being interested.

Plus, your child might end up overgrowing on the club set you’ve bought. Yikes!

Tip #3

Determine the height of your kid.

An easy way to buy golf clubs without your children is by checking their height beforehand. On the label of junior golf clubs, there’s usually an indication of up to what height the clubs are for.

Instead of basing it on the age of your child, you can base it on their height! This way, your chances of landing on a golf club with the right length of your child are much greater.

Top Picks

Today, we’ve named some of the best junior golf clubs your young one can bring to the golf course. Regardless of what you choose, we’re sure your kid will have a lot of fun using them.

But of all the products we’ve mentioned today, there are two that stood out. They come with great value for money, performance, and more!

Runner Up: Tour Edge HL-J Junior Complete Golf Set

The Tour Edge HL-J stands out because of its high-quality golf clubs, available for all ages.

Each set comes with a wide selection of golf clubs for your junior golfer to try out. We don’t doubt they’ll find a club they’ll fall in love with.

More importantly, the HL-J comes at a pretty affordable price point. It isn’t necessarily the cheapest option out there, but you get a ton from this set compared to others.

You’ve got a putter, sand wedge, and various clubs to choose from!

Providing your young ones with high-quality clubs has never been easier when you choose the Tour Edge HL-J.

Winner: Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set

“Start ’em young!” as some people would say. And the best way for you to do this is to introduce the Precise X7 to your future golf superstar.

There’s a lot to love with the Precise X7, thanks to the different clubs that come in the set. We don’t doubt your junior golf player can find the best clubs for them, at such a young age!

Rest assured, each of the clubs are versatile and can match the demands of your superstar.


Introducing your kids to the fun game of golf is always a great idea. It’s a good bonding experience and helps your kids learn discipline and patience.

With all the junior golf clubs we’ve mentioned today, we don’t doubt you’ll find the best golf clubs to get your kids started.

It’s time to get rid of your child’s old clubs and find one that can match their performance! They might just end up on the front page of golf digest in the future!

We hope you enjoyed this article! Feel free to give it a like, and share it with your friends and family. It’s time to start a community of awesome young golfers.

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