Best Longest Golf Ball: 5 Picks For Serious Distance

Even if you’ve mastered your drive, and you’re practically a black belt with a wood and an iron, you could still see improvement in your game by using the right ball.

Obviously, all golf balls are designed to get some serious distance, but only a select few seem to have that extra special quality that makes them truly fly.

Well, today we’re going to be reviewing five of the best golf balls for distance.

We’ll discuss those unique and magical designs in detail, putting them under the microscope and seeing what gives them their wings.

Consider this article an anthology of long golf balls.

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to golf balls. It’s a subject that nears the status of superstition and mysticism. But at least one of these on our list should suit your style of play to a tee and leave your golfing buddies gobsmacked on the course.

Teeing Off in T-Minus 10, 9, 8…

Not to worry, we’ve got our top pick right here at the top.

Longest Golf Ball Quick Picks


Titleist Velocity Golf Balls, Matte Orange, (One Dozen)

Titleist Velocity

  • Innovative core and dimples
  • Durable coating that aides spin


TaylorMade TP5x Golf Balls (One Dozen), White

TaylorMade TP5x

  • Tri-speed core
  • Springy coating


Bridgestone 2020 Tour B RX Golf Balls 1 Dozen, White

Bridgestone 2020 Tour B RX

  • Heavy dimples
  • Unique coating system

Top 5 Best Longest Golf Balls


1. Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls, Matte Orange, (One Dozen)

Coming in from a great distance is this absolute dragon of a golf ball designed to give you both power and unparalleled control.

These little winged beasts have a specially reformulated springy LSX core that helps get this ball incredibly high in the air as fast as physically possible. This core will give you some exceptional downrange distance.

Part of the reason they manage to hit such altitudes so quickly is the incredibly low long spin produced by the ingenious and durable NaZ+ coating. This unique covering system also helps to keep your ball moving at maximum velocity.

Featuring a spherically-tiled 350 octahedral dimple pattern, Titleist have created a golf ball with unbeatable aerodynamics.

The edges are far sharper and the dimples more pronounced to make up for the low spin speed and give the golf ball amazing lift. The sharper edge also provides better cut through the wind.

Normally speed and altitude are somewhat at odds, but this fantastic bit of ball engineering manipulates the tensions in the most effective way imaginable to give you the longest possible distances without hitting the gym five times a week.


  • Innovative LSX core is incredibly springy and fast
  • Unique dimple pattern makes the golf ball more aerodynamic
  • Deeper dimples with sharper edges provide extra lift
  • Low long spin increases speed
  • NaZ+ coating is incredibly durable and aids spin
  • Relatively affordable for a high-performance specialist ball


  • Consistently high velocity may affect the accuracy of your shorter game
  • Easily scuffed in the bunker


2. TaylorMade TP5x Golf Ball

TaylorMade TP5x Golf Balls (One Dozen), White

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s our number two spot tearing holes in the sky and blasting down the fairway. This golf ball is more of an all-rounder, but still capable of reaching some dizzying heights and breathtaking distances.

The standout feature of this golf ball, and the reason it moves so dang fast, is the intensive proprietary layering system. In total, these golf balls have 5 layers.

The deeper you go into the ball the more rigid the layer. Mix that with the tri-speed core that provides an amazing amount of buoyancy, and a coating that gets hardly any drag at all, and you’ve got a formidable weapon here.

To make up for the rigid inner layers, you’ve got an extra soft-hit, dual-spin cover, with a durable cast urethane coating. The urethane is gonna give your clubface the maximum amount of grip on the golf ball and give you awesome levels of control over spin and velocity. 

TaylorMade also utilize a really interesting material for the fourth and final layer. It’s what they call HFM which stands for high flex material. This flex provides a much better spring rebound effect as force moves through the ball, projecting it even further into the distance.


  • Unique layered design 
  • Tri-speed center makes this ball really fast
  • Fourth flexy layer adds a springy recoil that pushes the ball further
  • Urethane coating keeps the golf ball strong and helps the clubface grip
  • Soft covering allows for maximum force contact
  • Great spin
  • Pretty nice for your short game
  • Incredibly fast moving


  • Pretty expensive golf balls in this case
  • Not quite as far-reaching as our top pick


Bridgestone 2020 Tour B RX Golf Balls 1 Dozen, White

Entering into orbit at our number three spot is a brand new revolutionary design from Bridgestone that cements them in as the mad scientists of the golfing world.

They’ve maximized their aerodynamics by experimenting with some pretty heady dimple patterns. They’re calling it dual-dimple technology and it drastically reduces drag.

The covering is totally unique as well. It’s a patented Reactiv urethane substance that reacts differently to each surface that hits it, more so than the average ball.

Ultimately what this means is enhanced control. That’s exactly what you need in a ball that goes the distance. It’s no good having all that power if it’s going to end up in the Atlantic.

They’ve also modified how they apply the urethane coating. Their proprietary seamless coating technique ensures total and equal coverage on the surface of the ball, meaning there are no hidden weak spots. The smooth finish makes every swing a dream and lets the golf ball travel really well in the air.

Checking out the guts on this thing, it has a gradational compression core meaning it has some loosely wound core threads and some that are tighter in tactical areas.

The idea is you get all the distance associated with low compression, with a bit of the control you get from tighter wound core threads. It’s also going to nurture top spin and reduce side spin


  • Dual-dimple technology helps reduce drag and extend trajectory
  • Reactiv urethane coating is sensitive to surfaces and offers more control
  • Seamless coating technology makes for a flawless golf ball and slick air travel
  • Specialised core should give you both power and control
  • Reduced side spin
  • Durable coating
  • Holds the green well


  • Expensive
  • Less spin than other options


4. Vice Pro+ Golf Balls

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls White, One Dozen

Disappearing from view at our fourth spot is a ball with an elegant look designed to glide low, fast and far.

This golf ball has a dual casing synthesized to give it an incredibly powerful but low trajectory. A lower flight path means you can take a slightly more measured approach to your distance shots.

A low trajectory can also mean a lot of movement on the green, but the 4-piece cast urethane cover and the patented S2TG technology has excellent stopping power on low friction surfaces.

The S2TG technology gives the ball its advanced acceleration by providing a much higher degree of backspin in the air. As soon as it hits the green, it hits the brakes.

A golf ball like this offers you the direct and controlled driving force of a low trajectory, with the splash and hold of a high trajectory shot.

The Vice Pro+ have a pretty classic dimple pattern albeit with 336 in total, slightly more than your average ball, offering you some great aerodynamics at those low altitudes while reducing quite a bit of drag.

The 4-piece micromolecular urethane cover is soft but tough, the perfect combination to withstand some heavy blows, and the all vice pro+ balls are UV treated with a BJ13 coating for extra longevity.


  • Increases low trajectory distances
  • 4-piece urethane coat and S2TG technology grabs the green really well for a low ball
  • Offers slightly more control than a high trajectory ball
  • UV resistant thanks to BJ13 coating
  • Extra dimples improve aerodynamics and reduce drag
  • Affordable


  • Low trajectory may affect chipping
  • You’ll likely have to account for the extra traction when putting


Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls (White ),12 pack, Prior Generation

Shooting straight through that cloud that looks like a puppy and landing on the fairway of our fifth pick is an extra soft ball designed with three words in mind...distance, distance, and distance.

As you’ve probably guessed by the name, these Callaway golf balls have an extremely low compression core which gives them some serious ball speed in the air.

They utilize groundbreaking low drag HEX aerodynamic technology to reduce drag and maximize lift and carry. This tech means Callaway Super Softs are also primed for a straight and direct flight path, giving you some really great long range accuracy.

It might however pose a problem when shaping the ball. You’re probably going to have to put a little mustard on it.

It’s not just the core that has a low compression rating here. The ‘Trigonometry’ coating technology also increases the low compression reaction of the ball and gives it an enhanced feel as well as extra control greenside. 

A great way to go if you have a slightly slower swing speed, the Callaway Soft golf ball, will give you the extra distance of a much faster swing, without sacrificing your control. They’re also incredibly well priced, so you won’t have to choose between eating this week or playing a sweet round.


  • Lots of lift
  • Coating provides a durable surface that reduces drag in the air
  • Low compression extends your shots by roughly 10 meters
  • Super affordable for a high-performance design
  • Low compression coating offers an extra nice feeling contact
  • Performs well greenside
  • Extra straight flight path gets you where you need to be


  • Two-piece design isn’t as articulate as more expensive options
  • Straight path makes shaping difficult
  • Not ideal for very fast swing speeds

Longest Golf Ball Buying Guide

Let’s discuss some of the things you should consider when you’re shopping for that magic golf ball.

These scientifically optimized designs don’t exactly run cheap, so it’d be handy to find the right one for you sooner rather than later.

This guide will help you narrow down your options.


As you know, some boxes of golf balls have pretty steep price tags, and If you’re playing frequently, you’re probably getting through quite a few balls.

It’s important to know your monetary limitations. Choose a ball that you’re going to be able to consistently and comfortably afford.

Swing Speed

Different types of golf balls are designed to enhance certain ranges of swing speed. If you don’t know how fast you’re swinging, find out before you start shopping.

If you have a slow swing speed, it’s best to opt for an extra soft golf ball with a really low compression rating.

If you have a faster swing speed, you’re going to be able to achieve maximum compression on a harder, higher compression ball. This kind of ball tends to have more components that some would say make for a more versatile and dynamic game.

Your Clubs

Different balls also suit different clubs and club faces.

You may have to do a little bit of experimenting to find what works best with your favorites. It's difficult to make a one-to-one recommendation as everyone has their particular preferences.

We can point you in the right direction, but you'll have to experiment a little before you find the sweet spot.

Dimple Pattern

The dimple pattern of your ball is going to help it fight drag and provide some extra lift and carry distance.

It defines the aerodynamics of the ball. You should consider the depth of the dimples, how many there are in total, and how sharp the edges are.

We're not asking you to grab a ruler and a calculator, but it's definitely worth studying the various dimple patterns and noticing how your shots are affected.

Of course, you'll have to hit with the same club to maintain the experiment.

Core Compression

Core compression is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to distance. It refers to how tightly wound the core threads are set in your golf ball.

A softer core will mean it doesn’t take quite as much force to fully compress and achieve the maximum distance. This makes a softer core ball preferable for someone with a slow swing speed.


In very general terms, the more layers a golf ball has, the more spin is generated, and the fewer it has, the farther it will travel. While that is mostly correct, there are plenty of cutting edge ball designs out there that combine different structural techniques to achieve the best of both worlds.

For example, you could combine a quad-layer infrastructure with a low compression core, or a medium compression core with three layers and an aerodynamically primed dimple pattern.

So, if you do settle on a tri or quad-layer ball, it doesn’t technically mean it’s going to be bad for distance. In fact, for those with a faster swing, it might be preferable.


Another important thing to consider is the trajectory of a ball. It’s quite commonplace for distance golf balls to follow a high trajectory, and while this does help to gain as much carry distance as possible, there can be fallbacks.

A high trajectory makes the golf ball more vulnerable to the wind and provides a pretty short bouncing stop upon landing.

As you’ve seen from our list, low trajectory distance balls are out there. They have loads of drive and fantastic aerodynamics that minimize drag and grant your shot a gradual descent.

It’s best to think about how you like to play the game, and look for a golf ball that suits your style.


Coatings both protect the ball, affect its behavior on different surfaces and in the air, and affect how your club face interacts with the surface of the ball.

A commonly used one for distance is urethane as it’s soft but incredibly tough

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the longest golf ball for seniors?

A low compression ball with a soft core and lots of lift will be beneficial to senior players.

Something like the Callaway Super Soft would be perfect. They’ll give you maximum carry distance with a slower swing speed.

Do soft balls go straighter?

Softer balls do typically hold a truer line than hard.

This is mostly because they spin slower than their rigid brethren. Diminished side spin means less radial arc potential.

Does course altitude affect distance?

Yes, it absolutely does. The closer you are to sea level, the shorter the distance.

The Club de Golf Chapultepec in Mexico has an altitude of about 7800 feet above sea level. Players famously hit a couple clubs less on this course.

You can expect a 10% increase in distance with every 5000 feet. It’s good to learn both the altitude of your local course and any you travel to so you can adjust your game accordingly.

Blast Off

There you have it, folks.

Five of the very longest golf balls on the market that’ll give your game that extra zhoosh you’ve been searching for. 

Grab yourself the ones that you feel suit you best, hit the links, and blow some minds.


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