Best Non-Conforming Drivers: 7 Choices To Hit Straight

Have you dreamt of hitting that golf ball past 300 yards? Achieving this is challenging with the regular drivers. You will need a non-conforming driver, which will give the desired force for the long shot.

The driver is the longest in a set of golf clubs. Choosing the right driver will impact your overall performance in the game. The loft is the most critical part of the design of any driver. It will decide your playing technique, just like your footwear decides how you walk.

non conforming driver

However, drivers have to conform to the United States Golf Association (USGA) limits. The limits make sure that the player does not get an unfair advantage over other players. General rules include:

• Clubheads cannot have holes in them.

• Clubheads cannot be more than the 460cc limit.

• No excessive protrusions.

• Heel-toe length must be more than face-back length.

• Clubface to not have spring action; it should be smooth.

• Modifying clubs in any way during play is forbidden.

All golfers must make sure that their drivers conform to the above rules. Only then will a player be able to participate in tournaments. Making modifications to a legal driver will result in disqualification.

But while players cannot use a non-conforming driver in tournaments, they can still use such golf clubs for fun games. For the best experience, players should ensure the non-conforming driver they buy meets their requirements. There should not be any compromise on the quality and the durability of the clubs.

Non-conforming drivers offer a spring action at the contact portion, thereby increasing the bounce. It also helps to hit the ball in a straight line.

Take note, however, that non-conforming drivers tend to be more expensive than regular legal drivers. Innovation and improvisation go into making non-conforming drivers.

Below are some of the hand-picked non-conforming drivers for golf enthusiasts.


Illegal Long Non-Conforming World's #1 Largest Sooolong 650cc Big Custom Golf Driver +30 Yards

The Sooolong 650cc driver is over nearly 200cc bigger than a golf driver's legal limit of 460cc.

Its size gives the Sooolong 650cc driver an additional performance advantage.

This driver allows players to customize the shaft type, the shaft length, the loft, and the grip size.

The driver also allows considerable room to enable golfers to hit the ball.

Using the Sooolong 650cc driver with an Accuflex Shaft gives extra momentum and distance.

Such a driver suits those looking to gain long distance in the game.

Moreover, this non-conforming driver is affordable and will leave you room to invest in additional golf clubs.


Huge 650cc head that is also functional

Oversized sweet spot

Accuflex Shaft for that extra distance



Too bulky for some

Head is difficult to adjust to


Pinemeadow PGX 500cc – Best Illegal Golf Driver

Pinemeadow PGX 500cc Illegal/Non-Conforming Driver (Men's, Right Hand, Graphite, Regular)

The Matte black illegal driver has a head size that is 500cc over the USGA limit.

This non-conforming driver has a futuristic look.

Having a large contact area, the matte black illegal driver gives a better connection with the ball than the regular ones.

This non-conforming driver also makes aligning to the desired position is also easy.

The Matte black illegal driver is 10.5 degrees and 46 inches long. It comes with a graphite shaft.


Good quality and lightweight

Looks good and sounds good

Large contact area

Easy to align

Value for money


Some users may find the flex a bit too much for hard-swinging

The ‘X’ on the head may be too big

Some users may prefer other drivers with a sturdier build


Intech Golf Illegal Non-Conforming Extra Long Distance Oversized Behemoth 520cc Driver

This 520cc non-conforming driver is ideal for regular or senior users. It offers a large sweet spot, so you do not miss the distance.

Golfers also have to make sure that the shaft is easy to swing.

The Intec Golf features a lightweight graphite Behemoth shaft for an effortless swing. The large clubhead is a great confidence booster.

This non-conforming driver comes with a headcover for added protection while stowed away.

The model is available in 10.5-degree and 12-degree loft angles. It also has a wide range of flex options fit for different users.


Straight shooter

Value for money

Lightweight shaft


Does not sound meaty

Thin metal may get dented

Some users have faced issues with the build’s quality


#1 Illegal World's Longest Custom Driver Non-Conforming Banned 515cc Golf Club (Right)

This non-conforming driver, which is at 515cc, has a performance that is up there with the best. This driver will help you gain that extra distance in your shots.

Compared to other non-conforming drivers available, this model is not as bulky.

So if you plan to switch to using legal drivers in the future, the transition from this non-conforming driver will be much smoother than with other illegal drivers.

This 515cc illegal driver features a Forged SP 700 Beta Titanium Face, which gives you that springy trampoline-like effect. Users gain 25-30 extra yards with this non-conforming driver.

A decent value for money, this non-conforming driver comes with many options for customization.

That users can modify it to suit their needs is what makes this non-conforming driver an attractive buy.


Large, but not bulky

Priced on the affordable side

Spring face adds a great distance


Right-hand driver only

Face is hot

Quality levels may be questionable


Power Play Juggernaut Titanium Draw Non-Conforming Driver - Senior Flex

The Power Play Juggernaut Driver is available for both right-handed and left-handed users.

The Juggernaut manufactured driver features a Senior Graphite Flex shaft. This non-conforming driver offers a loft angle of 11.5 degrees and a 515cc clubhead, which gives it that extra boost.

The explosive Beta Titanium face blasts the ball further with its spring effect or coefficient of restitution (COR). The driver, however, is available for right-handed users only.


Senior graphite flex shaft

Large contact area on the clubhead


No major cons reported by users


Big Tall Juggernaut Driver Extra Long XL XXL Golf Club 515cc Drivers All Black USGA Illegal Oversized Insanely Massive Huge 2015 Biggest Long Distance Driver (Right, 2

As the name suggests, the Big Tall Juggernaut Driver features a large clubhead.

Although not the biggest, the 515cc clubhead is massive enough and has a long-distance potential. The shaft is also extra long.

The driver's head weighs 200 grams. This weight helps transfer maximum force to the ball. It has a 10.5-degree loft and a 1-degree closed face.

The Big Tall has an explosive beta titanium face, which generates extra distance with the COR. This driver is for people who want more fun than anything else.


Huge head

Great forgiveness

The low weight makes it easy to handle


Some users have reported build quality issues


Senior Men's Money Club High Launch 520cc 12.5° Golf Driver. Right Handed Premium Ultra Forgiving Senior Lite Flex Graphite Shaft with Tour Velvet Grip

The Money Club Driver features a premium-quality Lightweight Graphite Senior Lite Flex shaft.

This 520cc non-conforming driver comes with a premium headcover for added protection when stored away.

It has a 12.5 degrees loft for a higher lift. The soft velvet grip gives it a premium feel.

This driver is for the golfer who wants to play the ball better and further away. The big contact area has great forgiveness for those off-centered shots.


Great for beginners

A gain of 25-30 yards over regular drivers

Higher flight


Value for money


There are better-sounding drivers available

Why Are They Illegal?

Non-conforming drivers do not comply with the regulations set for those meant for use in tournaments. Players can only use illegal drivers during weekend games, practice, and leisure activities.

Having thinner faces than the regular, standard ones, non-conforming drivers produce a higher ball bounce — an unfair advantage; hence, they are illegal.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Non-Conforming Driver

Skill level

Players should consider their skill level when making a buying decision. In most cases, the golfer’s skill matters more than the technology used in manufacturing the drivers.

Another factor to take into account is the equipment cost. Overstretching your budget does not make much sense if you are a beginner. Spending should suit the game. Best to spend the extra money on training to achieve better results.

Beginners need hand-holding and support until they master the basics of the game. At this stage, they should spend money on beginner golf equipment.

Getting the position and swing action correct should be prioritized. Once beginners have learned the basics, they can improvise on their techniques and invest in better equipment.

Most buyers of non-conforming drivers will have worked on getting the basics right. They can now start shopping for better equipment to improve their game. Once they reach advanced or professional levels, they can invest in high-end equipment.

Head and Loft

The head --which comes in contact with the ball, is the bulbous end of the driver. Most of the non-conforming drivers tend to have over 500cc heads. 

The big head size gives a large contact area for the ball. A large contact area helps to connect with the golf ball better than a regular contact one. Large contact heads are also forgiving, taking care of small imperfections and misaligned swings.

The loft — the slight tilt or angle between the staff and the head — should be as per the desired speed. Higher speed needs a lower lift, hence, a smaller loft angle.

Length and Weight

The length of the shaft should suit the user. A tall player will need a long shaft. Using a shaft that is too long or short can result in a ball going into undesired directions.

The shaft should be light enough for the player to swing fast. Light shafts are easier than heavy ones to swing. The flex in the shaft should match the skill level of the player.

Heavy drivers may transfer a lot of force onto the ball but tend to be a challenge to control. Heavy drivers also tend to produce slower swings than light ones.


Although non-conforming drivers are used only during fun games or practice, their quality should remain a priority.

If you are a beginner, choose a driver that will last you for the entire duration of your training and practice. Your initial purchase decision will help you save money for that upgrade later on when you have got your basics in place.

Some companies make good products, while others make them even better. Choose the right product based on your skill levels and the budget.


Some drivers have an offset hosel. The offset enables straighter and longer shots, thereby improving accuracy.


The durability of your purchase is vital. You do not want your driver to crack after you have played your first few practice shots. The longevity of the product should justify the investment, be it for a beginner or an expert.

Pros and Cons of Non-Conforming Drivers


· Large heads give much longer drives

· The spring effect of the clubhead faces gives the ball a higher bounce

· Easy to hit straight shots


· If you plan to play professional tournaments, investing in the regular drivers is wise

· Cost can be higher than the regular drivers, as non-conforming ones have lower sales volume products

· Most well-known manufacturers cater to legal products


We have reviewed seven non-conforming drivers. The Sooolong 650cc driver appears to be the star of this product review. It not only packs a great punch but also comes with an attractive price.

However, if you feel it is too bulky for you, the Pinemeadow PGX 500cc, Intech Golf, and the Power Play Juggernaut Titanium Draw make for an equally attractive purchase. Whichever driver you choose, you will be making the right purchase decision.

If you were waiting for a rewarding golfing experience, the time has arrived. Grab a driver now!


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