Best Women’s Golf Clubs: Top Picks and Reviews

Looking for the best women’s golf clubs today? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve put in the painstaking hours online assessing women’s golf clubs reviews and comparisons to find what we feel are the best choices out there right now. 

We’ve tried to find a varied selection of options for both beginners and seasoned pros alike. Before diving into our specific recommendations, we’ll also discuss some of the most important things to look out for when picking up a new club. 

There’s tons of choice out there and prices can vary from $100 all the way up to way past $1000. For this reason, it’s worth getting to grips with what distinguishes the best women’s golf club sets from the rest.

Read on to find the best choice for you!

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Men’s Clubs VS the Best Ladies’ Golf Clubs — What’s the Difference?

Before we jump into what distinguishes the top women’s golf clubs from the rest, it’s worth briefly exploring the difference between a male and female club.

While the distinction may seem like an arbitrary marketing tactic, there are plenty of practical reasons to use a woman’s club.

Broadly speaking, the main difference between men’s clubs and women’s clubs is size. Everything from the grip, to the shaft, to the overall club length is designed to be easier to hold and maneuver for those with smaller hands and a shorter frame. 

These relatively small tweaks can make a big difference on the course — your swings are much more likely to go the distance if you’re using a club that fits your size. 

Keep in mind that if you’re taller than about 5’9”, you might not need the increased flexibility and smaller size of a woman’s club. Measure your own height and make a decision that works for you.   

Women’s Golf Clubs Reviews — Our Favorite Sets

In our opinion, the sets listed below contain some of the best women’s golf clubs for beginners in 2021. We’ve looked at price, feature sets and overall performance to separate the golfing wheat from the golfing chaff! You’ll also find some recommendations that will suit more experienced players. 

Read on to learn more.


Callaway Women's Strata Plus Complete Golf Set (14-Piece, Right Hand, Teal)

Callaway Women’s Strata Plus Complete


Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Iron Set (Set of 7 Clubs: 5 Iron - PW, AW, Right Hand, Graphite, Regular)

Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate 16-Piece Set


Cobra Golf 2019 XL Speed Complete Set (Women's, Black-Pink, Right Hand, Graphite, Ladies Flex)

Cobra Golf Women’s XL Speed Set 


Callaway Women’s Strata Plus Complete

Callaway Women's Strata Plus Complete Golf Set (14-Piece, Right Hand, Teal)

Distance: 8.8

Durability: 8.3

Comfort: 8.5

This 14-piece set is built with forgiveness and distance in mind. Even inexperienced players should be able to get the launch they need.

The forgiveness rating on these clubs means that even mishits will still perform reasonably well. 

The woods driver with these clubs uses a 460cc head with a significantly larger sweet spot than you might be used to.

The result is a club that’s remarkably easy to connect with the ball. You’ll be making satisfying contact far more often. 

Like most of the best women’s beginner golf clubs, you’ll benefit from a flexible, lightweight graphite shaft that can dramatically improve performance on the course.

If you’ve only ever used bulkier men’s clubs before, you’ll find these much easier to use. 

We particularly love the alignment design of the mallet putter in this set.

As mentioned earlier in this review, your putters should be your main concern when picking new clubs — they’re typically the most used clubs in the game! 

What We Love:
  • Built with forgiveness and launch in mind 
  • Graphite shafts for ease of use 
  • Great for beginners 
  • The mallet putter is great
The Drawbacks: 
  • The hand grips lost points in durability 


Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate 16-Piece Set

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Iron Set (Set of 7 Clubs: 5 Iron - PW, AW, Right Hand, Graphite, Regular)

Distance: 9.3

Durability: 8.6

Comfort: 8.8

If you’re looking to take your game performance to the next level, this is probably the set for you. It comes with everything you’ll need to squeeze every last drop out of your swings and putts.

A 16-piece set may be overkill for some, but it’s a great way to guarantee you’ll have what you need long-term. 

Included with your set is a putter, irons/wedges, a fairway wood, hybrids and a driver. This covers the full spectrum of features and performance levels you’ll need when playing.

Having the versatility to choose between a hybrid or a driver can mean the difference between victory and defeat. 

We’re big fans of the stand bag that comes with this option. It has tons of room for all your gear and seems very sturdy when set in its upright position.

For convenient access to everything you’ll need, it’s hard to go wrong with this one. 

Callaway has put a lot of attention into the performance of these clubs. Expect to achieve significantly bigger distances with far less strain when swinging.

The materials, design and overall engineering for this set are very impressive in our opinion. 

What We Love:
  • Has pretty much everything you’ll need 
  • Sturdy, sizeable stand bag 
  • Broad range of club types 
  • Excellent distance
The Drawbacks:
  • It would be nice if it came with iron covers included 


Cobra Golf Women’s XL Speed Set(Best Women’s Golf Club Set For Beginners)

Cobra Golf 2019 XL Speed Complete Set (Women's, Black-Pink, Right Hand, Graphite, Ladies Flex)

Distance: 8.9

Durability: 8.3

Comfort: 8.2

A fantastic option for intermediate players, the XL line from Cobra comes with a powerful set of golfing tools designed to boost your performance through every step of the game.

The lightweight, easy-to-hit clubs deliver an impressive level of performance considering the price point. 

They’re fast, relatively forgiving and should last you several years down the line. They’re suitable for all but the most experienced players in our opinion.

You’ll get access to a driver, fairways, hybrid and a powerful set of irons. 

While we would have loved a touch more versatility, this set should be more than enough for most requirements.

As with most of the best women’s golf clubs for beginners/ intermediate players, this set uses a lightweight graphite shaft design to maintain an easy, forgiving swing. 

The premium cart bag that comes with this option from Cobra caught our eye. It’s very large and comes with 7 zippered compartments that make it refreshingly easy to carry your clubs with you.

If you’re the organizational type, give this set a try. 

What We Love:
  • Great for beginners and intermediate players 
  • Strong range of club types 
  • Graphite shafts for an easy swing 
  • Super cart bag with 7 zippered compartments 
The Drawbacks:
  • Not ideal for pro players 


Wilson Women’s Golf Set SGI

WILSON Golf Profile SGI Women's Complete Golf Set — Regular - Cart, Right Hand

Distance: 8.3

Durability: 9.4

Comfort: 9.3

If you’re a smaller player, we recommend looking at this set in more detail. These clubs are built from the ground up to be comfortable for smaller players.

With the exception of the putter, every single club in this set uses a lightweight graphite shaft. 

This comes with two primary benefits. Firstly, the shaft will have a little more “give” and flexibility when you swing. Secondly, they’ll be much easier to hold and maneuverer than bulky men’s clubs.

When it comes to putting, the significantly smaller swing distances mean that a graphite construction is usually unnecessary. 

In fact, the added weight can even benefit your putts in the late game. We felt that the light, high-lofted driver on this set deserved a specific shout out.

It has a particularly large sweet spot which results in a much higher forgiveness rating than the bulk of the competition. 

The premium cart bag that comes with these clubs continues the theme of comfort and convenience. It has a double-padded shoulder strap, rugged handle top and three extra pockets for your additional gear.

One thing to mention, though, is that it’s not quite as spacious as other options. 

What We Love:
  • Very comfortable clubs 
  • The high-loft driver is very forgiving 
  • Graphite on every club but the putter 
  • Decent value
The Drawbacks:
  • The cart bag could be a little bigger 


Wilson Golf Women’s Ultra Package Set

WILSON Ultra Package Set (Womens, Right Hand)

Distance: 9.6

Durability: 8.9

Comfort: 8.5

If you know you like the feel of Wilson clubs, this is one of the best women’s golf club sets they produce. It comes with the full spectrum of clubs you’ll need to sink your shots again and again.

This set comes complete with graphite and steel clubs, as well as head covers and a cart bag for good measure. 

You’ll have access to a driver, fairway, #4 hybrid, irons and a putter. Keep in mind that while many of these clubs use a graphite shaft, some use a heavier steel construction.

No one knows your skill and strength level better than you. Check out the details via the listing we linked and make a decision that works for you. 

We’d recommend this set to more experienced, high handicap players. In the right pair of hands, these clubs deliver a phenomenal level of performance.

Expect impressive lift, satisfying tolerances and a degree of forgiveness that makes it trivial to change up the angle of your swing.

While it may seem like a small thing, we’re big fans of the color choice for these clubs. Most women’s clubs choose a flamboyant pink or purple color scheme.

While some consumers will love a brighter palette for their clubs, it’s great to see options out there that don’t immediately pander to the stereotype! 

What We Love:
  • Good option for more experienced players 
  • Fantastic distance and overall performance 
  • Nice, no-nonsense color scheme 
  • Head covers included 
The Drawbacks:
  • The durability seems good but not exceptional

How to Spot the Top Women’s Golf Clubs

While we believe the options listed above represent a fantastic balance of both value and performance, we understand that there are far too many models out there for any review of ladies’ golf clubs to be comprehensive. 

That’s why we’ve written this section to help you identify the best women’s golf clubs for yourself. The more you understand about the clubs you consider, the easier it will be to make the right decision. 


This isn’t about resolving an argument! The forgiveness of a club determines how much “wiggle room” you have when striking the ball. A club with high forgiveness will still perform relatively well, even if you swing a slight mishit. 

This can be useful for both beginners and high handicappers alike. Beginners won’t have to worry as much about hitting the ball perfectly every time, and more experienced players can afford to vary the angle of their swings for different situations. 

Offset VS Standard Clubs

In our opinion, some of the best ladies’ golf clubs use an offset face. They can give you a significant edge if you use them properly. An offset club face is engineered to “stick out” before the shaft of a club. 

The result is an extra grace period where you’ll be able to readjust your position mid-swing. That extra moment or two can give you the time you need to achieve perfect contact with the ball. It can also reduce issues like slice with a little practice.

The Best Ladies’ Golf Clubs use Graphite Shafts 

Most of the top women’s golf clubs use a graphite shaft. Graphite is significantly lighter and more flexible than the alternatives while remaining durable enough to last for years to come. While this option can increase the amount you pay, it’s worth it in our opinion. 

Do You Need a Specific Brand?

The answer to this question depends on your skill level and how often you play. If you’re a casual player who picks up their clubs from time to time, you don’t need to worry too much about finding a favorite brand. 

If your golfing is a little more serious, however, then it can pay to find a brand that fits your playing style. Each manufacturer uses their own unique tolerances, designs and approaches to performance, so finding an option that clicks with you can be worthwhile. 

Callaway, Wilson and Cobra are usually safe bets in our opinion.

Number of Clubs in a Set

A full set of golf clubs contains 14 individual clubs. If you’re just starting out, a set with 8-10 can do just fine. Plenty of smaller sets still contain some of the best women’s beginner golf clubs — you just have to know what to look out for. 

Narrowing Down Your Search — Casual or Pro?

When you review ladies’ golf clubs before buying, it’s worth comparing their feature sets to your individual requirements. There’s no point splashing out on a set of pro-grade, premium clubs if you barely play once a year.

If you’re a beginner, check out our specific advice below:

Fairway Woods and Hybrids

As a general rule, both fairway woods and hybrid clubs can be a great option for beginners. Hybrid clubs in particular can make it significantly easier to play if you’re just starting out. They’re designed to combine the performance of an iron with the ease of use that comes with a wood.

Look for these club types when buying. 

Irons and Wedges

Make sure that any irons or wedges you consider come with the forgiveness you’ll need when first learning how to play. Picking up an iron designed for pros can be a big mistake if you’re inexperienced.


Putters are the most important club in the game. They’re usually the most used club per game and should therefore dominate the bulk of your attention when buying. The best women’s golf club sets will contain putters that deliver the level of performance you’ll need when playing.

Golf Bags and Accessories — What’s Junk and What’s Useful?

As with most aspects of a good golfing set, your specific requirements will determine how useful certain accessories are to you. For example, will you need a cart bag or a stand bag when playing? 

Cart bags typically come with more space but omit a handy stand mechanism. Stand bags can, you guessed it, stand up on their own thanks to a built-in set of legs. You’ll probably benefit from each bag differently depending on how much you rely on a golf buggy when playing. 

Price — What to Expect

Prices can really vary for golfing sets. For beginners, a very rough estimate for what to expect is somewhere between $250 and $600. Pro-grade sets that are optimized for next-level performance can easily run you closer to $1000. Consider your budget, skill level and frequency of play when buying.


We hope this page has helped you start narrowing down your search. While we believe the options we’ve recommended above represent fantastic value for money, it never hurts to do your own research. Use the general tips we outline above to find a set that works for you. 

In general, it’s a good idea to start with an affordable set of beginner’s clubs and see how you fare. There’s no point splashing out on pro-grade clubs until you know you’re ready to take advantage of their feature sets. 

Whichever clubs you choose, we hope they serve you well!

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