Callaway Supersoft vs Chrome Soft: 2 High Compression Golf Balls

Callaway is a brand that is well known for creating high quality golf equipment, and the brand’s golf balls are fantastic for anyone looking for a great feel and high performance.

The Callaway Supersoft and the Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls are both great options in their golf ball range, but which one is better?

Though the brand name associated with the balls is the same, the balls themselves couldn’t be more different. As such, they are suited to different kinds of golfers. 

If you’re stuck with which golf ball to get out of these two fantastic offerings, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our comparison of the Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls vs the Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls.


Callaway Chrome Soft

Callaway Golf Chrome Soft Golf Balls, (One Dozen), Prior Generation

Quick Overview

  • Urethane cover
  • Speed inducing mantle
  • Good spin and control on the green
  • Comes in a range of colors, white, yellow and a unique Truvis soccer pattern
  • Ideal for more experienced players that want high performance across the board
  • 4 piece construction
  • Dial core design with Graphene
  • Tour performance
  • Good distance and speed
  • Expensive

    Callaway Supersoft

    Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls, Prior Generation, (One Dozen)

    Quick Overview

  • Low compression core – 38
  • Surlyn cover
  • Aerodynamic HEX design
  • Ideal for slower swing speed
  • Straight trajectory
  • Low spin speed
  • Range of color options
  • High accuracy
  • 2 layer construction
  • Performance Summary

    Chrome Soft

    As far as performance is concerned, the Chrome Soft golf ball is certainly an impressive beast. Incredibly aerodynamic, you can expect impressive ball height and less drag. It’s pretty fast too! 

    Performance in the Long Game

    One of the main show stopping aspects about this ball is its performance in the long game. You will get incredible distance gain, especially if you have a higher swing speed as the energy transfer is increased.

    It’s somewhat similar to tour level balls in a lot of respects, with great ball height achieved and less spin. It even works pretty well when you’re playing with long irons. 

    What you may not expect is the level of forgiveness that this golf ball can offer. Even on mishits you can be sure that you will still get a pretty solid performance. It’s also pretty decent in windy conditions.

    Short Game Performance

    This is probably the main difference between the Chrome Soft and the Supersoft golf balls.

    It feels soft when you are putting but the roll to the hole is pretty good, allowing for more control. It feels great when you’re using it with wedges or short irons. 

    Callaway Supersoft

    Callaway really wasn’t messing around with the title of this ball. This is by far one of the softest golf balls on the market, and as a result it has high performance for slow swing speed players. You can expect a high launch with a low spin. It’s pretty decent when you’re playing off the tee. 

    The ball provides a decent amount of distance, which is pretty important if you have a slower swing speed and you’re struggling to get distance naturally. If you are a high handicapper then you are sure to appreciate playing the game with this particular golf ball.

    Comparison – Callaway Supersoft vs Chrome Soft


    These two golf balls are pretty different when it comes to how they are constructed.

    For starters, the Callaway Chrome Soft consists of 4 layers. This makes it the ideal choice for a player that has more experience. It’s great for someone that really wants to hone in on shaping their game, and it’s even better for people that want extra grip on the green.

    The ball features a urethane cover that helps to produce high spin when you take a shot. This urethane cover can be prone to scuffing a bit more but it’s certainly more durable than a lot of other urethane balls on the market. The balls also create delicious backspin.

    The Callaway Supersoft, on the other hand, consists of two layers – an inner core and an outer cover. This inner core is made out of surlyn, but Callaway has instead decided to name it Trionomer. 

    The cover is pretty firm, and doesn’t produce quite as much spin as the Chrome Soft’s Urethane cover. This is ideal if you are a beginner that is looking for less spin getting started.

    Now, as a general rule, surlyn is known to be the more durable of the two materials, but this is not the case with these two golf balls. In fact, the cover of the Supersoft is a lot less durable than the Chrome Soft. 

    The Supersoft features a core that has low compression – a 38 rating, to be exact. This is designed to help to reduce the spin you get on your shots. You will also get pretty high ball flight too, so the ball performs well on the greens and in the air.

    If you are looking for a little more distance then the Supersoft really is a dream come true. It’s certainly a worthy addition to your golf bag if you have a slower swing speed, under around 90 mph. The feel is soft too, which is nice.


    As we’ve already mentioned, these golf balls are both great if you want to get some impeccable distance.

    The Chrome Soft’s mid compression core and the Supersoft’s ultra low compression core means that you get the best possible performance as far as distance is concerned.

    Naturally, the Chrome Soft has a lot more technology behind it with its 4 piece construction, and this means that it beats the Supersoft golf ball in the distance department. 


    The Chrome Soft golf ball feels pretty incredible when you are taking your shot – this comes as no surprise when you consider the urethane cover.

    Of course, the feel is pretty awesome for the Supersoft golf ball too, but the Chrome soft just has that little bit of extra oomph that justifies its higher price tag.

    As a whole, the chrome Soft has a feel like you would expect to find on a Tour ball. It feels pretty soft on the greens, and it reacts well when you’re using your putter.


    Perhaps what surprised us the most about these golf balls is the difference in terms of durability.

    You would expect that the Supersoft would be more durable as surlyn is generally known to be the more durable material, but this is not the case. The Chrome Soft’s Trionomer cover system is incredibly durable and advanced, so you can be sure that it will last a long time.

    The Supersoft is by no means bad in terms of durability, but the Chrome Soft is certainly the clear winner.

    Swing Speed Aspects

    So, what swing speed is the Callaway Chrome Soft and the Callaway Supersoft designed for? Well, the Chrome soft is certainly better suited to players that boast average swing speeds that are above 70 MPH.

    It’s ideal if they want to have a performance that matches that of a premium golf ball, but for a slightly more affordable cost. On the other hand, the Callaway Supersoft is much better for players that are struggling with a slightly slower swing speed. 

    With that being said, the Callaway Supersoft golf ball is pretty decent if you have a higher swing speed too, so if you do want a slightly more affordable ball then you don’t have to pay for premium.

    In that case though it should be noted that you will likely get much better results if you opt for a higher compression ball instead, as this will be better suited to your swing speed.

    Performance with Driving

    These balls are both fantastic when it comes to getting the best possible distance, but they achieve it in slightly different ways.

    The core of the ball gives just a little bit of extra distance because the spin rate is lower. On the other hand, the Callaway Supersoft will give a lot of extra distance too as a result of the low compression.

    If you are using either of these golf balls for driving then you will be pleased to know that the results you will get will be pretty impressive. Naturally, the Chrome Soft does deliver slightly better results when driving due to the low spinning core.

    Irons Performance

    If you’re looking for fantastic performance with your iron, then the Callaway Supersoft is certainly a great choice for you.

    In addition to this, the Callaway Chrome Soft also boasts a great deal of forgiveness, and you can be sure that whenever you take a shot that it will be consistently straight as a result of the core design.

    If you want extra control, you’re certainly better off choosing the Chrome Soft if you’re playing with irons, especially if you have a lower handicap.

    If you are prone to losing your golf balls though you may be better off with the Supersoft golf balls as they are affordable and there are a lot more color options available, ideal for visibility purposes.

    Putting Performance

    Not everyone is going to feel the same way when it comes to a golf ball for putting.

    Some people are going to want a softer feel than others, some will want more firmness. Both of these golf balls provide an enjoyable soft feel when you are putting, but if you want more firmness then the Supersoft is the better option for you.


    Right off the bat, it’s easy to notice which is the more affordable option out of the two of these.

    The Callaway Crome Soft does cost quite a bit more than the Callaway Supersoft does. If you are a beginner or you are on more of a budget then the Supersoft may be a good choice for you.

    If you have a little bit more money to play with and you’re more advanced though, you will be better off with the Chrome Soft.


    Color Options

    Color and design may not always be considered a big thing to worry about when it comes to buying golf balls, but for some it’s a pretty important aspect to consider.

    If you’re struggling with your eyesight for instance or you tend to lose your gold balls a lot, then having vibrantly colored golf balls can be beneficial. 

    Both of these golf balls come in a range of different colors. The Callaway chrome Soft comes in white, yellow and an exciting Truvis soccer ball pattern. If you are struggling to see your golf balls then the yellow may be a good choice for you.

    On the other hand, the Callaway Supersoft comes in even more colors than this. It comes in some classic colors such as white and yellow, but it also comes in more noticeable, striking colors such as red, orange, pink and green. There are plenty of options here to suit your needs.

    What Option is Better?

    The answer to this question largely depends on the person that’s answering. These are both fantastic golf balls but they bring their own unique characteristics to the table. 

    As a whole, the Chrome Soft is ideal for players that have a little bit more experience out on the golf course. The construction is so in depth, so it feels even better if you have a high swing speed and you really know what you’re doing.

    Alternatively, the Supersoft is ideal for its own reasons to. The 2 piece design is simple yet effective, and it’s perfect for a player that has a slow swing speed or they have a high handicap and want to improve their game.

    The feel is enjoyable and the ball provides a lot of much needed forgiveness for beginners. You are sure to get great results using this ball, and it’s ideal if you are looking for a way to improve your performance.

    The ball provides a high level of control which is certainly welcomed by a lot of newbie golfers. It’s also pretty incredible in the short game too, so if you are looking to improve that aspect of your gameplay it may be worth your while making this incredibly affordable investment.

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