Can Hybrid Golf Clubs Be Bent?

The potential launch, ergonomics, and ‘best-of-both-worlds’ approach of hybrid clubs make them some of the most popular golfing products available in 2022. When it comes time to adjust your kit, can hybrid golf clubs be bent? 

While the answer to this question may seem straightforward at first glance, there are a few things you’ll need to consider before you start making adjustments with reckless abandon. On this page, we’ll be discussing how easy it is to bend your hybrid clubs.

We’ll cover why bending might be a good idea, how to go about it, and some of the things you’ll need to consider.

TLDR – Bending Hybrid Golf Clubs 

So, what’s the bottom line here? In short, it’s usually possible to bend your hybrid clubs by a degree or two. This is especially true if you’re just looking to return an older club to its original shape.

Keep in mind, though, that a few obstacles exist that could get in the way here. These include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • The specific make and model of your club
  • The thickness of your club’s shaft 
  • How much you’re looking to alter your club 

We explore all of these in more detail further down this page. 

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Why do People Bend Golf Clubs?

From quick fix-ups to creature comforts, there are myriad reasons for bending your hybrid club by a degree or two. In this section, we discuss the basics. 

Better Flight Path

Every club on the market is designed with a specific loft and resulting flight path in mind. Depending on your playstyle and experience as a golfer, the distance you achieve with a certain club may leave something to be desired. 

Sometimes, all it takes is a little tweak and your flight path can improve significantly. One thing to mention here is that you’ll likely only notice a difference if you’re an experienced golfer who knows what they’re looking for. 

Bending your club likely won’t achieve much if you’re brand-new to the sport. 

Boosts Accuracy

The point we made above about flight paths also applies to accuracy. Some players notice with new or upgraded clubs that they struggle to strike the ball “just right” with each swing. Altering the shaft so that it sits at an angle they’re more familiar with can help them get back on track.

A Custom Approach

With this in mind, a big reason that many people adjust their clubs is to get a more ‘custom’ feel to their equipment. Experienced players can become creatures of habit. The shaft style and head angle they’re used to may become the only thing they want to play with. 

In most cases, adjustments like this are relatively straightforward to accomplish. 

Returns Clubs to ‘Like New’

After enough time, even the sturdiest of golf clubs will start to show its age. If your golf shaft bends even a little out of shape, the performance of your swings will inevitably change. If this sounds like you, we have good news for you. 

It’s relatively easy to bend your clubs in most cases. Read on to learn more. 

Can Hybrid Golf Clubs Be Bent? Watch Out for This

If you’ve decided to have your hybrid club bent, you might want to keep the following in mind: 

Your Make and Model

Your mileage can vary considerably depending on the specific make and model of your golf club. Most Ping clubs, for example, are pretty easy to adjust through the company’s free repairs program. 

Other brands and specific models may be more difficult to bend, however. If in doubt, call your brand’s customer service line for advice. 

Click here to learn more about bending your ping clubs.

The Materials and Design 

If the shaft of your hybrid club is made of stainless steel and is thick enough to take a little adjustment work, it should be relatively easy to have it bent. Just watch out for clubs with shafts thinner than 1 ¼ inches. 

These may be too fragile to be altered reliably. The paintwork and other outer layers can be damaged if you’re not careful. 

What You’re Hoping to Achieve 

Just looking to tweak your club by a degree or two? You should have no trouble at all adjusting your hybrid club. Looking for a major transformation? You may encounter disappointment, especially if your hybrid club features a thinner shaft. 

Bending Hybrid Clubs – How To

Let’s get into it! This section outlines the various ways to bend your hybrid clubs in 2022. We’ve tried to cover a fair bit of ground here so be sure to check it out. 

Use Your Manufacturer’s Repair Service 

In some cases, you may be able to send your clubs directly to their manufacturer for alterations. Brands like Cobra and Ping offer repair services that may be free under warranty or even for the lifetime of your product! 

Keep in mind that this approach to club alteration won’t work for ‘bespoke’ tweaks. It will just return it to a ‘like-new’ condition.   

Use an Alteration Machine 

Loft/lift altering machines like these are designed to tweak the shape of existing golf clubs. If you’re serious about bending your hybrid club – and know that you’ll be changing a lot of them – you might like to consider picking one up. 

We acknowledge, however, that this option will be prohibitively expensive for most people. 

Golf Stores and Equipment Suppliers 

If you want the convenience of a loft altering machine but aren’t crazy enough to buy one for yourself, many good golf stores and equipment suppliers have one in-store. You should be able to book an appointment for an alteration and tell the service provider what you’re looking for. 

Our advice here is to proceed with caution. The only way to guarantee that your club is altered correctly is to have the work done by the manufacturer in question. 

Can Hybrid Clubs be Bent? Final Thoughts 

We hope you’ve found the information on this page helpful. The TLDR here is that most hybrid clubs can be bent fairly easily, but you should double-check with your specific brand’s customer service line if you’re unsure.

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