Can Ping Golf Clubs be Bent? Our 2022 Guide

Whether you’re looking to return your trusty Ping golf club to its former glory or hoping to fine-tune your performance on the green, you’ve likely encountered this question on your search – can Ping golf clubs be bent? 

On this page, we’ll dive into this question and make a few suggestions for how best to approach your own set of clubs. Read on to regain your edge when playing.

TLDR – Bending Ping Golf Clubs 

The headline here – frustratingly enough – is that it totally depends on the type of Ping golf club you’re using. In general, however, it’s possible to bend your clubs by a degree or two, especially if you’re trying to return them to their former shape after a few years of use.

Our suggestion is to contact Ping directly if you’re unsure. You’ll be asked to give details about the specific model of club you’re hoping to fix and they’ll be able to provide the most accurate guidance possible.

PING G410 Plus Driver (Right, ALTA CB Red Graphite, Regular, 10.5)

Why do People Bend Golf Clubs?

The question is, why do people even want to bend their Ping golf clubs in the first place? In this section, we’ll explore some of the main reasons for adjusting the loft/ lift of your cubs. 

Better Accuracy

Depending on the nature of your swing and your experience level as a golfer, adjusting your golf club can help you boost your accuracy considerably. Keep in mind, however, that this is unlikely to be helpful if you’re a complete novice. 

Wait until you’ve got a few years under your belt before you start bending all your clubs! 

Improved Flight Path

For some players, the right club adjustment can help them achieve the flight path they’re looking for. Sometimes just a small tweak to a club’s angle can have a dramatic impact. Again, this often comes down to the specific playstyle and preferences of a given player. 

A More Custom Solution

While we’re on the topic of preferences, many experienced golfers are simply creatures of habit. A certain angle, loft, or lift starts to feel ‘just right’ to them over time. Once they pick up a new club, something just ‘feels off.’

Sometimes a quick adjustment is all they need to feel at home with their new equipment. 

Wear Over Time 

Perhaps the most common reason for trying to bend a Ping golf club is that it’s become worn overtime. Tougher games and harder swings can gradually warp the shape of a club. If this sounds like your situation, the good news is that you have a few options available. 

In many cases, Ping can repair your club for no extra charge

Can Ping Golf Clubs be Bent? Factors to Consider 

We touched on this earlier in this article but it bears repeating – there are a few factors to consider before you’ll know whether your specific Ping club can be bent. In this section, we explore the basics. 

Your Specific Model of Ping Golf Club 

Plenty of users online report some hesitance from Ping when trying to bend their clubs. This appears to be especially true of the earlier Eye 2 models and other clubs that have more fragile or complex designs. 

As stated above, it’s best to contact Ping directly if you’re unsure. Don’t worry if they refuse to fix your product; there are a few other options that may work for you. 

The Material and Purpose of Your Ping Golf Club 

The materials used to make your club, as well as its intended purpose, will determine your ability to bend it effectively. If your product is made from a material that is more brittle than it is pliant, for example, you may encounter issues when trying to make adjustments. 

The toll of the sun shouldn’t be overlooked here either. Over time, materials that were once flexible can become far more rigid and stubborn. Ask a professional if you’re having doubts. 

Your Goals With Club Bending 

Looking to slightly tweak your golf club’s loft? Your prospects will likely look different to someone who hopes to completely transform the way their product behaves. It pays to be realistic in this regard. Keep in mind that sometimes, it’s better to pick up something new instead of forcing older equipment to meet needs it’s not suited to. 

How to Bend Ping Golf Clubs – Your Options 

In this section, we’ll explore some of the options available to you when trying to bend your Ping golf club. While going straight to the manufacturer is our advice in most cases, we acknowledge that this route can sometimes lead to a dead end.

With this in mind, let’s talk about what’s possible:

Go Directly to Ping 

As a Ping golf club customer, there’s a good chance you have a right to a free repair. On the page that we’ve linked to, you’ll fill out a repair request form with a few details about your club. Ping customer service will then get back to you with a registered repair number. 

You’ll write this number on the box you use to send your club(s). Once they’ve received your delivery, Ping will carefully bend your club(s) back to their former glory. Remember the following about this option: 

  • It’s geared more towards repairs than custom alterations 
  • Some older Ping club models may be rejected 

Loft/ Lie Altering Machines 

Loft/ lie altering machines like these can be picked up online or bought from some specialist golfing stores. Keep in mind that these will be prohibitively expensive for some people and might only be worth your while if you plan on bending a ton of clubs. 

It goes without saying that this approach will only work if you have the experience necessary to alter your clubs properly. 

Your Local Golf Store/ Equipment Supplier 

If Ping has turned down your repair request, you may have better luck at a local golfing store or equipment supplier. A trained service provider should have the knowledge required to alter your clubs effectively. 

Remember that there are no guarantees here. An inexperienced supplier may do more harm here than good. 

Can Ping Golf Clubs be Bent? Conclusion  

We hope the information above helped answer your question. Whether you’re a complete novice or seasoned pro, we hope your clubs serve you well for many years to come! 

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