Can You Put Vinyl On Golf Balls?

Can you put vinyl on golf balls? On this page, we’ll find out. Adding some extra decoration to your golf balls can be a great way to spice things up on the golf course. The good news is that it’s surprisingly easy to do so. There are just a few things you should keep in mind before pulling the trigger. 

On this page, we’ll be exploring golf ball vinyl decals. We’ll cover what they are, how to get them for your own gear, and whether it’s a good idea to use them in the first place. None of this stuff is rocket science, but it can pay to get clued up to avoid disappointment down the line! 

Can You Put Vinyl On Golf Balls? The Bottom Line 

Yet, you can absolutely put vinyl on golf balls. In fact, there are a variety of options for customizing your balls if you so choose. In most cases, you’ll be getting a sticker and applying it to your golf balls with the heat from an iron.

While it’s pretty straightforward to apply vinyl to your golf balls, it’s worth keeping in mind that it’s not always the best idea. If you’re competing in professional games, a customized ball will likely count as ‘non-conforming.’ This means it doesn’t meet the USGA’s or R&A’s standards for professional play. 

Vinyl on golf balls

Will Vinyl on a Golf Ball Affect Performance? 

Not by a huge amount, but yes. It also depends on how much vinyl you’ve applied to your golf ball and how evenly the sticker has been distributed across its surface.


If launching your golf ball a significant distance, you may notice that its spin has changed after applying new vinyl to its surface. You may be able to adjust your technique to account for these changes but it will depend on how significant the shift has been. 

Flight Path

Some people report having trouble achieving the same distances as before after applying vinyl to their golf balls. It’s worth mentioning, however, that this may be a subjective experience rather than anything that’s actually happening. 

If you want to guarantee that your performance won’t be affected, it’s best to avoid adding vinyl at all. 

Practice Can Help 

While you may (or may not) notice a change after applying vinyl to your golf balls, it’s usually possible to get used to the differences. After one or two extra swings, things can often feel ‘back to normal.’ This does depend on how drastically you’ve decorated the ball though. 

Are Vinyl Custom Golf Balls Legal? 

If you’re talking about the USGA’s or R&A’s rules, usually no. There’s a list of conforming golf balls available online that is updated weekly. This is where you can get the most up-to-date information about the kind of balls you’ll be able to use at a professional competition. 

In most cases, a vinyl decal won’t be allowed. 

How to Customize Your Golf Balls With Vinyl 

There are quite a few ways to customize your golf balls using vinyl decals. In this section, we explore your main options in 2022.

The Iron-On Method 

Iron-on vinyl stickers are one of the most common customization methods available for golf balls. The sticker is applied to the surface of your ball in the usual way and then heated carefully with an iron.

This heat and pressure help the adhesive to better bind with your golf ball’s outer surface.

Purchase From Stores Like Etsy 

Stores like Etsy can be a great place to pick up vinyl decals like the ones we describe above. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of pre-made designs or submit your own custom image that can be made into a sticker! 

You’ll be using the iron-on method described above. 

A Customization Store 

Depending on where you live, you may be able to take your golf balls to a local store and have them customized in person with vinyl. The services and specific designs available will depend on your location. 

Buy the Golf Ball Directly 

Some websites and brick-and-mortar locations sell golf balls with pre-installed vinyl. These usually display messages like ‘world’s best dad’ and the like. Watch out for them when shopping and pick yourself up to something special. 

Cricut Owners 

If you own a Cricut cutting/ making machine, you could even make some custom decals yourself. Just upload your design to Cricut’s software and you’re away. The materials you use and the design you choose are up to you. Feel free to get creative! 


There are tons of ways to decorate your golf balls with vinyl, it just might make them non-conforming which means it’s best to use something else if you’re playing professionally. 

Happy golfing! 

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