Can You Use Clorox Wipes on Golf Clubs?

It’s frustrating how quickly that tacky, brand-new feeling can leave our clubs. Over time, oils, dirt, and other contaminants can remove their day-one sheen. When it comes time to clean your clubs, you’ve probably asked this question – can you use Clorox wipes on golf clubs?

As a cleaning product, Clorox wipes are super popular, and for good reason. They’re a convenient way to disinfect and tidy tons of surfaces around the home, but are they any good for golf clubs?

Clorox Wipes on Golf Clubs

So, Can You Use Clorox Wipes on Golf Clubs?

In short, don’t use clorox wipes on your golf clubs. This is especially true of the standard variety that contains bleach. While it’s a powerful disinfectant, bleach can wreak havoc on the colors, grips, and other materials used for your club. 

More importantly, Should You Use Clorox Wipes?

Let’s imagine for the sake of argument that Clorox wipes were good to use on golf clubs (they’re not). If this were the case, would it even be worth using them? In our opinion, it would still be a waste of time. 

Using warm water and perhaps some mild soap is all you need in the vast majority of cases. You don’t need any special products to return your club to its former glory. All it takes is a little patience and the right know-how.

How to Clean Golf Clubs – Our Tips 

Wondering how to clean your golf clubs safely and effectively without the need of harmful products like Clorox wipes? In this section, we’ll run you through a few basics to help bring you up to speed.

Magic Erasers 

The ‘depth’ of your cleaning will depend on how dirty (or neglected!) your clubs are. If you’re just dealing with a few scuffs or build-ups of dirt, a Magic Eraser can work wonders here. Just be sure to be gentle when using it on the more delicate parts of your club. 

For deeper cleans, you’ll probably need to take things a bit further. 

Warmish Water

Note the use of the suffix ‘ish’ here. You don’t need to go crazy with the heat. In fact, get things too hot and you could even damage your clubs! A moderate heat should do a great job of lifting/ loosening the dirt that has adhered to your clubs.

Wire Brushes 

Golf club brushes can be a great way to remove debris from the smaller nooks and crannies of your club’s handle and head. Make sure to pick up a product that’s specifically designed for golf clubs. 

You’ll want to be using a finer grade of steel wool/ brush than you may be used to.  

Mild Soaps 

Soap isn’t always necessary when cleaning golf clubs, but it can help to shift more stubborn dirt and stains. A mild detergent usually works best. Avoid harsh chemicals and definitely steer clear of things like bleach when cleaning.

General Steps to Clean Golf Clubs 

If in doubt, follow these general tips when cleaning your clubs. None of this is rocket science, but sometimes it helps to see things spelled out! 

1 – Remove Dry Debris

If there’s dried dirt or debris on your club, remove as much of it as possible before using any water. Water will rehydrate the dirt and could cause it to seep further into the softer materials on your club. 

Use your golf club brush or some fine grain steel wool to do this. 

2 – Wipe Down

Using a damp towel or cloth, gently wipe down the dirty surfaces of your club. Take care not to rub anything hard like sand or small stones into these surfaces as this abrasive action could leave scratches or small chips.

3 – Run Over Once More 

Once everything looks clean, run over your club once more with a dry towel or cloth to remove as much moisture as possible. 

4 – Allow to Dry Completely 

Before storing your club, make sure that it’s dried completely. Leave it out for an hour or two if necessary. Moisture can lead to issues like rust and this is definitely something you’ll want to avoid if you care about the durability and performance of your equipment. 

Store your clubs in a cool room with low humidity if possible.

Can You Use Clorox Wipes To Clean a Golf Club? Conclusion

Even if the bleach in Clorox wipes didn’t damage golf clubs (it does), they wouldn’t be necessary when cleaning them anyway. A damp towel is often all you need to get your clubs looking great again. 

Otherwise, warm water and mild soaps should be more than enough to return your clubs to their former glory.

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