Best Golf Swing Trainer In 2021

If you’re wondering how to find the best golf swing trainer, we recommend reading through our advice on this page first. Even the best golf swing training aids can make some fairly outlandish claims about what they can achieve.  The market for this kind of product is vast. You’ll have oceans of peculiar-looking options to … Read more

Golf Balls For Beginners: 5 Winning Choices

Which golf ball should you buy? Finding the right ball is a task in itself. Simply because there are so many brands offering as many types of golf balls in the market. At the end of your research, you might be overwhelmed, or even saturated, trying to choose the right kind of golf ball that … Read more

Drills To Stop Hitting Behind The Golf Ball

If you’re an amateur golfer, you know that hitting behind the golf ball never generates the desired results and doesn’t make you feel good. This shot type is weak and will leave you short of the target if you hit the ground before the ball. You’ll take a huge divot during such a shot, As … Read more

Cheapest 12 Pack Of Golf Balls Under $10: Budget Golf

Budget Golf Balls

Most golfers pay greater emphasis to the quality of golf clubs, but not golf balls. Those are equally important. There are a wide variety of golf balls, ranging from a one-piece to a five-piece, what kind of spin you want, what type of compression is needed, and so on. That’s why they’re so expensive in … Read more

Lowest Compression Golf Balls: 6 Picks for Long Shots

Golf balls come in three compression types—low, medium, and high. But what are the lowest compression golf balls, and how do they affect your game? As the name suggests, compression refers to the pressure applied to a golf ball’s core threads—the tighter the winding, the higher the compression. Low compression golf balls are suitable for … Read more

TP5 vs TP5X: Best Performing Golf Balls

Taylor Made is one of the leading golf equipment and accessory manufacturers on the U.S. market. Since being founded by golf equipment salesman, Gary Adams, in 1979, Taylor Made has gone on to satisfy and impress golfers all over the world with its incredible range of professional-grade clubs, golf balls, accessories, and apparel.  In this … Read more