Chrome Soft X Review: Top Golfer’s Choice


All golfers know that without our tools, our clubs, our balls, and everything else, we wouldn’t be golfers, we’d just be a bunch of people staring at some holes in the grass. Luckily, getting these tools isn’t difficult by any means. What is difficult, is choosing the perfect tools for you. There is so much … Read more

Best Golf Balls For Low Spin: Improving Your Distance

Golf is booming right now, with many people all across the world, from children to seniors, picking up their favorite wood iron or sand wedge, putting on their golf clubs and hitting the fairway for a few holes of golf. It is a game that requires much dexterity, precision, timing and proper equipment. If you … Read more

Best Golf Ball for High Handicap Golfers: Improve Your Score

Are you a high handicapper and looking for the right ball for your skill level? Any golfer will know the importance of having the right equipment, regardless of your handicap. Choosing the correct golf ball is almost as important as having the right clubs, if not more so. Unfortunately, many high handicappers are encouraged to … Read more