How to Master the Proper Golf Swing Sequence

If you DESIRE to take advantage of your game, you first need to create and master the golf swing sequence. The top golfers in the world follow a certain sequence, while some do it entirely differently than other golfers. Although, there is a specific or universal sequence to get YOU started on your golf journey. … Read more

Golf 101: Where Should a Hybrid Ball be Placed

The position of a golf ball is very important to achieve consistent contact and proper golf ball flight. One of the most common questions that most golfers constantly ask is the ball position for hybrids and how to hit a hybrid. This article will look more into the correct ball position, the proper golf swing, … Read more

A Checklist to Maintain Your Spine Angle In Golf

Source: If you are part of the die-hard golfers club, then you’ve had your fair share on the field, and you’ve also probably heard of spine angle. Our spine is our body’s CENTRAL SUPPORT SYSTEM. It means that our spine functions to allow us to sit, stand, walk, twist, and bend. And in golf, … Read more

How to Hit a 3 Wood: The Best Way for Amateurs!

Do you find using your 3 wood extra harder than most clubs? It’s the LONGEST club you will have in your bag! Its long build makes hitting a 3 wood tough for most golfers. Please DON’T give up on it! It’s normal for the average golfer and amateur players like you to struggle with the 3 … Read more

Improving Weight Transfer: Golf Swing Guides and Drills

We’ll let you in on a secret: the PERFECT golf swing exists! The even better news? YOU can achieve it in no time at all! All you need to practice is your weight transfer. Now let’s make you a STAR GOLFER and talk about it more in this article! Weight Transfer in Golf: An Overview … Read more

Chipping vs. Pitching: Yes, There’s a Difference

A pitch shot and a chip shot look the same from afar. The term even sounds similar! The differences lie in the spin, swing, and club choice to set it straight. We understand the confusion between these two short game shots. Let’s break it down, shall we? Defining Chipping and Pitching First, let’s lay down … Read more

11 Winter Golf Hacks To Up Your Game In The Cold

Cold trickling down in the winter isn’t a very friendly picture for golfers. The wet conditions make it very hard to play. Are you one of those golfers who get scared playing in the brutal winter cold weather? Don’t worry! You are NOT ALONE. Even avid golfers find it difficult. But that’s the FUN in … Read more

Everything There Is to Know About Calcutta Golf

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