How To Putt: Top Tips To Get It Right

Playing golf is an American pastime that has boomed in popularity over the years. With multiple golf courses in nearly every state in the US, there are plenty of opportunities to get into this sport.  Golf is an impressive sport that encompasses skill, precision and patience. It is a hobby that takes practice and expertise … Read more

How to Stop a Slice in Golf: 7 Tips From Pros

Just hearing the word ‘slice’ is enough to send shivers down any golfing enthusiast’s spine!  On the road to becoming a good golf player, one of the most important steps is to hone your technique and, with the correct training tips and strategies, you can go from hitting a hook to regularly making consistent shots.  … Read more

Golf Swing Basics: Swinging Like the Pros

Golf Swing Basics

You’ve heard it all before – golf is a great game to unwind; the most relaxing activity is golf; there’s not much better than being alone out there on the green. You wish you could relate to the golfers in your life that are always trying to get you down the club, but you don’t … Read more