Chrome Soft X Review: Top Golfer’s Choice

All golfers know that without our tools, our clubs, our balls, and everything else, we wouldn’t be golfers, we’d just be a bunch of people staring at some holes in the grass. Luckily, getting these tools isn’t difficult by any means.

What is difficult, is choosing the perfect tools for you. There is so much choice out there that it can feel overwhelming.

Luckily, to help with that, we have found the perfect golf ball that you can just buy outright, right now should you wish. Callaway’s Chrome Soft X golf balls are one of the most popular balls around at the moment and we have decided to give you a detailed review so you can find out why.


Our article is going to tell you all about the features of the Chrome Soft X golf ball, and how these features can benefit you. We will then explain who these balls may be best suited for, seeing as we all have different needs.

We will finish up with an informative pros and cons list, so you have all the information there at a glance. 

Without further ado, keep reading for our review of the Chrome Soft X golf ball…

Features of the Chrome Soft X Golf Ball

Chrome Soft X Golf Ball

Callaway Golf Chrome Soft X Golf Balls, (One Dozen)

What sets the Chrome Soft X golf ball apart from other golf balls are the distinguishing features of the ball, in terms of the materials used and how they all work together. It was made by Calloway to give players a choice between this and their very popular Chrome Soft golf ball.

In general, the two balls are very similar, however, there are some notable and important differences. These differences are what sets them apart not just from other balls on the market, but from the other Calloway ball.

We have detailed the differences here as features, and later in the article, we will explain the benefits of these features. 


For those who have used the general Chrome Soft Balls before, you will likely notice that this is a little more firm in comparison. This is achieved because of the Firm Outer Mantle layer.

It may take some getting used to if you have been used to softer balls before now, however, you can rest assured that the Chrome Soft X is a favorite of many professionals, as well as other recreational players because of this firmness.

Whilst it is not one of the firmest on the market, this excellent little ball strikes a happy medium. The feel is still soft, but you have that added Firm Outer Mantle Layer which will benefit you in many ways. 

Optimized Aerodynamics 

As well as the excellent firmness of the ball, the fact that it has optimized aerodynamics is excellent news for a number of reasons that will be explained in more detail further along in the article.

The way these optimized aerodynamics have been created is through the well thought out layout of the ball itself. The Soft Inner Mantle, Firm Outer Mantle, and the urethane cover work together to get these optimized aerodynamics, which in turn increase speed, distance, and control.

The aerodynamic pattern is very different from the other Calloway ball, the Chrome Soft. in this Chrome Soft X ball, the pattern gives the ball more force as it goes through the air, because of the penetrating ball flight. 

The Layers

The Chrome Soft X is a four-piece ball. Whilst the four layers are not really far different from the Chrome Soft ball, they do need to be mentioned as a feature.

As already mentioned, the ball features a Soft Inner Mantle and a Firm Outer Mantle. Chrome Soft X also has a durable outer layer made from thermoplastic urethane.

The core is also important in this too, as it features a large SoftFast Core. The way these layers work together is what produces the benefits of the ball. 

What Are the Benefits of Chrome Soft X Golf Ball’s Features?

We have explored some of the excellent features of the Core Soft X ball, so now we should explain exactly what these features mean for you, the player.

Keep on reading to find out exactly what the firmness of the ball and the optimized aerodynamics means for you. 

Increased Speed and Distance 

The Chrome Soft Ball X boasts a large SoftFast Core, which is perfect for getting those increased speeds and distances we all want.

The core is significantly larger than other balls by Callaway, including their Chrome Soft Ball (the one without the X), and also larger than other balls on the market by other brands.

This is just one of the features of the ball that increases your speed and distance.

 Another fabulous feature that just has to be mentioned is the mantle work. The Chrome Soft X has had an entirely new mantle system developed for it, with a soft inner mantle and high resistance firm outer mantle.

They both work together to ensure that you get the optimum speed with each shot when the ball makes contact with the club face. In turn, this innovative creation will work to maximize your distance. The optimized aero design also helps it to reach better distances because it reduces drag.

Increased Workability

Having a golf ball that allows for good workability is an important consideration for many players. Chrome Soft X will certainly give you this. The way the golf ball is built allows for this.

The aero design ensures that the ball can travel through the air with ease, with optimal carry distance. There is more spin in the ball as it goes through the air, especially in the all important middle part of the bag, which will in turn increase workability in each shot.

Maximum Greenside Spin and Control

As we mentioned previously, the ball allows for maximum spin. This is achieved by the excellent, high-quality urethane cover. Compared to other balls, this particular urethane cover is a newer design, and so is thinner.

This thinner material is very durable and resilient, and overall will help to create a lower spin on full shots but maximum spin as it travels around the green. It also helps to ensure the ball has more control, so it doesn’t just fly off, but stays on its consistent trajectory. 

Who is it For?

The good news is that the Chrome Soft X gives players a choice. Callaway’s Chrome Soft ball was a very popular choice for professionals and recreational players alike, and now the Chrome Soft X has given that additional choice.

The Chrome Soft X might be best suited for those players who play at higher speeds when taking shots. The ball is very accommodating for these players.

As well as this, players who like to work in more shots will likely enjoy the Chrome Soft X which gives you the ability to do just that. If you have played with the Chrome Soft balls before and have found them to be too, well … soft … then the Chrome Soft X might be just what you need!

Many users say that it is very solid coming off the tee, and unlike some other balls, doesn’t feel so soft it’s almost mush. They also seem to suit those who are low-cappers and are known to be especially good for long-shots. 

Players previously requested a firmer ball from Calloway, and the Chrome Soft X was their answer. If you feel like you would benefit from this, as well as more feedback from your full shots and shots around the green then it sounds like this is the ball for you.

This ball enables you to have more workability with your shots, too. 

What We Thought

To tell you exactly what we thought, we thought that a handy and informative pro and cons list would be the most helpful format.

This enables you to get a short, concise snapshot of exactly what you think, giving you more time to get out on the green with your new favorite golf balls! 


The Chrome Soft X has given us numerous pros and has truly wowed us. We’ve listed some of the stand-out features below! 

Renowned brand  Calloway is a brand that has been popular with touring professionals, recreational players, and beginners for a long time. Their popular Chrome Soft Ball set them in good stead already with this one and they certainly lived up to those standards. Clearly sticking with what you know is a good idea sometimes, at least in this case!

Excellent firmness – The Chrome Soft X gives an excellent firmness level compared to others on the market. We feel that in comparison to the first Chrome Soft, this one has the edge due to being slightly more durable and firmer than its soft counterpart. 

Easy to spot –   We all know how annoying it can be to spend what feels like hours looking for your ball after it has wandered off into the trees. 

The Chrome Soft X comes in two color options, white and bright yellow, both of them making the ball very easy to spot, and ensuring you get more playing time than ball searching time. 

Excellent aerodynamics – The aerodynamics are supreme in this ball, making it one of the best choices around for penetrating ball flight, speed, and distance. This also makes it a great choice for those with a high speed shot. 

High quality materials used – This may seem a little picky, but actually there is a lot to be said for higher quality materials. The urethane outer coating on this particular ball proves that.

It is made from a durable thermoplastic that ensures a longer life for the ball, as well as making it less susceptible to damage, ensuring resilience and allowing for increased ball speed and spin control. A lower quality material wouldn’t produce these sorts of results. 


As with all products, cons must also be considered, although we will admit, the Chrome Soft X has not made the finding of cons easy for us. Nonetheless, we have thought of some things that need to be mentioned. 

Firmness – Yes, you read that right, firmness is on both the pros and cons list. The reason for this is that for some people, this ball might just be that little bit too firm.

If you are used to the softness of the original Chrome Soft and enjoy that softness, this ball might not be the one for you. Do keep in mind that although the two balls are very similar, this firmness is a very important distinction. 

Flys lower- It is worth bearing in mind that even with the optimized aerodynamics, the Chrome Soft X does fly slightly lower than the original and other balls on the market. Therefore this would not be the best choice for those who want their golf balls to have a bit more height with each shot. 

Better for high speed players – The Chrome Soft X golf ball is a great choice for those who play at a higher speed, however, this does alienate a large number of players who play more slowly. For those slower players, the original Chrome Soft would be the better choice of this, the Chrome Soft X. 

Our Final Word

Overall, we were extremely impressed with the Chrome Soft X. It is an excellent alternative to the original Chrome Soft by Calloway, and it is great to see that the brand has answered the pleas of long-time fans and created them a ball that meets their demands.

It seems this ball is perfect for those players who perhaps have a higher-speed when they play, as well as those who want more workability from their shots. The Chrome Soft X has been formulated with durability, distance, and speed in mind.

We certainly think that it succeeds in all of these factors. It is worth bearing in mind that it is a firmer ball in comparison to the original Chrome Soft ball, and so it may not be suitable for those who prefer soft balls.

However, if you are looking for a change or want to increase speed, this ball is certainly going to be a good choice for you! 

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