Club Sets

Purchasing a golf club set can be very beneficial for beginners. If you’re just starting out on your journey with golf, purchasing a golf club set can be the quickest way to gather all of the clubs you need and keep them in one place. Club sets often come with carrying bags as well, so you’ll be saving money. 

While professional golf players like to collect the best clubs for their game individually, this can be expensive and time consuming to people who just want to get out there on the course! Luckily, you don’t have to waste your time and there are plenty of club sets on the market for you to take advantage of. 

Club sets often come with 14 clubs for you to use and get used to. Some come with fewer clubs and others offer more, but 14 is the average number that most golfers get along with well. These are made up of woods, irons, wedges, hybrids, and putters. 


Woods are most commonly used for long-distance shots. The driver is a wood club and is considered the most powerful club for the important tee shots. These clubs are not commonly made from wood nowadays, but they are still referred to as the wood clubs. 

Some club sets only offer you one wood – the driver – but others will come with up to three woods. 3-wood and 5-wood are popular clubs that can be used in different weather conditions for impressive distances. 


The irons will make up most of your club set as they are the most commonly used clubs on the course. You’d struggle a lot to play a game with only one iron, so you need a collection to choose from. Irons are numbered and each club helps you with different hits. 

Commonly in club sets, you’ll find irons numbered 3 to 9. These have different lofts and can hit your ball at different distances. It’s important that you know which irons are best for the distance that you want to achieve. 


Wedges fall under the umbrella term ‘irons’ but they’re not numbered in the same way as above. Wedges are primarily used to gain height on your ball rather than distance. This is very beneficial when you need to clear a bunker or an obstacle. 

You will most likely find a sand wedge and a pitching wedge in your club set, although some only come with one. There are two other wedges that you can benefit from – gap wedge and lob wedge – but these are not typically found in club sets. 


Hybrid clubs are a mixture of wood and iron clubs. They can offer you impressive distances as well as high launches. Hybrids can be placed within club sets to replace certain numbers of irons. Some golfers find it difficult to use some lower numbered irons, so they use hybrids and have much better luck with them. 


Finally, putters are clubs that are used on the green when you’re near the hole. They are designed to deliver the ball to its final destination. Putters are very important as the user needs to be able to feel properly through their putter. If they don’t, they might be on the green for hours trying to perfect the final shot. 

You will often only find one putter in your club set, but that is all you need to finalize your game. Putters have almost zero degrees of loft and therefore are only usable when the hole is in sight. 

As we mentioned earlier, club sets are best used by beginners and intermediate players. This is because these golfers don’t want to spend the additional time and money creating their perfect club set. They want to practice before investing too much money into their hobby. 

Intermediate golf club sets are often considered better than beginner club sets in terms of quality and effectiveness. However, you might also find that the price is higher than beginner club sets. Intermediate sets are great for golfers who don’t want to spend money on individual clubs but still want high-quality clubs. 

Who says golf has to be an expensive hobby? There are plenty of golf club sets out there with a lower price than they’re worth. We love a good deal – who doesn’t? It’s worth shopping around before settling on the first club set that you see. You might just find the best golf clubs for the money

Just remember to see how many clubs your set comes with. There is no point in purchasing a set with nine irons and no woods or putters. You need at least one wood, wedge, and putter to be able to play a complete game of golf. Otherwise, you’ll be using an iron on your tee shots, and that is not going to end well.