Golf Balls For Beginners: 5 Winning Choices

Which golf ball should you buy? Finding the right ball is a task in itself. Simply because there are so many brands offering as many types of golf balls in the market.

At the end of your research, you might be overwhelmed, or even saturated, trying to choose the right kind of golf ball that you must buy. There are so many factors to consider.

Each person has a different requirement. It depends on whether you’re a professional golfer, an experienced golfer, or have only just developed an interest in this classic sport. Every person has a different style and a different handicap. Based on that, one needs to decide which kind of ball one must buy.

Usually, beginners would look for a ball delivering decent performance, but at a price that wouldn’t cost an arm and leg! But then, beginners, just like other golfers, are blessed with different swings, swing speeds, and launch angles. So, a ball that is perfect for one may not be so for the other.

best golf ball for beginners

Do you want to impress your business colleagues? Or is it a date that you would like to take someone on? Golf is a sport that puts one in a stressful situation for sure. More stressful than a business presentation, even. Especially if you’re a beginner.

It is important to know which golf ball to own depending on how good (or not) you are at the sport. Most people concentrate on what type of driver to buy, which is extremely important too.

But, many don’t focus on the ball itself. The golf driver and golf ball both equally determine how successful you’ll be in hitting the hole.

Here’s a look at five of the best golf balls for beginners so you can get on that golf cart and put your fears aside!

5 Best Golf Balls for Beginners


Titleist Pro V1 1 Dozen

Titleist Pro V1


WILSON Staff Duo Soft + Golf Ball

Wilson Staff Duo Soft+


Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)

Srixon Soft Feel


Titleist Pro V1

Titleist Pro V1 1 Dozen

Every golf enthusiast has heard of Titleist at some point as a golfer.

They give you a great distance and provide a great feel around the greens, hence making them a flexible option for beginners as well as experienced golf players.

So, even if you have a high handicap you’re saved.

The Pro V1 offers some excellent distance with a driver. Any player with a great swing speed (say above 95 mph) would notice the difference in their shot length compared to another model.

It is also known to add remarkable short game control, and improves the accuracy of direction. It does not matter whether you are performing a pitch, chip, or bunker shot.

The Titleist Pro V1 responds fabulously to the impact from a clubface, giving a feel that inspires confidence even in a beginner. These balls give you control over when to stop, especially while using irons.

The Pro V1 will have a spin enough to sit still on top of the green after a long shot.

Titleist Pro V1 dominates one category for sure – and that is consistency. Even after years of playing golf, a player might notice that the ball is exactly the same.

Even Titleist’s other balls do not deliver the same score with the same swing and putt, compared to this one.

However, at $59.95 for a dozen they’re quite steep. But, for the results that you get, they’re worth their weight in gold and one of the best golf balls for beginners.


High Quality

Excellent Distance In Shot Length

Short Game Control

Sufficient Spin



Expensive compared to other brands

Titleist Pro V1 and the Pro V1X have both been the pick of the litter when it comes to golf balls.

What makes the Titleist Pro V1 so great (self-proclaimed, by the way!) is the quality the brand provides.


Wilson Staff Duo Soft+

WILSON Staff Duo Soft + Golf Ball

The biggest trend in golf balls wasn’t started by Bridgestone, or Titleist, or even Callaway. It was started by Wilson.

Wilson’s Original DUO were the pioneers in creating a ball that felt incredibly soft, and yet, performed well in all aspects of the game.

There isn’t anything softer than the Wilson DUO Soft + golf ball. Having a compression rate between the range twenty-nine to thirty-five, it feels like a freshly whipped marshmallow.

You might be unsure if you even made contact with the ball. With the driver, it’s incredibly soft and awfully quiet. It maintains the feel on the green and creates a negligible ‘thud’ sound with a milled putter, making it just the ball for cold weather.

Color could probably be a trivial matter compared to the more important factors like swing and speed. But, it’s easier to witness a bright colored ball flying on the green when compared to a white ball.

Also, you can distinguish your golf ball from that of other players. The Optix line has a bright matte finish, making it a fun ball to play with.

Having very low spin off-drivers, long and straight drives won’t balloon. For golfers that slice the ball off the tee, these would help you in hitting straighter as well as longer.

Also, they have a fairly low launching so you can expect a good roll in the fairway. For a beginner, or for someone with a slow swing speed, Wilson DUO Soft + can add a couple of yards to your shot.

They wouldn’t stop as quickly as a urethane cover but would hold the greens nicely off the wedges.

As Wilson claims, their ‘Velociticor technology’ makes the DUO Soft + longer.

Their testing showed “initial velocity of the ball increased by two miles per hour”. The lower the spin the longer the distance. And here, the DUO SOFT + delivers very well.

The Wilson Staff Duo Soft balls flow straight, which is a total pro for some players. But, it makes it just as hard to work with for other players, especially beginners, with a medium to slow swing speed.


Supersoft feel

Color options

Low spin off driver

Great for slower swing speeds

Long Game


Can be hard to work

Many rolls on approaches

At approximately nineteen dollars, the Wilson DUO Soft + golf ball provides a distinctive feel and absolute value. It offers a great bang for the buck, especially for beginners.


Srixon Soft Feel

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)

As the name suggests, these golf balls have a soft feel to them. That too at nearly half the price compared to the Pro V1.

For someone with a high or mid handicap and slow to medium swing speed, these would be a suitable option. It’s a two-piece golf ball, suited for distance and durability.

The thin cover gives the ball a soft feel so you don’t feel like you’ve hit a stone.

The Soft Feel offers the right amount of control and accuracy with each swing. It helps to minimize the effects of a poor swing and poor contact with the ball, thus ‘forgiving’ the golfer for his mistakes.

A higher handicap would require more forgiveness. At roughly half the price of Pro V1, it provides a rather decent accuracy and forgiveness.

The ball flight is great as well. It has a respectable amount of spin. In terms of durability, it isn’t the same as some of the higher-end golf balls, but much better than some of the others.

With a compression of 60, the ball feels perfect at impact. It gives you good distance control.


Better control and forgiveness

Price and durability

Distance and compression

Softer feeling


It isn’t so great for fast swing speeds

It won’t last as long as other high-end brands

Overall, if you’re a beginner, who likes using a soft golf ball, are not concerned with too much spin, and require something very forgiving, then the Srixon Soft Feel balls would be a perfect choice for you.


Callaway Supersoft

Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls (White ),12 pack, Prior Generation

The Supersoft is the lowest compression ball from Callaway – and one of the best in the market too – from beginner to advanced.

The soft feel of the ball can upgrade the game, giving more confidence to a player. Some players prefer a ball that is softer to the touch.

Those who prefer that hard feeling off the face of their clubs, may not enjoy using this ball. Also, this would not be the best choice for players that like to spin the ball back on the green, like most experienced golfers.

The technology in the ball enhances its lift, so it increases the distance with the shot. The ball will fly for miles even with a low swing speed golfer.

The Supersoft is specifically aimed at beginners and average golfers that want a high-quality soft ball to use.

But, when it comes to golf balls for beginners, at around twenty dollars for a dozen, this is a great buy. It’s surprising how much spin and control you get keeping in mind its soft cover.

In terms of its price-to-performance, this ball performs on a high level. The low compression and low drag HEX Aerodynamics give the ball great carry and length.

Be prepared for plenty of scuffing, especially when hitting it on a hard surface since the covers are thin.


Increased Distance Per Shot

Better spin and control

Low compression allows for improved carry and length


Covers are thin, so there’s a high chance of scuffing if hit on a hard surface.

This is one of the best in the market thanks to its range of features. However, the extremely low compression would give the feel of playing with a marshmallow.


Bridgestone E12 Soft

Bridgestone Golf e12 Soft Golf Balls, White

The Bridgestone E12 Soft golf balls deliver the straight distance promised by them. I

t gives you tour quality which is seldom seen in a three-piece surlyn ball.

What makes the E12 Soft a distinct, high-performance golf ball?

The E12 Soft is ideal for those whose swing speeds are 105mph and lower. Its design allows for reduced sidespin, giving you straighter shots.

What more? It increases distance along with a straighter shot and delivers a soft feel on the greens.

Even though a lot of balls overestimate themselves on these points, the E12 Soft undeniably delivers on these promises.

A major reason being the new mantle and core that, together, create more speed.

Having a low compression of fifty, the velocity can be affected majorly. But, having high compression would eventually feel too firm.

And if your swing speed isn’t the best out there, you wouldn’t get any distance from the latter either.


The 3-piece designs give you great distance

Surlyn cover makes it durable and reduces sidespin

Softer feel

Low compression


It isn’t the longest

Not as consistent and precise as their premium models

If you’re looking for a casual game, this would be a decent choice. You wouldn’t feel too bad if you lost a ball on the course.

What to Consider When Buying Golf Balls for Beginners

1. Soft cover

Golf balls for beginners are usually preferred even by expert players thanks to their soft feel. The main reason behind this is that beginners have a slower swing speed when compared to more experienced players. So, they need a golf ball easier to compress.

2. Compression

What is golf ball compression? Golf balls have different compression rates. Imagine a person being punched at an extremely slow speed. Some golf balls have a hard (high compression) and some have a soft covering (low compression).

A lower compression rating is great for a beginner as it is easier for them to compress the ball. Soft balls are also a lot more forgiving and easier to control around the greens. Also, the lower the compression in balls, the higher is the distance achieved.

3. Spin

When you hit a golf ball, you naturally create a backspin. This alters the way the ball moves in the air. The higher the spinning ball, the higher will be the ball flight. This gives a greater carry on the ball. But, it’s also likely to stop sooner. This quality is perfect for approach shots and shots around the green.

On the other hand, low-spinning balls fly with higher velocity and get more roll after landing. They are better at maintaining a straight shot. But, they can be more difficult to control around the green.

For a beginner, the best ball is one that combines the control of a high spinning ball while on the green, along with the consistency of a low spinning ball off the tee.

4. Pricing

Everything related to golf is very expensive. Imagine having spent a great deal of money on a brand new golf set, only to lose the very first ball out into the woods!

We know that every golfer wants the best equipment for their game. But, consistency and accuracy are two of the hardest skills to master for a higher handicapper or a beginner. So, as you’re putting the ball, the least worry on your mind should be where your ball will end up.

If budget is no issue for you, some premium balls offer the most advanced technology. But, while you’re still learning the game, there are plenty of options in the mid-range that deliver the benefits apt for a beginner.

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The Titleist Pro V1, Wilson Staff DUO Soft +, Srixon Soft Feel, Callaway Supersoft, and Bridgestone E12 Soft are just a few fish in the sea. Ultimately, the best choice would be the one that suits the golfer individually.

Nobody likes being called a beginner at something. But, if you want to get more experience, you must practice because it is what makes a man or a woman perfect. And you must focus on your strengths and weaknesses that affect your game.

This is why choosing the right equipment is critical to the experience of golfing. The distance, feel, durability, spin, price, and compression are just a few, though main, factors that a beginner golfer must think about.

Do you swing at a high or slow speed? Do you have trouble directing the ball? Do you require more control around the green? Ask yourself these questions, and the answers will help you find out which is the most suitable option for you.

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