Can You Take Golf Balls In Your Carry On?

Got a golfing trip planned? Trying to squeeze a few rounds into your next business trip or holiday? You’ve likely asked yourself the following question: can you take golf balls in your carry on? Navigating agencies like the TSA and the EU’s regulations can feel like a minefield. 

On this page, we’ll try our best to help you get to the bottom of it all. We’ll cover the things you should expect when flying with golf equipment as well as a few other things that are worth keeping in mind. 

Read on to fly with your gear the right way!

Can You Take Golf Balls In Your Carry On? The Bottom Line 

Can you take golf balls on a plane? The answer, in most cases, is yes. Golf clubs can sometimes be tricky to take on a plane without checking them in first. Golf balls, however, are usually no problem. 

As long as your balls are secured safely in your carry on bag, you should be allowed to travel with them. Just keep in mind that golf balls can sometimes look suspicious when going through security. Their shape and size may pique the interest of staff watching your bags as they go through the scanner. 

This won’t usually lead to your golf balls being confiscated; you just might have to deal with an extra bag check if you’re unlucky. 

If in doubt, your best bet will be to contact your airline directly. Only they will be able to say for certain whether a specific item is allowed on their flights. 

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Taking Golf Balls In Your Carry On – What to Consider 

So, you’re thinking of taking your golf balls in your carry on. More often than not, this shouldn’t be a problem. However, there are a few things that are worth keeping in mind. Read on to learn more.

Bag Security 

The one thing that could make things difficult when taking golf balls onto the plane with you is an insecurely packed bag. It’s important to make sure your golf balls are secured firmly within your bag. 

Keep them within their original sleeve or a tied bag to prevent them from falling out as your bag is moved around. Turbulence and other disturbances could easily cause havoc if your golf balls haven’t been secured effectively. 

The Number of Balls You Take 

Just taking one or two golf balls on the plane with you? You’ll likely encounter far fewer obstacles than someone who’s trying to take 6 sleeves’ worth! We know this sounds far-fetched, but you’d be surprised by the stories we’ve heard over the years!

If possible, use moderation when deciding how many golf balls to bring with you when traveling. You could always top your numbers up once you arrive at your destination. 

Keep Your Golf Gear Covered

Whatever golf equipment you’re traveling with, it’s a good idea to keep it covered and protected throughout. Arriving at the course only to realize that your clubs or golf balls have been damaged is a terrible feeling, trust us. 

Store your golf balls in a secure, soft carrying case and use golf head covers whenever possible. If you’re worried about keeping your checked-in items safe, it might be worth looking into the more premium options offered by your airline. 

Your Airline 

The main thing to keep in mind when wondering whether you can take anything in your carry-on is the airline you’re flying with. Only they can accurately answer questions about which items are and are not permitted. 

If you have the time, shoot them an email or call customer service to ask about your golf equipment. It’s usually absolutely fine to take golf balls onto a plane with you, but it never hurts to double-check! 

You Might Confuse Security Scanners 

Don’t be surprised if you alert TSA staff when sending your carry-on bag through the security scanners. While golf balls are generally permitted by the rules, they can sometimes make TSA staff nervous thanks to their ambiguous shape and size. 

You might have to go through an additional bag check when going through security. If you’re prepared for this, you shouldn’t have to deal with many other issues when flying. 

Renting Once You Get There 

This might not be what you want to hear, but renting your golfing equipment once you land can be way more convenient than flying with it. The course you arrive at will almost certainly offer reasonable rates on things like clubs and balls. 

Call them up ahead of time to avoid disappointment. 

Golf Balls are Quite Cheap 

Even if the course you’re flying to doesn’t offer rental options, a sleeve of new golf balls can usually be picked up for between $4 and $12. While this isn’t exactly free, it ain’t expensive either.

Sometimes the most convenient option is well worth a few extra bucks. Keep this in mind when flying and factor it into your plans. 

Can You Take a Single Golf Club on a Plane? 

Usually, no. A single golf club can be used as a weapon and is therefore usually not allowed on most flights. This kind of item usually has to be checked in or secured by airline staff in advance. 

Call your airline up if you’re unsure. 

The Takeaway 

There’s only so much detail an online article can give you. While it’s usually possible to fly with golf balls without checking them in, we strongly advise calling your airline to double-check. 

This way, you’ll be able to avoid disappointment and fly with some much needed peace of mind. 

Final Thoughts 

We hope this article has helped to clear up any confusion. Most of the time, you shouldn’t encounter many issues when taking your golf balls in your carry on. Just make sure they’re secured safely and don’t be surprised if you get an extra bag check during security. 

Our advice is to call your airline and double-check to avoid disappointment. Whatever equipment you fly with, we hope it serves you well on the course! 

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