How Long Should Golf Clubs Be For My Height: Perfect Match

When it comes to golf, the equipment that you use is generally just as important as your own raw talent. This means that if you have clubs that aren’t right for you, you may struggle to lower your handicap.

One of the key things to think about when it comes to buying golf clubs is how long the golf clubs should be. We are all different heights and sizes, and that is going to influence the length of the golf club you are going to use.

how long should golf clubs be for my height

There’s no use in buying a golf club that is excessively tall if you are very short. So, how do you know what length golf clubs you get?

Today, we’re here to answer the question: how long should golf clubs be for my height?

Things to Consider

Does Length Really Matter?

Length isn’t always important in life - sometimes there are things more important. When it comes to golf though, length really does matter. If you have clubs that are too short then the performance will be a little more accurate, but then you are also compromising distance.

If you get clubs that are too long for you then you aren’t going to have as much accuracy on your swings. We need not tell you why this is a big problem! 

How Do I Know If My Clubs Are Too Long? 

So, how are you supposed to know if your clubs are too long? There are a number of ways to tell. To start with, if your club is too long then you are going to find yourself forcing your body to be pretty much completely straight when you are taking a shot.

This is not the ideal posture for when you are trying to take a shot.

If your club is too long, then you will also find it difficult to move the lower half of your body when you are using the correct swinging mechanics. You will also find that when you are taking a shot that the ball is going to move too far to the left and much too high than what you need.

In addition to this, your shaft will feel rather weak when you are taking shots. Finally, you will also find that you are hitting the golf ball right on the toe of the club. 

These are all pretty good indicators that you need a shorter golf club.

How Do I Know If My Clubs Are Too Short?

There are a few ways to determine whether your golf club is too short for your requirements. First of all, the path of your swing goes from in to out. You will find that when you are trying to take your shot that you are needing to excessively bend at the waist area.

You will also have too much bend in your knees for what you need, and your tempo is just too fast. 

In addition to this, you will also find that when you are taking shots that the ball moves too much for the right, which isn’t ideal when you’re trying to take a straight shot. The ball will generally also hit on the club’s heel.

If this sounds about right for your clubs, then it may be time to get a slightly longer golf club.

How to Figure Out the Ideal Club Length

You will find that the vast majority of players start off by figuring out their height and wrist to floor measurement when it comes to buying the correct golf club length.

The club manufacturer will usually provide this measurement for you to determine what length you need too, as not all manufacturers make clubs that are the same length.

You can figure out your height and wrist to floor length by using a straight object such as a tape measurer or a ruler. First, work out your basic height.

From there, you will then need to measure the amount of distance that exists from where your wrist bends right to the ground while you are standing straight. It is important that you make sure your arms are hanging by your sides in a loose manner. It can often help to have a partner with you. 

Once you have done this, grab the club that you are planning on using and then measure the length when it is lying on the ground.

You will need to put the club on the sole center, and the ruler should be next to it in a similar position. It should be next to the heel and touching the ground. You should measure up to the grip cap edge. Measurements will be slightly different for a putter.

There are other things that are going to determine the length of your golf club, however, so what may work for one person may not work for you. For instance, your gender - this is part of the reason why ladies’ clubs exist.

Your age can also change things, for instance older golfers will need a certain length that is able to match with their posture. If you are a younger player then a short and medium club length will likely be sufficient.

Should I Get a Custom Fit?

A custom fit can be great, but you need to remember some things. If you are ordering a club that is custom to you, the club shaft is going to be made in such a way that the flex is going to match the club length.

If, however, you intend to just alter the clubs that you currently have, you are going to find that your clubs feel and flex differently than they originally did.

In addition to this, your club’s weight is going to increase the more length that you have. The flex will also be affected if you have a longer shaft, and this may mean that the flex is softer.

If you have a shorter shaft then it is going to feel stiffer, so you are probably going to need to change your power and swing to work with a stiffer club.

Iron Length

There are already some recommended measurements for irons that are worth adhering to. 

  • 6 foot 6 and above - add two extra inches onto the standard club length
  • 6 foot 5 inches - add 1.5 inches onto the standard club length
  • 6 foot 3 inches to 6 foot 5 inches - add 1 inch to the standard club length
  • 6 foot to 6 foot 3 inches - add 0.5 inches to the standard club length
  • 5 foot 10 inches to 6 foot - add 0.5 inches to standard club length
  • 5 foot 9 inches to 5 foot  - A standard club length will suffice.

These are just general guidelines of course, so you will likely have more accuracy if you use height and wrist to floor measurements instead. 

You will also need to think about your action. For instance, if you often dip through impact, then you will probably be better suited to a club that is a little bit shorter. It’s going to depend on what is comfortable for you based on your play style, in addition to the aspects of height. 

Driver Length

Drivers generally have the longest shafts and the heads are large. The length of the shaft that you choose though is going to impact the clubhead speed that you are able to make, and it can influence the level of control you can maintain.

Ultimately, the longer the shaft length the faster the clubhead speed. Before you go and buy the longest driver shaft possible though, there’s something you need to know.

As the length of the shaft increases, a lot of golfers can have a difficult time making their delivery consistent with the club, and this means that it can be more challenging to make contact with the ball. In this case,

if your accuracy isn’t as good, is it even worthwhile opting for a longer shaft? Sure, it’ll be faster but it’s pretty useless if you don’t have the accuracy that you need.

Thus, you need to make a decision - would you rather accuracy or distance in the long game? If you have a hard time with accuracy then you should try to get a shorter shaft as this will aid you far better than a longer shaft will.

In general, the average driver length is around 44.5 inches for tour use. In retail stores, the average driver length is roughly 45.5 inches. 

Before you buy the club you should try out a couple of different alternatives so you can check what will be best for you. You may find that your fitter will be able to remove some length off the driver if you are in need of extra control.

Putter Length

When you are buying a putter, you need to make sure that you have a length that will allow you to be able to get your eyes right over the ball when taking shots. Essentially, if you are tall you are going to need a longer putter, while the opposite is true for shorter players.

This is just a rule of thumb though - your posture can also influence what you need in a putter. It should be noted though that if you’re already pretty happy with your putting stroke then you don’t really need to worry about the length of your putter.

In general, most golfers have putters that measure between 32 to 35 inches. 

If you aren’t sure what fit will be best for you with a putter then you should try to have a proper fitting with somebody who knows what they are doing. Again, length can have a big impact on this particular golf club.

If your putter is too long then you are more likely to be inclined to stand much further away from the ball. This means that your aim may end up to the left of your target, as your eyes are inside rather than over the ball.

This can end up unnecessarily increasing your handicap simply because the ball hasn’t gone where you needed it to go. 

If your putter is too long it can also influence your posture. You may end up cramming your elbows in too close to your body, which means that your strike can be massively altered.

Your putter should be moving like a pendulum when you are putting, so having the incorrect posture can be problematic in this regard.

On the other hand, if your putter is too short you will be more likely to stand closer and your eyes will be moving past the ball instead of over it. This means that the path of the ball will be influences and your shaft will be positioned more upright.

You may even end up aiming to your right on accident. This is not ideal, especially when you’re taking those final few shots and every strike counts.

Standard Club Sizes

So there are also some standard club sizes out there - it can often help to go off these to figure out what you need.

Drivers - a Standard length driver is usually around 45 inches long. They can range depending on what you get though, for instance a Taylor Made Driver may measure 45-46 inches for men and 44-45 inches for women.

Three Wood - Three woods usually measure around 42 inches

Putter - A standard length putter is usually around 34 inches, but the length is somewhat different in how it is measured to irons. If you are looking for a center shafted model, it’s measured along the shaft to wear it enters the head. 


As we’ve covered above, getting the right fitting for your golf clubs is essential in making sure that you get the best results from your golf game. Hopefully the above guide has helped you to find out what the correct golf length should be for your height.

If you are still confused or you aren’t entirely sure, you can also enlist the help of a professional to help you to get the best possible fitting for your height and posture. 


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