How to Measure Putter Length: A Step-By-Step Guide

Will you be fine to always settle for an average performance every time you’re out in the field putting?

All because your putter is either too short or too long, and you are NEVER comfortable when you strike?

You can’t take your golf game to the next level without having your putter fitted ESPECIALLY and PERFECTLY for you.

So don’t settle! We’re here to help you bring out the best of your putting performance.

Whether you are in the market for new putters that will work for you or resizing an old one, we’re here to guide you on how to measure putter length for the perfect fit for you.

Quick Overview

For this guide, you will not need a professional to help.

And if you are still having second thoughts about getting a custom fit putter, we’re also going to enumerate the reasons why it’s critical for your game.

Towards the end of this article, we will also be answering some of the questions you may have about putter fitting and customization.

Let’s get started!

Why Does the Length of Putter Matter So Much?

If you don’t know the proper length for your putter, you will have a hard time striking, and your performance in the game will be affected by these 3 factors:

1. Speed and Distance Control

As you may already know, a putter that is not in the right length for you will not give you a good feel.

Knowing the correct length of the putter you use will ensure that you hit the ball at a correct distance at EVERY SHOT you make, thanks to your improved speed control and better feel on every hit.

2. Consistency of Your Shots

You will get more comfortable with your shots if your putter is fitted to custom lengths.

You will also be able to easily replicate your strokes, which will help in building your consistency and putting style.

3. Set Up

Obviously, if you are not fitted for your putter properly, you would not even have a good set up in the first place.

What Tools Will I Need?

  1. A 48-inch aluminum straight edge ruler is the only measuring device you need. A yardstick will not be long enough for your putter length, and a tape measure is not solid enough to stand on its own.
  2. A flat and level surface to work on.

How to Measure Putter Length

We wrote down two versions for you.

  • The first one is if you want to determine first the exact length you want your NEW putter to be
  • The second one is if you ALREADY have a putter and simply want to measure its length.

Version 1: Measuring the Length of Your NEW Putter

Let us walk you through how to measure the length of your new great putter the CORRECT way:

Step 1: Set Up Your Golf Ball

Position your eyes over the line of the ball or extremely close to the ball on the ground that you are going to hit.

The ball should be as close to under your eyes as possible. If your eyes fall inside the ball, that’s perfect. But even if they fall outside the ball a bit, that is totally fine too.

Ultimately, you want your eyes to fall over or VERY CLOSE to the ball.

Now that you have that distance set up, let us go to the next step:

Step 2: Get In the Correct Stance for Putting

The key here is to do it without any putter in your hand because if your putter length is wrong, we do not want it to negatively influence your stance.

Step 3: Get Your Distance From the Ball

Holding your ruler, adapt your playing stance to the ball and stand as if ready to putt.

Step 4: Get Comfortable and Hold Your Palms Together

Let your arms hang naturally, and take your ruler and hold it between your hands. Then put your palms on each side of your ruler.

Step 5: Measure

Now in a straight line from the ground, measure up to the middle of your palm and note that measurement down.

Congratulations! That number is now your personal putter length.

Version 2: Measuring the Length of Your USED Putter

If you already have a putter, but you’re unsure if it qualifies as correct equipment for you, this version on how to measure the length will be more appropriate.

Before we start, do note that, unlike drivers, putter shafts are sometimes found in the center of the head, into the heel, or even in the middle of the center and the heel.

Let’s start!

Step 1: Positioning

On a flat surface, position your club with the center of the sole flat on the ground first. Make sure that the club is not resting at the toe or the heel. Doing this will not give you the correct putter length.

Step 2: Sliding

Position your putter flat on the ground and slide your straight edge ruler back by the heel, while making sure it is also touching the flat surface.

Step 3: Measuring

Make sure that the measuring stick is in the correct position, lined up with the putter shaft.

Then you measure up the back length right to the grip cap. That number is your golf putter length.

And you’re done!

How Do I Know if I Measured My Putter Length Correctly?

Here is how you check if the final measurement of your putter lengths is correct:

  1. Hold your new putter and get into your putting stance. Bend your waist forward and check if your eyes are exactly over the ball.
  2. Make sure that you are not extremely bent at the waist!
  3. Bend slightly your arms and let your elbows lightly touch your ribcage.
  4. Let your putter touch the golf ball.
  5. As you get into position, ask yourself these questions:
  • Are my putter shaft and forearms are aligned?
  • Are my shoulders, arms, and hips aligned to the target line?
  • Am I NOT holding the putter at the top of the grip?

If your answers are all YES, then congratulations!

You’ve got the right putter length.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions? We got you!

What Are the Consequences of Using a Long Putter?

First of all, your sight will drift away from the ball.

Now, because you have wrong angles from your vision, your target will look further than it actually is.

With a longer putter, your putter head will also stretch from your stance.

So what do you do?

Get shorter putters! Or shorten the ones you already have.

What Is the Standard Putter Length of a Stock Putter?

The average putter length found in golf stores ranges from 32 to 52 inches.

In a golf store, the most common stock putter length you will find is a 34 to 35-inch putter. Even women’s putters will be available at either a 33-inch putter to a 34-inch putter.

However, this putter length is usually too long for the average woman. Most women will find that a shorter putter (a 31-inch putter to a 32-inch putter on average) works better for them.

And if you’re wondering, the average length putter for PGA tour professionals is a 34-inch putter.

Should My Putter Length Be Based on My Height?

Not completely.

Let us say you have a friend of the exact same height as you. Now that friend also happens to have their very own custom putters.

Should the length of your putter be the same exact length as their golf clubs?


Why? Because the proper putter length is not solely based on the player’s height.

These factors will all be taken into account…

What Factors Determine the Right Length of My Putter?

These are the things that determine the perfect length of your putter:

#1 Player’s Height

This is the most important factor that first determines the range of the length of a putter, like how tall golfers will need long putters and short golfers will need short putters.

#2 The Length of Your Arms and Legs

Just because you have the same height as someone doesn’t mean your arms and legs are also of the same length.

The length of your limbs will also affect your playing stance.

#3 Your Stance and Putting Stroke

Every golfer has a different putting stance that they employ to deliver the best putting stroke.

So why does the length of your golf putter length matter again?

Because you want the length of the putter to be the one to adjust to your most comfortable stance and NOT the other way around!

So to get the correct length of the putter you will use, it’s always best to get fitted yourself. This way, you get the perfect putter length and deliver the best putting stroke.

After you measure a putter for yourself, these things come next:

#4 Weight of Your Club Heads

When the length of a putter is determined, the clubhead weight is matched to it for the perfect swing.

#5 Putter Type

This is also matched depending on your strike style.

If you tend to make straight putting strokes, a mallet head design putter will work with you best.

If you go for arched strokes, you will want a blade head design putter or a toe-balanced putter.

Can I Trim My Belly Putters and Long Putters?


You can have your belly putter cut, but it will make your swing weight heavier than it already is.

However, this is ideal if you need a shorter putter or you actually incline towards a heavier swing anyway.

You might also want to adjust your head weights since a heavier putter will likely affect your putter stroke.

After optimizing the head weight, test the lie angle too to see if it still works at address.

What About Extending My Short Putter?


Like cutting a long putter, extending a short one is also possible.

All you need are:

  1. A club fitter to add an extension or a new shaft,
  2. A putter extension shaft
  3. Epoxy
  4. A grip to extend it


And that’s all!

You now know everything from how to measure your putter length the right way, how to customize your perfect putter fit, and even how to extend or shorten your existing putters!

We hope you found the right length for you without any hassle, and that you get a shiny new (or old but resized!) perfectly sized putter soon!

Now get your ruler and start measuring! And when you’re done, don’t forget to come back and mention your final putter size in the comments below.

We hope we were able to be of help in improving your game.

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