How to Organize 5-Way Golf Bag: A Complete Step by Step Guide

You should make organizing my bag a LIFETIME HABIT!

Trust us! It will become much LIGHTER and EASIER it is to carry around with its weight distributed properly.

This article will show you how to organize your golf bag LIKE A PRO!

Once you finish reading this article, you will surely have a pet peeve of seeing a DISORGANIZED golf bag in your sight. 

Time to look good while scoring some hole-in-ones and birdies!

What Are the Golf Clubs Used in Golf?

In golf, a rule states that a golfer can have 14 clubs in their bag.

These 14 clubs are a driver, 3-wood and 5-wood, eight irons (3-9 iron and pitching wedge), and a putter.

These golf clubs are what need to be carried by your golf bag!

8 Steps to Organize Your 5-Way Golf Bag

Here are the steps on how to properly organize your golf bag!

Now, you’ll sail through the 18 rounds with ease and smoothness!

Be sure to read each step THOROUGHLY to ensure you get the best golfing experience from start to finish!

Step 1: Clean Your Golf Bag

Titleist Hybrid 5 Golf Bag

Before you organize your clubs, CLEAN YOUR BAG!

Cleaning out your golf bag is THE FIRST STEP in organizing your golf bag properly.

You want to declutter all unnecessary things inside the bag that you may have forgotten to clean out. Flyers, food, even other accessories may be left in the bag.

It is also wise to empty the side pockets of the bag. Things like extra towels and other golf equipment will add weight to the bag for sure.

Most bags, if left unattended, will have trash and junk inside them, and you should clean them IMMEDIATELY.

Step 2: Gather and Manage All Necessary Equipment

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND gathering all the essential equipment that you will be bringing in one place so that the process will go smoothly.

If it makes it easier, you can arrange your golf clubs in DESCENDING ORDER from the longest clubs to the shortest to quickly identify each club from the other.

When dealing with golf bags, such as a cart bag, the essential equipment to bring is your own clubs and gear.

Your bag would be rendered useless without your equipment, so don’t forget about them!

This is convenient if you do not want to carry all your equipment one-by-one into the bag.

Step 3: Decide What and What Not to Bring

This is KEY in distributing the right amount of weight for the bag.

Bringing unnecessary things will add to the bag’s weight, making it heavier and inconvenient.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many golf balls should I bring?
  • How many golf tees should I get?
  • What golf clubs should I bring?

Of course, it’s excellent to over-prepare because it is better to have more than run out. But be aware that having more can cause inconvenience.

NOTE: Consider the Weather When Deciding on What to Bring

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND doing this because you never know if you need to bring rain gear, more essential items, or other bags to compensate for the weather.

Using the bag’s large pocket is a GREAT place to put all this equipment to safety.

Step 4: Place the Putter in First

The putter is what we would like to call the most crucial short club.

With that said, you should put the putter at the top, where the woods and longer clubs are put.

The putter should be easy to access as golf emphasizes its importance to the game. Losing sight of the putter during rounds is detrimental for the player.

The putter must be on top with the “big boys” of golf clubs. It’s distinguishable anyway!

If the golf bag provides a separate putter sleeve, then put the putter there.

Step 5: Arrange the Drivers and Long Irons

The drivers and long irons should be placed at the top for easy access like the putter.

The drivers are at the left, while the long irons are at the right for better organization.

The driver, also known as the LONGEST club, SHOULD ALWAYS be on top because its material can mess with the other irons.

You should then organize the fairway woods from longest to shortest.

Essentially, to easily distinguish the driver and the irons, organize them in descending fashion.

Step 6: Arrange the Middle Irons and Short Irons

Like the driver and woods, organize the rest of the irons from longest to shortest.

The middle clubs are placed at the middle section, while the short irons are placed at the bottom slots.

Another option in arranging them is by placing them from LEFT TO RIGHT.

The mid-range irons go to the right, while the longer irons go to the left. Usually, you’d want to put the wedges and putter in the same place, which is the middle sections of bags.

However, separating the wedges from the putter is ideal because the putter is a vital golf club.

Step 7: Bring Necessary Golf Accessories

VIXYN Golf Accessories Gift Set - Golf Towel, Golf Club Brush with Groove Cleaner, Foldable Divot Repair Tool with Ball Marker, Golf Ball Marker and Golf Tee Holder - Golf Club Cleaning Kit

These golf accessories include tees, golf balls, etc.

If you want to carry these accessories with you for a MORE FULFILLING golfing experience, then bring the necessary amount and place them correctly in the zippered pocket.

Be wary that bringing too many accessories may result in you losing some of them, especially essential ones.

Use the side pockets that golf bags provide to place these there if there is no space anymore.

Step 8: Don’t Forget Your Valuables

Golf Valuables Pouch,Golf Pouch Bag with Drawstrings Golf Tee Bag Pouch Leather Golf Tee Pouch Golf Ball Bag for Men Women

As a normal human being, you need to bring your valuables – your car keys, cellphone, wallet, etc.

It is VITAL to keep your valuables secured and safe. You never know, you may have lost something valuable in your golf bag, and after cleaning it, that’s when you find it.

That’s why it’s essential to CLEAN and be aware of your valuables!

If your golf bag provides a valuables pocket, then, by all means, place all your valuables there. You may buy a valuables pouch if you need more security for your valuables.

What Are the Different Types Of Golf Bag?

As you may already know, there are different types of golf bags out there! Here are the three main golf bags you should check out.

Please take note that these bags differ from how many dividers they have.

Cart Bag (a.k.a. Staff Bag)

Cobra Golf 2020 Ultralight Cart Bag

Cart bags are usually seen when you watch professional Golf like the PGA tour.

The primary purpose of the cart bag is to carry your golf clubs and equipment from your car to your golf cart.

These are generally for people that do not have caddies with them as you only need to place the cart bag in the golf cart.

It does not require you to carry it all around the golf course.

The cart bag is great if you go to a golf driving range as you do not need to move around.

Sunday Golf Bag

Orlimar Pitch ‘n Putt Golf Lightweight Stand Carry Bag

The Sunday Golf Bag is the smallest type of golf bag. It is smaller than both the carry bag and the cart bag.

This is an ultra-lightweight bag that is made explicitly for casual golfers. It is easy to walk around, and it is great for those playing a par three course.

With this, you only need a few golf clubs to bring. Do you know what they say? LESS IS MORE.

Stand Bag/Carry Bag

Bridgestone Golf Lightweight Stand Bag-Navy

This bag is MOST POPULAR with amateur golfers.

It has a stand, meaning it can be left on the course. You can also carry it around.

Originally, the cart bag is meant to be left at the cart, while the Sunday golf bag must be carried. Thankfully, the stand bag does BOTH.

This is typically the most oversized bag out of the three, as you can carry it around the course and leave it on the cart.

The stand bag is great for golfers that use golf carts and want to walk the course while carrying their equipment with them!

What Are the Different Styles of Golf Bags?

The styles of a golf bag are the number of dividers it has. Since the main focus of this article is the 5-way bag, I will show you the other styles of golf bags!

8-Way Golf Bag

Tangkula Golf Stand Bag with 8 Way Divider, Portable Golf Bag with Waterproof Wear-Resistant Durable Fabric, Easy Carry Space Saving Women's Men's Golf Bag, Black

The 8-way bag is a bag with eight dividers.

It is HEAVIER than the 5-way bag but LIGHTER than the 14-way bag.

Due to the increase of dividers, the 8-way provides more protection than the 5-way, and it offers more options to arrange golf clubs.

Although it has more dividers than a 5-way, it can still make the clubs bang against each other, which can be annoying for some.

14-Way Golf Bag

EG EAGOLE Light Golf Stand Bag 14 Way Full Length

The 14-way bag is a bag with 14 dividers.

This bag provides a specific slot for each golf club, separating it from the other clubs.

The bag provides the PERFECT organization out of all the bags, and it allows the MOST FREEDOM in how to organize golf clubs.

However, it is the HEAVIEST bag, so you might have difficulty carrying it for a long time. It can also make walking uncomfortable.

All in all, you’re getting a high quality bag that will keep your golfing equipment organized and secure.

What Is the Importance of Organizing Your Golf Bag?

It would help organize your golf bag in whatever way you want because it provides CONVENIENCE, COMFORT, and EFFICIENCY.

Organizing your golf bag means equally distributing the weight of the equipment, as well as knowing exactly where a golf club is placed.

Having easy access to your golf clubs is always a great benefit to an organized bag.


You would be struggling to focus on your next shot if you can’t find that one hybrid you need or if you want to use a four iron, but you cannot find it.

IF ONLY, you just organized your golf bag…

The power to organize golf clubs and bags is not that hard to use. Use alignment sticks or full-length dividers if you have to!

Having an organized bag will make golfing MUCH SMOOTHER AND SIMPLER.

You may want to change your current bag to a new bag if it means owning a more organized bag. Never underestimate a clean-looking golf bag! You’d look more professional that way.


Now that you know how to organize your bag correctly, your golf experience will be the SMOOTHEST it’s ever been!

You do not need to waste time TRYING to look for the right club to use in each round.

You can quickly return and get the club, and you will give most caddies an EASIER time retrieving and carrying your bag.

Having an organized bag is a win-win for you!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to stand up, take action, and receive the full benefits of an organized golf bag!

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, and hopefully, you now know how to organize your golf bag in an orderly fashion!

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