How to Organize a 14 Slot Golf Bag: The Key to Becoming a Pro Golfer

Have you ever felt embarrassed by constantly looking for the right golf club to use?

Perhaps, even felt frantic that you’re holding up the game too long?

Sounds unprofessional on the course, right?

Knowing how to organize a 14 slot golf bag is a LIFE SKILL that you would definitely want to have. We’re here to help you get your bag organized AT ALL TIMES!

The Complete Golf Bag Organization Guide 

Golf Bag organization is an aspect of the sport MANY golfers often overlook.

The GOOD NEWS is that: you can act like a professional golfer by having your equipment in the right place, at the right time.

Let’s start to walk you through the process of knowing how to organize a 14-slot golf bag!

What You Will Need: All the Essentials

Before you start your day and eventually play golf, you NEED to know what you’re dealing with. These are the BASICS as listed for your convenience:

1. Golf Bag

Golf Bag from Getty Images

This is the exact thing that you WILL be organizing.

The BEST golf bags are the types of 14-slot golf bags that fit your golfing requirements:

  • Full-length dividers for club storage
  • Side pockets for additional space and storage
  • Shoulder straps quality for transportation
  • Shoulder pads for adjustability of straps

Early word of advice: know EVERYTHING about your golf dividers before you start worrying about actually organizing the bag.

2. Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs from Getty Images

You are allowed to carry 14 CLUBS at any given time.

That said, you HAVE to make sure that you are familiar with ALL THE CLUBS you will be needing:

  • Putter
  • Driver
  • Woods
  • Wedges
  • Irons

Carrying all of these is all the more possible with a 14-slot golf bag.

3. Other Accessories

Golf Accessories from Getty Images

A 14-slot golf bag can carry A LOT MORE additional accessories other than your golf clubs.

These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Golf Balls
  • Golf Gloves
  • Golf Rain Gear
  • Ball Markers
  • Towels

Sounds like a lot, right?

Trust us. These WILL fit in your bag with the right organization.

What You Will Do: The Step-By-Step Process

There are a few ways through which you can DEFINITELY show that you know your way around the golf course.

Knowing how to organize a 14-slot golf bag is one of them.

Follow these steps so that you can PICK OUT THE RIGHT CLUB anywhere and anytime!

Step 1: Empty the Bag

Proper organization will follow suit accordingly.

But first, you need to start with a fresh slate:

  • Open your golf bag. Familiarize yourself with the side pockets, dividers, and gears.
  • Take out ALL of your golf clubs. Line them up in an orderly manner by TYPE and LENGTH.
  • Take out ALL of your accessories. Line them up by type (golf balls, retrievers, tees, gloves, etc.)
  • Discard ALL of the unnecessary items in your current bag. You will NOT need those anymore.

Just be extra careful about the things that you do discard.

What Items Should You NOT Keep?

Other than the obvious non-golf related items, you should also discard UNUSABLE ITEMS from your bag:

  • BROKEN golf balls
  • TORN gloves
  • PREVIOUS game scorecards

These are disposable items for you at this point!

It would be best to COMPLETELY TAKE OUT broken gear and replace them with new ones.

In doing so, you are assured that ONLY your golf essentials are found inside your golf bag.

Step 2: Clean the Bag

You need to clean the bag from both the INSIDE and the OUTSIDE.

For best results, you could clean it using these steps:

  • Vacuum the inside and the pockets
  • Wash the cloth with water
  • Scrub the bag gently with a clean cloth
  • Dry-wipe each and every corner of the bag

Others would prefer to REMOVE DIRT by using a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol.

Regardless, double-check if your bag is made out of the RIGHT MATERIAL before subjecting them to water or other cleaning solvents — this is especially true for leather bags.

Step 3: Arrange the Golf Clubs

Now, this is the part where you get to stuff ALL YOUR GOLF CLUBS inside of your golf bag’s dividers.

More than knowing that you OWN a 14-slot golf bag, you should also know how many SECTIONS AND POCKETS it has.

Ready? Let’s arrange golf clubs by TYPE.


Putter from Getty Images

It’s best to get the putters out of your way as early as possible.

That said, there are TWO PLACES where you can organize them in:


Most 14-slot golf bags have designated divisions for your putters. Otherwise, you can easily position them towards the end of your bag (yes, near your straps).

Such careful DISTINCTION could help you identify your putters faster.

Drivers and Woods

Driver from Getty Images

These are the LONGEST CLUBS in your bag.

That said, they should be in the BACK SECTIONS just next to your putters.

Such kinds have a particular arrangement to follow as well:

  • DRIVERS on the back left corner
  • WOODS on the back right corner

When you start organizing clubs, you should ALWAYS consider the accessibility of other clubs.

Placing your drivers and woods at the BACK FROM LEFT-TO-RIGHT gives the short clubs more space.


Lob Wedge from Getty Images

To balance your bag, it is BEST to next fill in the front sections of your bag.

There will usually be around FOUR TYPES OF WEDGES that you should arrange following this order:

  • Pitching Wedge
  • Gap Wedge
  • Sand Wedge
  • Lob Wedge

Do this from LEFT TO RIGHT.

That said, your lob wedge should be in the FRONT RIGHT CORNER of your 14-slot golf bag.

Moreover, there are QUITE A FEW JUSTIFICATIONS to why your wedges should be in the front sections:

  • Shortest wedges for better visibility of other clubs
  • Frequently used clubs while in-game for better accessibility
  • Sharper edges for the protection of the shafts of your other clubs

Following this order MINIMIZES CONTACT between the edges of your wedges with other equipment in your bag.


REMEMBER: Wedges are among the most frequently used clubs.

Irons and Hybrids

Short Iron from Getty Images

You should place your irons in the MIDDLE SECTION of the bag.

The specific ARRANGEMENT should be again based on the lengths of the clubs:

  • MID AND LONG IRONS on the left side or farther to the back
  • SHORT IRONS on the right side or nearer to the front

The mid irons will most likely be more frequently used than your longs.

As such, this positioning technique will have you easily identify the more important irons you can fill in for the OTHER ROWS.

Step 4: Store the Golf Accessories

This is where you can finally make use of your SIDE POCKETS.

There is NO MANDATE on organizing your golf bag relative to your accessories because golf cart bags are designed differently.

Just keep in mind TWO THINGS:

  • Keep THE SAME TYPE OF ACCESSORIES uniform in each pocket for UNIFORMITY

Valuable items for each division would usually include:

  • First aid kit
  • Ball markers
  • Ball retriever
  • Rain accessories

Otherwise, other pockets of your stand bag could have other items like rule books for added reference.

There you have it! Your bag is now fully organized!

Just go through your bag once more to see if everything is where you want them to be.

Basic Organization Tips: What Should You NOT Forget?

There is no ONE WAY to organize a golf bag correctly.

However, there ARE a few rules of thumb that most golfers follow for convenience sake:

  • GOLF CLUBS should be organized from left to right
  • LONGEST CLUBS should be in the backside of the golf bag
  • SMALLER GOLF CLUBS should be near the front section of the golf bag
  • MIDS AND SHORT CLUBS should be under the driver
  • EQUIPMENT AND ACCESSORIES should be returned to their original slots

REMEMBER: ALL your clubs should follow an order that is INTUITIVE TO YOU.

YOU should know your way around your cart bag.

But following this organization process not ONLY helps with organization but also with the balance of your golf bag.

Besides looking and feeling like a PROFESSIONAL GOLF PLAYER, you also create a more comfortable experience for yourself.

Getting Yourself a 14-Slot Golf Bag: Why Do You Need It?

A 14-slot golf bag is IDEAL for professional golfers.

More practically, getting a bag for yourself comes with A LOT OF BENEFITS:


#1 Space

Imagine traveling in your cart through a ROUGH TERRAIN. Ample room space would ensure that they do not scratch each other!

NOTE: Any damages to your clubs could compromise the quality of your shot.

#2 Convenience

Organize a 14-slot bag to REDUCE THE TIME it will take you to search for a club. Don’t be like others who look for their equipment in the WRONG PLACE!

NOTE: Every second spent LESS at each hole can make your time on the course shorter.

#3 Needs

You’re sure to never miss out on your needs while out on a golf course!

Common needs golfers encounter on the course include:

  • A new and more appropriate club
  • An extra ball
  • A towel
  • A first aid kit
  • A rule book

A handy and well-organized golf bag helps alleviate such a burden to ALL players.

What’s the Catch?

Simple: it’s heavy and hard to maintain.

Although, maintenance is subjective. It shouldn’t be a problem in the first place because players SHOULD take care of their golf equipment well.

Additionally, weight is only an issue when you HAVE to bring the bag away from your golf cart.

Regardless of these cons, a 14-slot golf bag can still undeniably help you with your golf needs.


Let’s answer some extra questions you might have so that you can enter the green grass fully confident and ready to go! 

How Many Golf Clubs Can I Carry in My Golf Bag?

You are officially allowed a MAXIMUM OF 14 GOLF CLUBS.

A round of golf should NOT have over 14 golf clubs inside a bag anywhere and anytime.

What Kind of Golf Club Should I Carry in My Golf Bag?

When carrying a 14-slot golf cart bag, you can allocate the following number for your clubs:

  • One Putter
  • One Driver
  • One Hybrid
  • Two Wedges
  • Two Fairway Woods
  • Seven Irons

This is the usual composition of a golf bag.

How Many Dividers Do Golf Bags Come With?

The types of golf bags are usually distinguished by their number of dividers:

  • 4-slot golf bags
  • 5-slot golf bags
  • 6-slot golf bags
  • 10-slot golf bags
  • 14-slot golf bags
  • 15-slot golf bags

Depending on your level of golfing, you might want to have either MORE or LESS divisions:

  • PROFESSIONAL GOLFERS would like to carry MORE items
  • BEGINNER GOLFERS would want LESS for a more convenient experience

Most of the time, dividers are FULL-LENGTH.

That said, the number of dividers split your cart bags effectively into different sections for each of your GOLF CLUB.

Where Should Golf Balls Be Stored When I Organize A 14-Slot Golf Bag?

Golf balls and tees are accessories that should go to the POCKETS of your golf bag.

It would be best to store them near the bottom pockets

Why the bottom? Simply because these should just be your extras on hand.


Knowing how to organize a 14-slot golf bag is a skill you wouldn’t know you’d need for the sport.

It might need a little familiarization with your equipment.

But at its core, there are just a FEW CONVENTIONS you need to follow:

  • You should arrange clubs from left to right.
  • The longest club should be at the back, while the shorter clubs should be at the front.
  • Frequently used items should be placed in more convenient places.

You can save A LOT OF TIME during your rounds of golf when you follow these rules.

Moreover, you’ll easily end up looking like a pro when using the right golf club for your shot.

That said, our word of advice is this: Start preparing a well-organized golf bag for your next round.

Any questions or concerns? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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