Must-Have Golf Accessories: A Comprehensive List

The fields have turned green again!

So if you’re searching for a sign to replenish your golf bag with all your essential golf equipment, this is it.

Now, some traditionalists may raise their eyebrows, claiming that skilled golfers don’t require too many gadgets.

Sure, some golf accessories are designed to make golf more enjoyable or simpler, but there are a few basic items that can help ELEVATE YOUR GAME!

Luckily, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best golf accessories to help fine-tune your game while also reducing the stress of getting ready for your round.

Let’s get started!

Must have golf Accessories

The 20 Best Golf Accessories

1. Golf Gloves

A variety of factors contribute to a flawless swing. 

For starters, one of the most important golf accessories you should invest in is a pair of golf gloves that are both comfortable and snug.

This will keep your grip secured in the golf club handle and reduce head movement in the impact zone (Who knew such a small thing could step up your game?).

But keep in mind that finding the right gloves isn’t always easy.

Each glove is designed specifically for each person’s needs. Rain gloves, for example, are suitable for both the monsoon season and the cold weather, making it a nice rain gear to keep your grip on the club.

But if worse comes to worst, and you’re just lost on which item to pick, remember: when it comes to golf gloves, choose the one that is comfortable with your hands. 

Once you’ve found the right pair, don’t forget to keep a couple of replacements in your golf bag. This is just in case they become worn out during a game.

What a shame it would be if you don’t have a spare by the time you get back to the nine!

2. Golf Rangefinder and GPS devices

Golf rangefinders and GPS devices will make it easier for you to accurately calculate the distance to the hole.

WHEW! No need to act like a math wizard to figure out your yardage!

With this product, you’ll find that the distance guessing game is no longer a problem. Your playing partners will even notice that the games just quickly pass by!

Some might think that a rangefinder is too technical. But, honestly, it’s simple to use. 

  • You can go through the lens and see the exact distance of how far away you are from obstacles (e.g., bunkers, water, and different parts of the golf course). 
  • It is a good training aid to create smooth golf shots into the green with each swing.
  • The golf rangefinder doesn’t work alone. It usually comes hand-in-hand with a GPS.

Now, if you’re still new in the golf world, know that different rangefinders are available in the market. Some are simple, while others have complex features—basically, it’s up to you which one you prefer.

A GPS is generally a portable device that displays a course map and the distances to the front, center, and back of the green.

You can always opt for a GPS watch for those who are always on the go.

3. Divot Repair Tool

When a golf ball hits the green, it inevitably leaves pitch marks.

For a golfer to keep the course playing at a HIGH LEVEL, one of the essential golf accessories is a tiny and lightweight divot repair tool

Once you use it, you’ll be BLOWN AWAY by how smooth the putting surface will be.

By the way, a golf divot tool comes in a wide range of styles and sizes—again, it’s your call which to choose.

TIP: To build an ideal size multi-tool, combine divot tools with a ball marker and a club brush.

4. Practice Golf Balls

When starting in the game, it’s intuitive for any rookie to buy new balls. But buying golf balls does not immediately transform you into the best golf player.

Of course, it takes time and rigorous practice. This means you need to be ready to play golf anytime, anywhere.

Luckily, this is possible when you have a practice golf ball on hand and a place where you can swing your golf club. 

  • This golf product is thick enough to provide a good launch angle and flight without sacrificing distance.
  • It’s also considered a must-have for those who don’t have access to golf courses.
  • We love this golf accessory because it’s perfect for indoor and outdoor activities. When used indoors, they’re a great method to improve your game without causing damage to your furniture (we surely don’t want that!).

Also, they are a terrific stress reliever for players who work in an office since they are best for short-range chipping.

Perfect for those who prefer the outdoors to play with a practice golf ball using a driver.

5. Comfortable shoes

It’s a great idea to invest in good golf shoes and insoles for all-day comfort on the green. After all, depending on who your playing partners are and how busy the course is, one round might take several hours.

So whether you’re walking or riding a golf cart, you’ll undoubtedly spend a significant amount of time on your feet. This will most likely drain your energy. Trust us when we say energy bars can only take you so far.

Hence, you need to ensure you don’t forget to place your golf shoes in your golf bag. If not, you won’t stand a chance to stay long in the game.

TIP: The best golf shoes are those that give all-day relief to reduce weariness, aches, and pains.

6. Golf Shoe Bags

We’ve already talked about the shoes. It’s just logical that we proceed with the item where it’s stored—i.e., golf shoe bag.

For an active golfer, a golf shoe bag may serve various functions. It can:

  • separate the shoes from your golf clubs and other accessories;
  • allow the shoes to stay fresh; and
  • keep the shoes away from damage during travel.

A shoe bag with a vent helps the footwear to breathe by allowing air to circulate through the bag. This removes odors and moisture from the inside. 

After all, we don’t want our shoes smelling funky after the game, right?

7. Golf Trunk Organizer

On your way to a game, don’t you hate hearing the golf balls and tees rolling around in the back of your car?

If you share the same problem as we do, we recommend buying yourself a trunk organizer. This is where you can keep your supplies organized to and from the golf course.

Your golf glove, balls, alignment sticks, tees—essentially, everything a golfer needs for a day on the course will fit in a golf trunk organizer.

TIP: We don’t advocate putting your golf bags in your car for lengthy periods of time as nice as it is to have your trunk organized. (We know. Most of you Marie Kondo your trunks, too!).

When it’s exposed to extreme heat, the adhesive on the grips and club heads will begin to dry up and split. You’ll want to take your golf clubs out and store them in a cool, dry place.

8. Groove Sharpener

The club grooves are one of the most important aspects of the club face. The grooves of a golf club interact with a golf ball’s dimples to enhance its spin.

To improve the club grooves, you need a groover sharpener. However, it must be noted that you can’t modify the form of your clubs’ grooves, but you can help them keep their original look.

The groove sharpener may be useful if you’ve owned a wedge for a long time and think it needs some work to make it operate better.

9. Padded Straps

Anyone who carries a bag understands how necessary it is to have padded straps that can be trusted. 

This is just one of the best golf accessories that can keep your bag from rubbing against the rough strap that holds their clubs in place.

  • To avoid friction and damage to the bag, the sleeve is worn over the cart strap and along the body of the golf equipment.
  • A double strap also provides a minimalistic barrier between abrasive cart straps and your luxurious cart bag.
  • This makes it IMPOSSIBLE for the cart strap to dig into the materials of your bag. 

You’re confident that your golf accessory looks as good as new. Whether you ride an electric cart or use a push cart, this simple golf accessory can protect the bag’s utility and appearance. 

Your back and spinal cord will also thank us if you use the padded straps. It is because they effectively distribute weight over your shoulders.

Not only does a double strap make walking more pleasurable and comfortable, but they also help you stay healthy in the long run.

10. Club Brushes

A club brush is a great golf accessory to clean your club filled with dirt and grime.

The brush has two cleaning sides: one made of steel wire and the other made of soft plastic bristles, which can clean the grooves without causing damage.

Now, don’t shy away from using this golf gear. This will be your best friend in restoring your golf club into a play-ready condition. 

The wire side of the brush remains the easiest way to thoroughly clean the grooves on irons filled with muck and grime.

The plastic bristle side of the brush performs an excellent job of cleaning sand and loose debris from the club and restoring it to its pre-shot state.

NOTE: The wire side of the brush is highly abrasive, so you must be cautious and precise when using it.

11. Golf Alignment Sticks & Golf Alignment Stick Cover

On the golf course or at the driving range, an alignment stick is a training device that assists golfers of ALL LEVELS during drills.

Alignment sticks are a must-have accessory on the driving range. Why?

Because an alignment stick (which is practically INDESTRUCTIBLE) helps your golf swing get in the right direction.

With this advantage, alignment sticks are the best in supporting you to improve your short game and your full swing and swing path.

Altogether, training aids like this are highly recommended for beginners to a pro-level golfers because of its adaptability.

12. Den Caddy

A den caddy is a must-have golf gear for enthusiasts.

It’s a small golf bag that may be used as storage within the house or garage. Unfortunately, it cannot keep golf clubs because of its modest size.

BUT it can keep any other golf accessory, such as ball markers, gloves, golf towels, and more! 

Den caddies are typically made of high-quality fabrics like leather and felt, with a rubber base that keeps the bag level on a countertop or shelf.

If you don’t know what to get your golfing friends or family members, a den caddy is one of the best golf products you can offer them!

13. Scorecard Holders

In recent years, the manufacturing of scorecard holders has increased as businesses began to produce them in colorfully crafted leather containers.

Now, don’t be fooled. Golf accessories like these are NOT JUST FOR DESIGN.

These holders are crucial for professional players since they are wide enough to cover the scorecard while fitting into your pocket.

If you are the type who gravitates toward expensive stuff, then leather-made scorecard holders are right for you. Their coverings are high-quality to protect the scorecard from becoming wet in the weather and getting damaged. In most cases, these containers may also be used to safeguard yardage books.

Scorecard covers made of faux leather or synthetic materials are a better option for those working on a budget. These coverings are normally flexible yet strong enough to preserve your scorecard. Because they are cheaper, they may lack some functionality, but they should provide a safe place to jot down a score without fear of damaging the card.

14. Golf Towels

A golf towel is must-have golf apparel. It does not only keep your club clean but also removes any dirt from your golf balls.

Also, it might not be a surprise, but a lot of players swear by using a golf towel because:

  • Even after being drenched in water, it can remain lightweight; and
  • It has good absorption; you can use it to clean the club’s face of dirt and grime.

The golf towel comes in various colors and styles, and it can go with your bag and help keep your equipment in tiptop shape. 

So before dropping by the golf course, we hope you don’t forget this essential golf accessory.

15. Golf Hats

Now, you might think golf hats are just for fashion, but it’s probably one of the best golf accessories out there that’s affordable and practical.

A well-made golf hat not only protects your skin from the sun (no to damaging UV!), but it also keeps the sweat off your face and adds to the overall look of your attire.

There are two types of popular golf hats:

  • Adjustable
  • Custom

The adjustable one (from the word itself) is easy to modify. You can snap it in the back to match your head’s circumference. But, if you want a custom fit, you’ll need to match your head size with the hat size you’ve selected.

See the best golf sun hats here

16. Golf Umbrellas

Although carrying a golf umbrella in a game might be annoying, having one in your golf bag can rescue the day and keep you dry if you’re a warrior in a rainy location (If you’ve ever been caught out on the course in the rain, you know how tough it is to keep your grips dry.)

Because of its ergonomic grip, a golf umbrella can do miracles in providing comfort while protecting you from the harsh sunlight or rain. 

If you’re protected enough to keep your skin cool and prevent exposure to damaging sunlight, you’ll have more time focusing on the golf game.

TIP: A fine golf umbrella provides SPF protection with broad coverage. 

17. Ball Markers

Do you remember the days when coins were used as ball marks?

Oh, how times have changed. Truly, the golf game is stepping up! Today, they no longer use the old-fashioned coins but rather the handy dandy ball marker–a gear used to clean and realign a golf ball off the green.

This helpful golf accessory also allows players to change their marks when their playing partners encounter the putting surface where the golf ball lands.

Although some other accessories, such as a divot tool, golf glove, and hat clip, can all carry a marker during the day, ball markers have the advantage of being round and flat. This makes them easy to store.

Also, because they are made of cheaper materials (e.g., plastic or metal), you’ll be pleased to know that they’re very affordable. 

18. Valuables Pouch

A valuables pouch is another great product on our list.

This multi-functional item may be used on and off the course and is ideal for storing watches, jewelry, keys, and more! Think of it as a golf bag but for your small valuables.

You can effortlessly put everything away for safekeeping within a waterproof pocket and be confident that nothing will get lost or damaged.

19. Golf Travel Case

For traveling players out there, a golf travel case is heaven-sent! 

Its exterior can either be rigid or flexible to protect your gear.

TIP: Although both provide excellent protection, the hard outer shell is the best approach to ensure that your clubs are not harmed during your vacation.

The tough outer shell is still the best way to protect your golf clubs from direct damage from other bags during travel. 

Meanwhile, its lightweight foundation and capacity to hold additional golf gear make the soft shell travel bag an excellent golf accessory for extended long car rides. 

By the way, we believe you’ll also love that most travel covers have compartments for extra golf equipment. So you can pack your golf ball, golf ball retriever, alignment sticks, water bottle, and more without any worry!

20. Golf Tees

Although golf tees may appear unimportant, selecting the appropriate length and material may help you build confidence and ensure that your shot reaches its intended aim.

Golf tees are available in two materials: plastic and wood.

Plastic tees are slightly more expensive than wood tees, but they are lighter and usually have a spiky shape to keep the ball off the grass. When striking with an iron, these types of tees are also more difficult to use.

On the other hand, Wood tees have a rounded top to grip the golf ball. It can be painted by the manufacturer for a more colorful appearance and is cleaner to use on par 3s.

In terms of length, tees range from less than two inches to three inches. Golfers prefer longer tees with bigger driver heads because they can get more under the ball and avoid topping.

Wrapping It Up!

There you have it!

We hope you were able to jot down all the best golf accessories in town!

But before rushing to the nearest store, remember that every golfer should devote their time on the greens to develop their game.

These gears will not make you a golf genius. Rather, they are intended to make your game go more smoothly and allow you to concentrate on improving your score.

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