Pinned Golf Rangefinder Review

Even though you’ve NEVER used golf rangefinders before, they will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Who would’ve thought that such a device could make golfing so MUCH EASIER and FUN to play? 

No more guessing games, no more praying for luck, no more arrogant thinking.

Want a good golf rangefinder at your disposal when needed? Want to use some of the best rangefinders in the market right now? FEAR NOT!

The Pinned Gold Rangefinder is a GREAT device that golfers should buy for a better golfing experience!

Pinned Prism Golf Rangefinder with Slope Built-in Magnet USB-C Rechargeable Battery Lasts 60 Rounds | 1,000 Yard Golf Distance Measuring Device Pinned Locked Vibration Laser Rangefinder, White-Black

Overview of the Pinned Golf Rangefinder

Golfers now consider rangefinders to be ESSENTIAL in the game.

When playing the game of golf, it comes down to knowing how you want to shoot your shot and identifying several factors that may affect the game.

What rangefinders do is provide the ability to accurately and estimate the distance of your shot well. 

The Pinned Golf Rangefinder (also called “The Ace”)  is a great golf rangefinder that provides a combination of features like slope technology, pinnedlock vibration technology, and more.

With the Ace, not only will you do what any other rangefinder can do, you can do that with QUALITY and advanced technology!

Before You Buy…

  • Consider the budget you have. One Pinned Golf Rangefinder costs around $200. Be sure to check if you have the budget for it and that you will GREATLY benefit from it.
  • Check the features of the product. Some rangefinders may provide better and more convenient features than the Ace. Do your research just to be sure!
  • Do you need it? Are you a casual or a regular golf player? Do you want a device that can help you play the game of Golf? Ask yourself these questions before making the decision!

What Are the Features of the Pinned Golf Rangefinder?

Here are the features of the Pinned Golf Rangefinder that make it STAND OUT. I promise you that these features are what SOLD me to this product.


  • Slope Technology: This technology provides the actual distance for you. Stuck in the sand and need to make an uphill shot? No problem! The Ace’s slope technology will do the math and give you the most accurate distance.
  • PinnedLock Vibration: The Ace will execute a short vibrating pulse when locking into your goal to ensure that you are well on target!
  • USB Charge: No need for batteries! Just plug the Ace with a USB, charge it for roughly around 45 minutes, and use it for over 50 rounds of Golf!
  • Tournament Legal: If you are an aspiring golfer and participate in tournaments, DON’T WORRY! The option for the Ace to turn the slope on and off is legal in tournaments!
  • Tour Level Accuracy: When in doubt, trust the Ace in giving you a professional level of accuracy in your distance!
  • HD LCD Display: It’s like 4K for Golf! Always expect an HD display when looking into this product!
  • Water Resistant: Did it unexpectedly rain while you were using this product? FEAR NOT! This product is water-resistant and withstands any type of moisture!
  • OneClick Reading: No need to hold the button to try and trace your distance! Just click it once, and the product will gladly operate the rest!
  • 800 Yard Range: The Ace is never too far away from your distance! Its 800-yard range can even help the longest hitters in golf!
  • Two-Year Guarantee: Warranty is always good! The company provides a 100%, 60-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee with a two-year manufacturer warranty!

Customer Reviews


Customers ABSOLUTELY LOVE this product! 

It’s like it’s universally loved at this point!

The common theme among the customers is that the product yields quick results, thanks to its user-friendliness. Indeed, they are happy with the product.

This goes to show that others also love the pinned golf rangefinder!

Alternatives to the Pinned Golf Rangefinder

Here are some GREAT alternatives to the Pinned The Ace Golf Rangefinder! Maybe you want the rangefinder that the pros use or one that is a jack-of-all-trades. DON’T WORRY! We got you covered!

  1. Bushnell Pro XE 
Bushnell Pro XE Golf Laser Rangefinder, Black/Silver, Large

If you want what some say as the “Best Rangefinder of 2020”, then get the Bushnell Pro XE! 

Despite its heaviness and sometimes odd display, it provides top-notch accuracy, as well as the ability to adjust itself for climate and temperature factors.

  1. Precision Pro NX7
Precision Pro NX7 Pro Golf Rangefinder with Slope Switch- Laser Golf Range Finder Golfing Accessory - Slope, 6X, Flag Lock w Pulse Vibration, 650+ Yard Range Finder Golf Laser Rangefinder

Some consider the Precision Pro NX7 the “Best Value Rangefinder of 2020”.

Like the Ace, it has Slope Technology and a vibration alert when the target is locked. 

It can be a benefit for some that it has unlimited free replacement batteries, but it may be a hassle for some since battery replacement takes up some time and money.

  1. TecTecTec! ULT-X Laser Rangefinder
TecTecTec ULT-X High-Precision Golf Rangefinder, Laser Range Finder Binoculars with 6X Magnification, Slope Mode, Vibration, Continuous Scan CR-2 Battery for Measurement Golfing and Hunting

One of the things it pulls off better than the Ace is its ACCURACY. It’s incredibly accurate, even if your target is 600 years above.

One of the few differences with the Ace is that it functions through batteries and cannot be charged via USB. 

If you want an extremely accurate rangefinder similar to the Ace, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product!


Overall, the Pinned Golf Rangefinder is a MUST-BUY for any golfer that wishes to use a rangefinder in their game. 

The Ace’s features and benefits suited me, and I’ve only been enjoying it ever since purchasing one. 

It may cost some money to buy, and it may get some getting used to, but the service it provides is second to none.

If you want a lightweight, stylish, and quality rangefinder with many features that make golf easier and more fun to play, then I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Pinned gold Rangefinder!

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