The Reverse Slice Sequence: Is It Worth It?

If you golf, you most likely hate the dreaded slice that causes your ball to fly to the RIGHT.

It’s a mistake that can cause you to lose distance, and in turn, cause your game score to go higher.

Luckily, golf instructor Eric Cogorno made a system called the REVERSE SLICE SEQUENCE, which is said to help golfers stop slicing their shots.

This Reverse Slice Sequence review will take a look at the program and determine if it’s worth it or not.

Reverse Slice Sequence Review

Before heading to the review of the Reverse Slice Sequence system, let’s go over the system’s main benefits that should fix any golfer’s slice.

First, the Reverse Slice Sequence is a TRAINING VIDEO SERIES that you can access through the Performance Golf Zone membership club.

It’s a system that aims to fix your golf slice in just FIFTEEN SWINGS.


  • Can be accessed anywhere through any gadget
  • Composed of high-quality videos
  • Aims to fix the principal reason for the golfer’s slice
  • Easy to understand instructions
  • Money-back guarantee


  • May feel overvalued for other golfers
  • Golfers who have sliced their ball for years may find it harder to implement swing changes immediately.
  • Golfers who don’t have a lot of time to go to a driving range or golf course may find their improvement to be a slow process.

Features of the Reverse Slice Sequence Technique

Let’s go through the features of this system that can help golfers stop slicing their shots and achieve straighter shots instead.

Video Content

The Reverse Slice Sequence training videos have nine videos, with a total of over 60 minutes of instruction to teach golfers how to avoid slice shots during their game.

It also features:

  • 4K video quality
  • Desktop and mobile access 24/7
  • Bonus behind the scenes with students

It contains detailed steps to improve your setup from start to finish to reverse the root cause of your golf slice.

With those videos, you can turn your slice into a draw.

Eric Cogorno doesn’t just give you tips on improving your stance, golf swing, grip, or placement of your golf ball.

Instead, he tackles the ROOT CAUSE of your golf slice with comprehensive and detailed golf instruction through his videos.

Here are the core parts he discusses in his premium golf instruction videos.

Preparing With a Good Setup

One of the first things most golfers are probably taught when learning about golf is the proper stance and setup.

It’s also probably one of the first things you forget when playing golf.

If you DON’T have the correct posture, your swing path may end up being COMPROMISED as you hit the ball, leading to a slice.

Hitting the Golf Ball Right

The first issue to address when fixing a slice is how a golfer hits the ball on the golf course.

The main reason most golfers slice their ball is how the club face is hitting the golf ball.

Instead of hitting the ball with a SQUARE CLUBFACE, you may be hitting the ball with an OPEN CLUBFACE instead.

The ball flight trajectory will eventually skew to the right instead of going straight. This is due to the way the driver hit the ball.

Correcting the Over the Top Swing

The next thing to fix is that when golfers realize they’re hitting slices, they try to compensate for that by hitting to the left instead.

But because they haven’t fixed their penchant to hit with an open clubface, their setup remains the same, and the ball will still skew to the right.

With that in mind, Eric Cogorno aims to fix your golf swing and implement a proper takeaway in your usual move set.

What Sets the Reverse Slice Sequence Apart From Other Fixes

At its core, Eric Cogorno isn’t giving you BANDAID SOLUTIONS to a golfer’s slice.

He gives you LONG-TERM solutions that will stay ingrained in your muscle memory, making you lose your habit of performing a golf slice on a subconscious level.

Other tips from golf instructors will have you change your grip, copy their swing, or even buy new clubs and equipment to compensate for your slice.

If you’ve tried any of those tricks, then there’s a good chance that you mostly just felt overwhelmed with all the information. Which inadvertently caused you to perform even worse.

That’s because you’re using your LEFT BRAIN to play golf instead of with your RIGHT BRAIN.

  • Left Brain Hemisphere: Handles the logical processes you need to memorize or calculate.
  • Right Brain Hemisphere: In charge of creativity and intuition that leads to muscle memory.

If you want to fix your golf slice and turn it into a draw, then you’ll want to commit it to muscle memory instead of your mind’s memory.

With the Reverse Slice Sequence videos, you can develop a natural draw that will help you prevent you from hitting slices in just 15 steps.


Now that you know what the Reverse Slice Sequence technique is, how much do you have to pay to get access to it?

You can only access the Reverse Slice Sequence videos through Performance Golf’s Scratch Club membership.

With that in mind, Performance Golf’s Scratch Club offers its membership payment to interested golfers through a monthly and annual plan.

  • MONTHLY payment plan – 19 USD
  • ANNUAL payment plan – 97 USD

You receive more than just abundant access to the Reverse Slice Sequence system.

You also get to take advantage of the other videos the club can offer you, along with advice from professional golfers and experts and their swing analysis tool.

If you sign up for the membership and feel like you’re not getting anything out from it, you can cancel your subscription 30 days from the payment ANY TIME.

Customer Reviews

Golfers have posted their thoughts about the Reverse Slice Sequence system, ranging from high praise to hesitancy and doubt.

After purchasing the program, one golfer said that their slice was immediately fixed in just a few minutes and played the game with a consistent draw that went straight most of the time.

However, another golfer said that while the system to fix their slice was fine in itself, there was no reason to pay money for it since there are countless other great tutorials online that they could use.

Still, the reviews for this golf slice correction technique are EXTREMELY POSITIVE with little negativity about it.

Who Should Use the Reverse Slice Sequence

Any golfer can use the Reverse Slice Sequence.

Your height, weight, sex, race, body shape, or skill levels DO NOT MATTER.

High handicap players and low handicap players who suffer from the dreaded golf slice can easily use this system to improve their golf game.

Aside from that, this system is also pretty handy for golfers who want to fix their slicing issues but cannot find an available instructor in their area.

Who Shouldn’t Use the Reverse Slice Sequence?

If you don’t have a slice in the first place, there’s no reason to use this program.

Also, if you’re not really into golf or you’re more interested in other sports, we don’t recommend you to even consider getting this system.

General Tips to Improve Your Slice

You already know what the Reverse Slice Sequence has to offer, so let’s go over some general tips that can help you get your golf shot straighter with even more distance.

How to Grip the Golf Club Correctly

The way you grip your club will affect the direction of your club swing and the position of your clubface.

Golfers believe that a STRONG GRIP will fix their slice compared to a neutral grip or weak grip.

A neutral grip or weak grip might lead to improper posture, which may lead your ball from straying from a straight shot.

Keep in mind that there’s no difference in gripping a golf club, whether you’re a right-handed person or a left-handed person.

A STRONG GRIP will have you create a V made by your thumb and forefinger.

  • Right-handers will have the V pointed towards their right shoulder.
  • Left-handers will have it pointed to their left shoulder.

Remember not to hold the club too tightly, and let it lay on your fingers instead of your palm.

Getting the Right Setup

Before you start swinging, you need to make sure your setup is perfect.

Your feet should be parallel to your shoulders and not outside that range.

Make sure to pull your right hip and shoulder behind the ball.

Your ball’s placement will depend on the type of club you’ll be using, but if you’re using a DRIVER, you should place three balls to the left of the center of yourself.

That way, when you take a swing, the ball will be hit on the upswing, causing it to gain more distance in its path.

ALWAYS balance your body on the balls of your feet instead of the heels to get the right angle on the backswing.

The Right Motions

When you cycle through the motions to hit the ball, there’s a proper way to do it so your ball can go straight and not veer to the wrong path.

The Backswing

There are THREE CHECKPOINTS when performing your backswing.

First, you’ll rotate your right shoulder so your hands are parallel to your thigh, around a foot away from your setup.

The butt of your club must still be facing you, and the clubface pointed square to the ball.

Next, your club should be across you and slightly tilted down with the clubface angle pointing to the intended path.

Finally, your left arm should be at a 90-degree angle at your chin’s height while your palm points towards the sky.

Remember to twist your hips while you perform the backswing and point your left knee to the ball while you swing backward.

The Downswing

Once you have your backswing covered, bring your club down towards the ball.

Remember to unwind your hips and shoulders towards the ball.

The ball should hit the CENTER OF THE CLUB so that it can fly straight towards your target.

Point of Impact

At this point, the ball should make contact with the toe or center of your club.

If the heel of your club pushes your ball, it could result in a slice.

Final Thoughts

A slice isn’t the end of the world, even if it’s a TROUBLESOME ISSUE for most golfers who play the game.

With a bit of instruction, that slice can be CORRECTED, and your shots can reach GREATER DISTANCES on the field.

The Reverse Slice Sequence is a great way to fix that, especially if you don’t have any instructors to teach you how to amend your mistakes.

So, all in all, the Reverse Slice Sequence system is a great way to learn how to hit draws in the game, with all the convenience it offers.

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