The Ultimate Guide to the Best Indoor Golf Mat: 2021 Edition

Having the perfect golf mat can make a MASSIVE improvement in your swing and your game, as long as you regularly practice on it. But with tons of options out there and such a wide price range, mats can get overwhelming.

That’s why we made this for golfers like you! Check out our ultimate guide to the 6 best golf mats of 2021 to find the best!

6 Best Golf Practice Mats of 2021

Cimarron Sports Ultimate 3-Turf Golf Mat: Best Overall

Cimarron Sports Training Aids 4'x 6'Ultimate Golf Mat


  • 4 feet x 6 feet
  • 3-in-1 turf for the perfect practice session
  • Practice with real tee
  • 1-foot semi-rough for iron and chipping
  • 1-foot knitted nylon fairway turf
  • 3-feet knitted nylon turf stance mat

Material and Design

For the ultimate practice session, or if you’re looking to build your golf simulator, look no further than the Cimarron Sports Ultimate Golf Mat. Its biggest highlight is its variety of turf areas.

You have 1 foot of knitted nylon for using your wood and irons, another foot semi-rough for iron and chipping, and another area for practicing with a real wooden tee!

Then, when you just want to practice your stance, you can stay on the additional 3 feet of knitted nylon!

Performance and Feel

And to add to its versatility, you can use these hitting mats indoors AND outdoors, so it’s perfect for meeting every single practice need you could have.

You know this will last long by just holding it. This golf mat feels solid, sturdy, and heavy.

It’s excellent for practicing all day long on different types of real grass. At the same time, it also has more than enough padding, so you won’t risk injuring yourself.


  • Multiple surface areas
  • Practice your stance
  • Heavy and well-padded
  • Compatible with wooden and rubber tee


  • Expensive

Rukket Tri-Turf Golf Hitting Mat: Best Value

Rukket Tri-Turf Golf Hitting Mat Attack | Portable Driving, Chipping, Training Aids for Backyard with Adjustable Tees and 9 Foam Practice Balls (Standard (25' x 16'))


  • 23 x 36 inches
  • Comes with 12 practice balls
  • Includes practice tees of different heights
  • Includes fairway, rough, and tight lie separation
  • Lifetime warranty
  • US-based customer service

Material and Design

If you’re on the lookout for the best golf practice mat for different turfs, the Rukket Tri-Turf Golf Mat is a steal, coming in at just under $100.

It includes a fairway, a rough, and tight lie separation for fine-tuning your shots.

The tallest level lets you insert and practice with up to 3″ tees. This is pretty small, so it’s not like other golf mats that you can use as a stance mat or putting green.

However, it’s big enough that you can comfortably swing your club during your practice sessions without going outside the confines of the mat.

Performance and Feel

The value DOESN’T STOP here. You’re guaranteed thousands upon thousands of swings because it uses a thick rubber base that keeps your mat in place AND reinforces this golf mat’s durability.

If that is too much sales talk for you, here’s something you’ll believe. The Tri-Turf comes with Rukket’s LIFETIME WARRANTY. Not bad, don’t you think?

Whether it’s rain or shine, golf practice will no longer be your problem. You can use the Rukket Tri-Turf both indoors and outdoors. Indeed, the weather can’t stop you from becoming a pro.

Then, when all is said and done, you can easily fold this up to 1/3 its full size for easy storage or packing.

This is an excellent feature many golf mats don’t have because the rest of them can’t be folded or rolled up without damaging the material.


  • Solidly built
  • Foldable to 1/3 its size
  • Excellent for those with limited space
  • Affordable


  • Not big enough to be a stance mat
  • Tees may fly out when hitting too hard

Country Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mat: Best Budget Pick

Country Club Elite® Real Feel Golf Mats® 10'x36' Hitting Strip Golf Practice Mat for Home Backyard,Simulator,Indoor/Outdoor use (3)


  • Comes in a variety of sizes
  • No Bounce Feature
  • True Divot Action
  • 3-year Warranty
  • Good for indoor or outdoor use

Material and Design

Arguably one of the best cheaper golf mats on the market, the Real Feel Country Club Elite Golf Mat is a fantastic bargain.

It easily simulates the feel of hitting a shot from the fairway and almost transports you to the actual golf course.

How so? They use a “Long Fiber System” that allows your club’s head to soak into the fibers rather than resist them.

The result is a realistic golfing experience, with the necessary forgiveness you need so that you DON’T wear down your muscles and joints too much.

Even the smallest of their golf hitting mats is big enough for you to stand on, regardless of what club you’re using. Plus, it lets you use a wooden tee!

Performance and Feel

Despite its price, it’s incredibly versatile and can work as an indoor and outdoor hitting mat.

It’s also incredibly realistic with its “no bounce feature,” so much so that it feels like you’re standing on real grass.

Its “true divot action” is also an excellent feature that doesn’t hide bad shots. It keeps you aware of mishits and makes you realize when you’re hitting down and through it.

This means that when you catch the ground behind the ball, you’ll hit it fat just like when you’re on the course.

When you catch the ball flush, the clubhead will keep going down and through the fiber system to give your ball accurate levels of spin and compression.

Want to Know How Durable This Is?

Imagine that high-volume driving ranges can get 2 to 3 years of HEAVY use on this thing, while Country Clubs can stretch this out to 3 – 5 years.

Now compare that with how much YOU’LL be using it. We’re confident you can get MORE THAN 5 years of use with this, as long as you take care of it.

And when all is said and done, you know they believe in their product because they cover it with a 3-year Manufacturer’s Warranty. At this price point, THAT’S a steal.


  • Extremely durable range mats
  • Feels just like real grass
  • Practice hitting golf balls on the fairway
  • Affordable price


  • No range mat sections

Fiberbuilt Flight Deck Golf Mat

Fiberbuilt Flight Deck Golf Hitting Mat - Oval Shape Outdoor/ Indoor Real Grass-Like Performance Golf Mat with Durable Adjustable Height Tee, Black/Green, 21.25' x 13.5' x 1.75'


  • Best small golf mat on the market
  • 1.77 x 1.13 ft.
  • Pre-drilled stabilizer holes
  • Fiberbuilt tee assembly system
  • 300, 000 shot-guarantee

Material and Design

Not everyone needs one of those massive golf mats for their home use. Sometimes we just want a smaller one that feels like natural grass as a hitting surface.

The great news is that you get the same material bigger (and far more expensive) Fiberbuilt golf mats use. And considering this brand is one of the most well-known on the market for manufacturing the best golf mats, you’re getting this at a huge bargain.

Its oval shape lets you hit golf balls from any direction, so it’s great for fine-tuning your skills. Combined with Fiberbuilt’s patented material and you’ll be hitting down and through in no time!

Performance and Feel

Now we know what you’re thinking: If it’s that small, how will it stay put? Fiberbuilt has foreseen that and has provided you with the solution!

The Flight Deck Golf Mat comes with its tee assembly system that uses four tee holes (pre-drilled stabilizer holes).

The result? You can securely fix this mat onto any surface (even grass), and it will stay in place no matter how many golf balls you hit.

And if you haven’t guessed yet, this works as an indoor or outdoor golf mat!

Moreover, if you’re worried about damaging your expensive and precious clubs, they’ve got you covered! This comes with an extremely durable base and bumpers to protect your clubs.

With all these, you’ll certainly have fun hitting (and surpassing) their 300, 000-shot guarantee!


  • Same hitting surface as premium models
  • Perfect for cramped or small rooms
  • Attachable to any surface
  • Hit the ball from any angle
  • Adjustable tee assembly


  • Extremely small

Champkey Tracker-PRO Impact Golf Hitting Mat

CHAMPKEY Premium Golf Impact Mat 1.0 Edition | Analysis Swing Path and Correct Hitting Posture Golf Practice Mat | Advanced Guide and Rubber Backing Golf Hitting Mat


  • Vertical and horizontal alignment guides
  • Thick heavy-duty rubber base
  • 3-layer construction

Material and Design

It’s a tracker golf mat that lets you set up each shot so you can get it right.

What does that mean? Well, these guides serve as a visual reference so you can always ensure the club will hit its target.

It comes with a guide for BOTH the horizontal and vertical alignment so you can learn to aim and position your ball.

Moreover, the Champkey Tracker-PRO also features guides for tracking both inside and outside swing paths.

How Does It Do This?

There are white lines on the mat that let you estimate and angle your shot [R]. Note that this isn’t meant for heavy use. The white lines do start to fade the more you use them.

The material of Champkey Tracker-PRO is DIFFERENT from other golf mats. The technical fabric is made of velvet.

It will give you IMMEDIATE feedback when the head hits the ball at the moment of impact, so you can see where your club traveled and finetune your swing.

Performance and Feel

The Champkey Tracker-PRO is different from most mats on the market. First, let’s talk about the basics. You’ll get a three-layer construction and a thick rubber base. This base does several things:

  • It acts as excellent shock absorption.
  • It prevents your mat from slipping around.
  • It gives you enough forgiveness to prevent injuries later on.

We recommend handling this with care. Just use the lines to angle your shot and only skim the surface. For more heavy-hitting, we suggest taking a look at the other mats on this list.

Also, because it’s made of velvet, you need to treat this golf mat with a bit more care. Make sure your club and the surfaces you use it on are ALWAYS clean.

As a pro tip, you can easily remove dirt stains by spot cleaning [R] the dirty areas with some diluted dish soap!


  • Best golf mat for beginners
  • Guides you into perfecting your shot
  • Durable construction
  • Awesome shock absorption
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Instant feedback upon contact


  • Not for intermediate to pro players
  • Not for heavy use
  • Lines start fading quickly
  • Requires more care

Dura-Pro Premium Residential Golf Mat

Commercial Golf Mat - 3x5 Feet Premium Turf Indoor/Outdoor Mat for Hitting & Chipping - Golf Stance Mat for Pros & Beginners w/ Golf Accessories (Golf Tray + 3 Rubber Golf Tees)


  • Comes in different sizes
  • 3D Fiber System
  • Works for use indoors and outdoors
  • UV-protected surface
  • 30% thicker than other mats
  • Free ball tray and 3 tees of different lengths

Material and Design

The Dura-Pro Premium Golf Mat is an excellent choice, whether you’re a pro or a beginner. It comes in 3 different sizes: 3 x 4 feet, 3 x 5 feet, and a whopping 5 x 5 feet if you have space for it.

The mat is made from 100% nylon. It uses 3D turf fibers to recreate the look and feel of real grass so you can hone your skills. The bonus is that their material is 30% thicker than other golf practice mats.

Performance and Feel

Imagine this.

You get their 5 x 5 mat that is USABLE for outdoor golf or chipping practice. Maybe, you invite a few friends over to have a golf chipping game.

You know you won’t have to worry because Dura-Pro has guaranteed you 8 years of UV protection, so your mat stays in A+ condition even under direct sunlight. (Just make sure YOU wear sunscreen!)

Then, the weather starts ruining the game, and it begins to rain. At first, you’re okay with it. A little drizzle won’t hurt, and you know this all-weather-resistant mat can handle it.

But your friends start getting uncomfortable when it starts raining.

Do You Call It off and Cut the Fun Short? Absolutely Not!

Just carry the golf mat indoors, and you can easily convert it into a turf mat. This means you can practice any time of day and you can even have competitive indoor matches with your friends.

Now, if you’re not looking for a golf mat for competitive games, that’s okay. The DuraPro Premium Residential Golf Mat is an EXCELLENT practice mat for both pros and beginners.

It’s affordable (at least at its size) for beginners and portable enough for you to take it anywhere you need to go. Now you don’t have an excuse NOT to train!

When you’re using this, it feels great. The mat absorbs club shock, so your wrists and elbows are protected from joint pain.

You can also practice with every single club you have. This golf mat can take EVERY HIT! Note that we’d recommend going for another type of golf mat if you intend to use irons and wedges.


  • Only mat with UV protection
  • Will last longer than other golf mats
  • Extra accessories included
  • Play competitive matches with friends


  • Pricey

Why Should I Get a Home Golf Hitting Mat?

Let’s face it: no matter how much you love playing real golf, you can’t spend all your tips out on the fairway woods. But if you want to perfect your golf swing, what are you to do?

Enter the golf putting mat.

It simulates the conditions you’ll get out on a real golf course in your practice setup. This allows you to work on your swing, practice hitting, and get better at your game.

Why Can’t I Practice Hitting Using on a Piece of Old Carpet?

Well, other surfaces can’t get you close to the feel of a real golf game.

You don’t get to account for the feel of the grass (unless you’re willing to ruin your lawn) and the way it affects your performance.

  • A thick carpet will slow your ball down.
  • Practicing on a bare floor will speed it up.

Plus, hitting mats let you practice anywhere, whether you want to do it outside to simulate how the wind will affect your swing or inside, so you can practice anytime in the middle of your day.

How Do I Choose the Right Golf Mat for Me?

So now that you know WHY you should get your mat let’s look at some things you need to think about BEFORE you buy one for yourself.

In or Out?

The best golf mat for you will depend on WHERE you plan to use it. Do you want a small one for inside your room? Or a bigger one for a golf simulator?

Plus, the right type of material will depend on whether you want one that can do BOTH indoors and outdoors or just one of those.

This is the time for you to decide whether you want to create a MORE realistic golf simulator or just want something you can casually use once in a while. Is it a putting green that you need?

In that case, you’ll need to look at whether your choice has a ball tray, or you need to narrow down your search to putting mats in particular.

The right mat will depend on these choices.

So, if you don’t want to waste money and buy another one in the near future, we recommend taking a moment to decide what your plan for your mat really is.

What Material Should You Get?

This particular factor will make the biggest difference in your golf mat. And the manufacturers aren’t making this decision any easier on you because the material of each practice mat can greatly vary.

A good rule of thumb to follow here is to go for the golf mat that feels like a real turf without getting too realistic.

You want a practice mat that feels close enough to real grass but with some degree of forgiveness. Now, what do we mean by that?

Manufacturers have done a fantastic job perfecting the “grass” on their mats over the years.

This is great, so you don’t have to make such a huge adjustment to your swing when you get on the golf course.

BUT, you DON’T want a golf mat that feels too much like the real thing.

Why So?

This is because, depending on your swing, the feel of a real turf can be too harsh. Keep in mind that practicing over and over again on the same hitting surface,

The chances of injuring yourself or developing sore joints, turf shock, and even tendonitis, are EXTREMELY HIGH.

Also, note that the material of your hitting mat will greatly affect its DURABILITY. Try to get one with a thick and solid base to withstand the abuse it will receive.

We’ll make it easier by telling you NOT to BUY that cheap golf mat that costs under $80. As much as we love a bargain, there are just some things you can’t get without spending a little bit more.

What Size Do You Need?

Size is a critical factor you need to carefully consider before buying that portable mat you’ve been eyeing.

Practice mats can range from small ones that can fit most apartments or rooms to bigger ones you see in driving ranges.

There are 2 things that you ABSOLUTELY have to tick off before deciding on a mat:

  • It has to fit in your intended practice area.
  • You must be able to make a full swing unimpeded.

Obviously, a smaller mat has the benefit of affordability, portability, and space efficiency. But don’t close your doors just yet on a bigger practice mat. They have their advantages, such as:

  • It gives you a more realistic experience and can simulate the feel of a real course.
  • You can stand on the bigger practice mats, which lets you hold it down with your body weight to prevent it from moving or sliding around during your practice sessions.
  • You get a larger surface area, so it will take longer for the entire mat to completely wear out.

How Much Are You Willing to Spend?

Every purchase has to consider your budget. We’re not all millionaires who can get the best of the best. Most times, we just have to buy the best that we can afford.

The great news is that a lot of golf mats come at an AFFORDABLE BUDGET!

Just remember not to go below $80. Otherwise, you’ll just be wasting your money because you’ll get a bad-quality mat that won’t improve your swing and will easily wear out.

That being said, of course, there are perks to a more premium golf mat.

Not only do you get that realistic golf course feel and fantastic hitting surface, but you may also get added features like the ability to roll it up without damaging the mat or an included ball tray.

Some golf practice mats even have added functions that let you practice with almost all, if not all, your golf clubs. It comes with different “turf strips” which each simulate a different hitting surface.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Golf Mat

Remember how we said you should already decide the intended use for your mat?

Well, that will also affect your budget because if you want a full-on practice set-up, you have to consider the amount you’ll spend on these things: like

  • Launch monitor
  • Practice net
  • Golf simulator
  • Separate putting green
  • Training aids

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A Recap of the Best Golf Mats

Country Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mat: Best Budget Pick

If you want the feel of natural grass on a high-quality mat without sacrificing an arm and a leg, you’ve found the right one for you.

The Country Club Elite Golf Mat balances out the feel of a realistic turf while still giving you enough feedback and forgiveness to prevent unwanted injuries.

This is the perfect addition to your practice setup!

Rukket Tri-Turf Golf Hitting Mat: Best Value

If you’re looking for a great value mat that comes with the different types of hitting surfaces, you can’t beat the Rukket Tri-Turf PRO.

At less than half the price of other golf mats, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an alternative. Moreover, you’re guaranteed a lifetime’s worth of shots because of their lifetime warranty.

How’s THAT for getting the best bang for your buck?

Cimarron Sports Ultimate 3-Turf Golf Mat: Best Overall

The Cimarron is the KING of the golf mats on our guide because of its sheer versatility that makes it worth it, whether you’re just looking to up your game or to start working on golf simulators.

And unlike cheaper mats, this is one of the most incredibly durable golf hitting mats you’ll find.

This makes it a worthwhile investment for us because it will give that authentic golf course experience!

Final Words

With all these options, the best golf mat for you is somewhere on this list. We’re certain of it.

However, golf mats won’t magically turn you into the next Tiger Woods. These certainly help, but you still need to put in the time, dedication, and hard work to the game of golf.

We can’t wait to see you become the best golfer you can be.


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