What To Do With Old Golf Clubs – Our Tips

So, you finally bit the bullet and picked up that new set of clubs. The trouble is, you’ve now got a dusty old set that you need to get rid of. Before you rush to the dump, it’s worth emphasizing that you’ve got more options here than you might expect. In this article, we run through what to do with old golf clubs. 

We’ll cover trade-ins, upcycling, and much more. It’s a shame that most clubs simply don’t hold their value for that long, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t worthwhile things you can do with them once they’ve been replaced! Read on to make the most of your gear.

Before Getting Rid of Old Golf Clubs – Consider This 

Before we explore what to do with old golf clubs, we wanted to touch on a few things that are worth keeping in mind when deciding what to do. We’ve included a broad range of options below, but they won’t be for everyone. 

It’s worth taking stock of your own situation and preferences before you pull the trigger. This way, you’ll be able to avoid disappointment down the line! 

Their Age/ Condition 

What you do with your old clubs very much depends on what condition they’re in. Just picked them up a handful of weeks ago and have barely played with them? Your resale prospects will look much better than someone who’s sitting on a 10-year-old set. 

It’s worth reflecting on how much wear and tear your set has taken over the years. It pays to be honest here. Going through the rigmarole of selling old clubs can be exhausting at the best of times so it’s definitely not worth it if your clubs are ancient. 

old golf clubs

Their Materials

In certain cases, selling your clubs for scrap can be a good way to go. As you may have guessed, the materials used to make your gear is what determines how worthwhile this endeavor will be for you. 

Materials like copper, titanium, and cast iron can fetch more than you might expect at the right scrap yard so this is all worth keeping in mind. If your clubs are made from more modern materials like carbon fiber, it’s probably worth skipping this option altogether. 

Also remember that the scrap yards in your area may not be willing to buy golf clubs at all. 

Their Resale Value 

How much did you buy your clubs for in the first place? If you’ve been playing with them for a year or two, don’t be surprised if their value has gone down by more than 50%! The sad truth is that golf clubs simply don’t hold their value very well; the moment you swing them, the amount you’ll be able to get for them when reselling decreases.

It’s worth keeping this in mind before choosing how to get rid of your old clubs. You’ll be disappointed if you expect to make a significant amount of your money back.

Your ‘Appetite’ for the Options Below 

How much energy and time do you have to spend on getting rid of these clubs? If you’ve got a lot on your plate already, it’s probably worth just donating your gear to a friend or local charity. 

While we think the options below are great, they’ll be more time-consuming than they’re worth for some people.

What to Do With Old Golf Clubs – Our Suggestions 

Right, let’s get into it! Below are some of our suggestions for what to do with old golf clubs. Check them out. 

Pounce on ‘Trade-Up’ Schemes 

A fair few brands out there offer trade-in programs for older clubs. They often reward brand loyalty so keep this in mind when shopping. Callaway’s program in particular can be quite generous. With the right set of traded-in clubs, you could save a substantial amount of money on a new purchase. 

Sell Them Second Hand 

If your clubs are: 

  1. In great condition 
  2. Relatively new 

You may be able to make a decent amount of money back when reselling them. Our advice is to get at least a few quotes from a couple of sites and at least one brick-and-mortar store. It’s also a good idea to search online for your specific set of clubs. 

This way, you’ll be able to get a pretty good idea of how much your equipment is actually worth before pulling the trigger. 

Take Them to the Scrap Yard 

If your golf set is made from a lot of copper, iron, titanium, or steel, it might be worth taking it to the scrap yard and seeing how much you can get for it. This option is only really worth it if your clubs are too old to resell effectively. 

Also don’t be surprised if you get tens rather than hundreds when scrapping your old clubs. 

Upcycle Your Gear 

One great thing to do with old golf clubs is to upcycle them. Feel free to get creative here; breathing new life into your home with a few inventive solutions can be surprisingly fun.

Golf Bag Storage 

That old golf bag has a ton of pockets and storage space; why not use it as a new storage solution in your garage?

Hanger Rails 

That sturdy golf shaft could easily be repurposed and used as a rail for your hangers. Putters also make great clothes hooks if you know what you’re doing. 

Paper Weights 

If you detach your club heads from their shafts, you’ll have a bunch of eye-catching paper weights all waiting to spruce up your office or kitchen! 

How Long Do Golf Clubs Hold Their Value?

Unfortunately, not very long. After just one year, some golf clubs have lost more than 50% of their original retail price. 

What To Do With Old Golf Clubs – The Last Word 

We hope you’ve found the information above helpful. No matter what you do with your old clubs, we hope it’s an option that serves you many years into the future!

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