Which Low Launch Driver Shaft Is Right For Me?

Whether you are out on the greens on the weekend or playing for the next PGA Tour against some high handicap golfers, your driver shaft can either MAKE or BREAK your game!

You will want that strength and stability when you take your swing. Luckily, there are a lot of driver shafts that will help you do just that.

Let’s take a look at some of the best shafts and see which golf shaft is right for you!

1. Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro White

Mitsubishi doesn’t just design cars. They are also responsible for one of the most popular and used driver shafts by PGA tour players.

Mitsubishi’s Tensei CK Pro White is a low-launch, low-spin shaft that uses “performance-oriented materials.”

  • These materials include Carbon Fiber and DuPont Kevlar (hence the CK for Carbon/Kevlar) for enhanced stability, strength, and butt stiffness.
  • Mitsubishi is a high-functioning shaft with eleven prepregs for optimum distance and performance. You will feel COMFORTABLE swinging with the Tensei CK Pro White!
  • It has the right balance without any harsh impact and maintains accuracy and control over the swing speed.

Considerably the lowest launching shaft, this one is worth a try!

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  • Deliver strong hits
  • Ideal for distance and stability


  • It may not be suitable for low swing speed players.

2. Fujikura Ventus Black

Fujikura Ventus Black 6 Shaft for Taylormade SIM Drivers (Choose Flex) X-Stiff

The Fujikura Ventus is a smooth, stable, low-spin shaft that delivers better dispersion and more centered contact with the ball.

The MULTI-MATERIAL construction of the shaft makes it sturdy and stable and gives that needed smash factor.

And the design is not too shabby! It has a glossy black sheen, which keeps the design simple and lets the performance do the talking.

The Ventus Black also does a good job at maintaining a high kick point. The shaft is very firm and steady and still gives a good kick.

One of the best low-spin shafts to check out!

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  • Produces less spin and lower launch angle
  • No twist even with mis-hits


  • Weight may not be suitable for some
  • The butt section may be too rigid for some

3. Mitsubishi Diamana D+ series

New Mitsubishi Diamana White Plus 62 D+ Series Stiff Flex Driver/Wood Shaft

Once again, Mitsubishi gives us another quality driver shaft, the Diamana D+.

This is a very well-regarded and high-end low-launch, low-spin shaft with a stiff tip section, made with some of the best elements from Mitsubishi’s previous models in the Diamana series.

It uses combined materials from Mitsubishi’s older shafts for smoother and optimized launch conditions.

Mitsubishi also claims that this shaft uses a “progressive torque” (how much force is used to make an object rotate).

Too high or too low torque is not ideal for your performance, so the Diamana D+ is sure to give you a nice, middle-ground amount of torque as you play!

This shaft screams PROFESSIONALISM and STYLE with its simple but chic black look!

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  • Low launch and will reduce spin numbers
  • One of the most stable shafts on the market
  • Multi-material shaft for both professional and amateur golfers


  • It May be too harsh or boardy
  • It might not be suitable for average swing speed players

4. Graphite Design Tour AD-BB

Graphite Design TOUR AD BB-5 - Driver Shaft with Installed Adapter & Grip (Taylormade M1/M2, Stiff - 57gr)

Graphite Design uses the most advanced materials to produce a high-quality graphite shaft, and the Tour AD-BB is no exception!

The Tour AD-BB (Blue Bullet) is a low to mid launch and low-spinning shaft used that uses NANOALLOY technology on the tip section to promote accuracy and distance.

The Blue Bullet also comprises 50T carbon fiber materials for increased stiffness.

This results in an increased kick from a low launch angle, giving you increased ball flight, speed, and a tighter shot pattern.

The Blue Bullet was designed with the right amount of flex in the butt section, so players can load the shaft and create a sense of POWER.


  • NANOALLOY technology for accuracy and distance
  • Promotes power, accuracy, and ball speed


  • On the expensive side

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5. Aldila Rogue Silver

Graphite Design TOUR AD BB-5 - Driver Shaft with Installed Adapter & Grip (Taylormade M1/M2, Stiff - 57gr)

The Aldila Rogue Silver is a great low to mid launching shaft that uses DIALEAD pitch fiber and ion plating for maximum performance and consistency.

It sports a high balance point, a popular feature among high-end premium golf shafts, and is designed for gaining club head speed and accuracy.

The Silver gives you a fairly low spin while maintaining a decent low to mid-launch. It also has enough stability to give you an easy grip while playing.

Its carbon fiber and thicker walls allow you to adjust the balance pivot point and the swing weight accordingly.

You will reap the benefits of a faster club head speed and distance with this shaft!

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  • Ideal weight to length ratio for stability and strength
  • Higher balance point


  • It May be too heavy for some
  • Too low torque
  • On the pricey side

6. Project X Hzrdus Black

Project X New HZRDUS Black 6.5 75g Driver/Fairway Shaft X-Stiff Flex

Project X offers some of the most in-demand shafts used by golfers everywhere! And they continue to do so with Project X Hzrdus Black.

Right off the bat, you will have a good grip on the shaft due to its stability and with just the right amount of stiffness in the mid-section, allowing you to maintain control.

Additionally, the lower spin gives you a low launch angle with much accuracy. Every shot you take will be CONSISTENT and right where you want it!

Mainly used by fast swingers who use quick transitions, the HZRDUS Black is exactly what you need to maximize your control with every swing.

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  • Thicker midsection
  • High kick point for low spin and launch angle
  • VERY Affordable


  • It might be too bulky
  • It might not be too suitable for slow swing speed golfers.

7. Oban Kiyoshi Black

Oban is one of the newer companies on the map, but they have still made a name for themselves with their professionally made shafts!

Oban customizes their shafts to fit with your desired needs!

The Kiyoshi Black is a shaft for all types of golf swings, and it is the perfect one for low-spin and stability.

The black and gold design is enough to catch your eye already, and it feels nice and firm from the butt section to the stiff tip section. It feels sturdy enough without being bulky or harsh.

The low spin gives you a good distance without sacrificing the low angle and ball flight and still being stable enough to swing SMOOTHLY yet POWERFULLY!

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  • Ideal for low-launching
  • Stable and powerful feel
  • Firm and stiff tip section and butt section


  • It May be too expensive

8. TPT Red Range

Image from Golfers Authority

The TPT Red Range is a stiffer, heavier shaft at the top end and lighter, softer shafts at the bottom to give you a wide range of strength and dynamics!

TPT offers HI and LO models that deliver low-spin characters! The LO models have a firmer feel and lower torque than the HI models.

If you want a strong performance while improving reliability and rigor, then the TPT Red Range is a sure winner!

Its carbon-fiber structure creates a RESILIENT and SEAMLESS shaft that delivers consistency and performance!

A little pricey for sure, the TPT Red Range shaft will always deliver and ensure smooth and high-level golfing!

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  • Carbon fiber assures high performance and consistency
  • No spine; can be played in any orientation


  • Very expensive

9. Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Silver

MCA-Golf New Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Black Dual-Core TiNi SFW 50 Stiff Flex Driver Graphite Shaft

Mitsubishi’s Kuro Kage Silver is a low-spinning, low-launch model with extra added weight in the butt for enhanced stability.

Once again from Mitsubishi, this standout shaft is built for improving distance and accuracy!

With its carbon fiber and titanium nickel wire combination, it will give players more control and firmness to the tip section.

The Kuro Kage offers smoothness, easy loading, and a nice kick in the mid-section. Its torque makes it a good choice for all players with all swing speeds!

If you liked Mitsubishi’s other driver shafts, then this is one worth looking at!

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  • Made of strong materials for stability and control
  • Variable torque


  • It May not be suitable for slow swing speed players

What To Look For in a Driver Shaft

Of course, you can’t just pick any driver shaft without a few considerations. Choosing the right shaft is requires A LOT of extra information that will help you make the best decision.

Here are some additional factors to consider before choosing your shaft!


Flex refers to the ability of the shaft to BEND as forces are applied to it during the swing. Those forces are dependent on what kind of swing you have.

It is important to practice your swing because if the shaft flex does not match, it could cause your ball to go off-target during impact.

Flex can affect your overall TRAJECTORY and ACCURACY, so finding a shaft that works well with your swing characteristics.

  • If you have a SMOOTH swing, a smooth or soft flex may be what you need, while a ROUGH or jerky swing may require a stiffer shaft.
  • If the shaft is too stiff, your ball will fly lower or at a shorter distance. It could also result in a less-solid shot or mis-hit.
  • Meanwhile, if your flex is not enough, the ball will fly higher, veer in other directions, or will spin too much.

You can gauge your flex through a professional club fitter. They will take measurements, observe your swing, ball flight, and recommend a flex for you!


The weight of the shaft plays a similar role as flex; the heavier the shaft, the lower the ball will go with less spin. On the other hand, the lighter the shaft, the higher the ball and the more spins.

Most shafts come in 40-85 grams, and the general rule is slower swing = lighter shaft, as weight increases as swing speed increases.

Using a lighter shaft more often can eventually lead to increasing swing speed, which leads to further distance. However, a shaft that is too light or too heavy will lead to more off-center hits.

Consider the weight of the driver head, too, as it could affect the shaft as well.


Length is also an important factor to consider!

The overall length of the shaft will greatly affect not just how your shaft feels in your hands but also the strike point.

  • The longer the shaft, the less consistent the strike and the closer the ball is to the heel of the clubface.
  • On the other hand, a shorter shaft will be more consistent but closer to the toe of the clubface.

Of course, you do not want a shaft that is too long as it could hit the ground before contact or too short as you could mis-hit the ball, which will greatly affect the distance.

Additionally, the longer the shaft, the more weight you will have to compensate for.

It is important to consider your height, arm length, swing speed, and other factors to determine the ideal shaft length for you.


Torque is described as the force used to make an object rotate. It is how much the shaft resists or is prone to twisting during the golf swing.

In this case, a LOW TORQUE means that the shaft has a high resistance to spinning or twisting, while a HIGH TORQUE causes more and easier spinning.

No matter how little, the amount of torque can affect your accuracy, distance, and ball flight. A ball hit off-center will increase twist and cost distance.

To get the right amount of torque, it all depends on your swing!

Consider going to a club-fitter to look at your swing, and see if you need a high-torque shaft or a low-torque shaft.

Kick Point

Kick Point refers to the greatest amount of BEND that a shaft exhibits when the tip is pulled down.

A low kick point refers to the low-end of the shaft, which would be the club head. A middle kick point is the middle of the shaft, and a high kick point is towards the grip handle or tip section.

A heavy shaft tends to have a heavier kick point, which would lower the ball flight. On the other hand, a lighter shaft has a lighter kick point and will increase ball flight.


Almost all driver shafts come in two materials, either GRAPHITE or STEEL. Some shafts combine materials, also known as MULTI-MATERIAL SHAFTS.

One of the benefits of steel shafts is having more control over accuracy and distance.

  • Steel shafts are heavier, more durable, and typically used by golfers with normal swing speeds, giving them more control.
  • On the other hand, a graphite shaft is MUCH lighter (around half the weight of a steel shaft), and this lightweight provides a greater and more powerful swing but not as much control.

A graphite shaft may be helpful for a golfer who struggles to create a fast swing speed.

Multi-material shafts fuse graphite and steel to maximize the properties of both materials! Generally, the shaft uses steel for control, and the tip uses graphite for flight.

Try testing out all driver shafts and pick the one that you are most comfortable with.

Winner Picks

Best Budget: Project X Hzrdus Black

There is a reason why Project X Hzrdus Black is one of the most popular driver shafts on the market. Not only does it promote more distance and accuracy, but it also comes at an affordable price!

Its stiffness and stable soft mid-section allow you to maintain control and minimize spin with every game!

You are sure to get the MAXIMUM performance with this shaft! And it makes the perfect choice if you are on a budget!

Best Value: Oban Kiyoshi Black

You will not regret trying out the Oban Kiyoshi Black!

Specifically designed for low launching, you will get the right numbers every time! The feel is great, smooth, and is suitable for all launch conditions!

Whether you are hitting indoors or outdoors, every swing will feel PERFECT! You get more than what you asked for!

Best Overall: Mitsubishi Diamana D+

Taking the top spot is none other than Mitsubishi’s Diamana D+!

Not only is it made with top-tier materials to give you the best performance possible, but the Diamana D+ also provides you with the BEST FEEL out of any shaft!

This low-launch shaft guarantees PRECISION and STABILITY with the LEAST amount of spin possible!

No wonder the one and only Tiger Woods used this!


There you have it! Some of the best driver shafts to use for low launching!

After going through this list and choosing a driver shaft for yourself, you are guaranteed to have your golfing skills improved in many ways.

Remember to treat your driver shafts with care, and who knows, you might even join the PGA Tour in the future!

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