Why Do All My Golf Clubs Go the Same Distance? Improve Your Skills

We’ve seen the following question in golfing forums and our email inbox countless times – “why do all my golf clubs go the same distance?” It’s perhaps the most common golf swing obstacle out there, especially for new golfers. 

The good news is that you’re far from alone and it’s easy to improve your situation with the right know-how and a bit of practice. On this page, we’ll be exploring the most common causes of this issue and some helpful ways to overcome them. 

Read on to increase your swing distance and slash your point average.  

Why Do All My Golf Clubs Go the Same Distance? The Factors at Play

So, why are all of your clubs achieving roughly the same amount of distance? How on earth can you start making progress here? Check out the insights below.

Your Experience/ Skill Level 

It should come as no surprise that this problem is most commonly faced by new golfers. The newer you are to the sport, the more likely it is that each swing achieves the same distance no matter which club you use. 

In fact, wedges can occasionally achieve a better lift than your irons if your technique isn’t where it should be. The main reasons for this are your strength and resulting speed which we discuss below. 

why do all my clubs go the same distance?

Your Strength

It may sound obvious, but the power with which your club meets the ball is a huge factor here. The stronger you are as a player, the easier it will be to start increasing your strike distance. 

Regular practice makes a huge difference in this regard. You’ll soon build up the muscles you need over time.

Your Speed 

Strong swings produce the requisite speed to get the distances you’re looking for. Before you’ve built up the right technique and power, you’ll be coming at the ball far too slowly.

This is why your wedges can sometimes appear to be doing a better job than your irons at first. The angle and loft of a wedge are designed to ‘scoop’ the ball into the air more easily. Even a super weak strike with a wedge can get a fair bit of distance. 

If you live near a good coach or golfing store, it’s a great idea to get your speed measured. This will make it much easier to set goals you can work toward as you train. 

A Note on Power – Don’t Get Carried Away

We’ve emphasized the importance of strength when swinging your clubs and we stand by this assertion. Just keep in mind that all the power in the world will let you down if you’re not maintaining good technique.

Just as important as strength is the rhythm of your swing. One smooth sweep that gracefully connects with the ball will serve you much better than an awkward hacking motion with variable speed. 

Your Technique

If you remember one thing from this article, it should be that your technique is probably your greatest obstacle to improving your strike distances. Making progress here can be frustrating at first but with consistent practice, you’ll be well on your way to success. 

We explore this further below. 

Technique Tips – How to Improve Your Distance 

In this section, we’ll touch briefly on some helpful ways to improve your technique as a golfer. We’ll be focusing primarily on your swing and how you make contact with the ball. Mastering these aspects of your technique can work wonders for the rest of your game.

Check Out This Video 

We recommend checking out this video from US Golf TV. It runs through the basics of how to start nailing your golf swing time after time. Once you’ve got to grips with how to swing your different clubs, you should notice that your distances start to show far more variation. 

The Perfect Golf Swing is Easier Than You Think 

Trust Your Clubs 

Many new golfers see the impressive distances achieved by seasoned pros and get intimidated. They assume they have to ‘scoop’ up the ball with each swing they make with their club. While it may feel counterintuitive, you should usually be doing the exact opposite. 

Try to push your club head ‘down’ into the ball as you connect during your swing. Your clubs are designed to deliver the distance you’re looking for – trust them. 

Setup and Address 

While learning to nail the entirety of your swing is important, the setup and address portion can be a real dealbreaker. Keep the following in mind when setting up your swing: 

  • Let your hands ‘flow’ straight down from your shoulders in a relaxed fashion 
  • Keep your knees bent but soft and relaxed 
  • Your club should be angled in a flat position directly behind the ball. Don’t angle it awkwardly up or down. 
  • Keep your dominant hand lower down than your other hand.
  • Distribute your weight equally between both feet.  

Have you noticed how each of the points outlined above will help you make the perfect point of contact with the ball? Mastering the perfect club angle and posture can transform your performance on the green. 

Practice Little and Often 

Most of us can’t manage a whole 18 holes each weekend, and that’s ok! The important things here are frequency and quality of practice rather than “how hard” you’re trying. Take as many opportunities as you can to get in a few minutes of practice. 

Picking up a golf swing trainer can help you practice this critical aspect of your technique wherever you are. 

The Irritating Truth – Lessons Are a Great Option 

All that practice will be useless without the right foundation. If you can afford to, it’s well worth booking in a few lessons if you can. A good coach will be able to iron out any inconsistencies in your approach and help set you down the right path toward success. 

Why Do All My Golf Clubs Go the Same Distance? Conclusion

The most common cause of all your clubs resulting in the same distance is a lack of experience. Once you’ve built up the right strength, speed, and technique, your swings will send the ball flying in no time! 

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