Why Do You Cover Golf Clubs? The Basics Explained

You’ve splashed out for an expensive new set of clubs. You’ve bought the fancy kit bag to go with them. You’ve even stretched for that swanky pair of clubs – do you really have to pay for the golf head covers too? While it can seem like an irritating extra expense, we think buying the right covers is super important. So, why do you cover golf clubs? 

On this page, we’ll find out. In the article below, we explore the main reasons for covering your golf clubs. We’ll touch on a few club maintenance tips too. Read on to help your equipment last for many years to come! 

Why Do You Cover Golf Clubs? 

You’ve seen them advertised online relentlessly. They’re also in practically any golfing store you set foot in. In this section, we’ll explore the main uses of golf head covers. We’ll answer that ever-tantalizing question – why do you cover golf clubs?

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It should come as no surprise that the primary advantage of using golf head covers is to give them the protection they need. Even a little bit of jostling in your car’s trunk or golf bag can cause unwanted damage. 

In a best case scenario, this damage will just be superficial. With even a small amount of bad luck, however, you could be dealing with clubs that need to be fixed or even replaced. 

In general, prevention is orders of magnitude better than a cure. Want our advice? Cover your golf clubs now to avoid disappointment down the line. 

Added Flair 

Have a favorite golf brand? Want to fly your team’s colors with pride? Whatever your specific reason may be, golf head covers can be a fantastic way to add a bit of flair to an otherwise lackluster set of clubs. Even if it’s just choosing your favorite colors, there’s no shame in having fun here. 

If you’re feeling more creative, you could even buy some custom covers to step things up a notch! Whatever you imagine can become a reality if you’ve got the cash to splash!  

Easy Recognition 

This one is particularly relevant if you travel often with your clubs or play at a super busy course. Ever noticed how most golf bags can look pretty similar? Choosing some unique golf headcovers is a great way to help set yours apart from the rest. 

If you choose a bold, bright design for your covers, you’ll be able to spot them in seconds! Stop wasting time at the airport’s baggage claim and get to where you really want to be – the tee box! 

Noise Reduction

Whether you’re moving around the course or driving home after a full 18 holes, a full golf bag can be an irritating distraction if you haven’t covered your clubs properly. The sound of metal clanging against metal isn’t exactly relaxing – trust us. 

To avoid unwanted distractions while driving or carrying your bag, trust a good set of golf head covers. 

Peace of Mind 

Even if you’re confident that you won’t damage your clubs, is it worth the risk? For many, spending a little extra to give their clubs the protection they deserve is worth it for the peace of mind it affords alone. 

Maintain your zen by covering your clubs. 

They’re Affordable

The good news here is that most golf head covers are surprisingly affordable. If you avoid a custom approach and just opt for some standard covers, you’ll struggle to spend more than $40. 

Use sites like Amazon for best results and keep your eyes peeled for special offers and surprise deals. 

Types of Club Heads 

So, we’ve established why it’s generally a good idea to keep your golf clubs covered, but what are the types of cover anyway? In this section, we’ll explore the two main cover types you’re likely to encounter when shopping. 

Wood and Iron Head Covers 

The most common type of golf head cover is used to protect your woods and irons. They’re usually made from leather, nylon, or polyester and simply slide over the head of your clubs. 

In most cases, this is all you’ll need to keep your equipment ship shape for many years to come! 

Putter Covers 

The shape of most golf putters means that a standard cover just won’t cut it. If you also want to provide protection for your putter, you’ll need a purpose-made product like this one.

Top tip – some more frugal players just use thick socks to cover their golf club heads.  

Golf Club Maintenance Tips 

Wondering how to protect your clubs long term? In this section, we explore a few basic tips that should help you keep things in good condition for many years into the future. Check them out! 

Wipe Down After Every Game 

Water is enemy number 1 when it comes to maintaining your clubs. Even a small amount of moisture can swiftly lead to rust if left unattended. Once rust has taken hold, you’re not far from needing to completely replace your gear. 

For best results, carefully wipe down your gear with a soft towel after every single game. It may sound tedious, but it’s the only way to guarantee at least some form of durability. 

Store them Properly 

With the above comments about moisture in mind, it’s best to store your clubs in a room with the following conditions: 

  • Consistently low humidity 
  • Low salt levels in the atmosphere 
  • A constant, moderate temperature
  • Free from hard abrasive materials that could scratch your clubs 

Can You Store Clubs in Your Trunk?

Even if you’re covering your golf clubs with the right protective gear, we strongly advise against storing them in the trunk of your car on a long-term basis. The constant jostling that driving around causes can quickly lead to unwanted damage. 

Store them somewhere stationary whenever possible! 

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Regrip Regularly 

Maintaining that satisfying ‘grippy’ feeling for your club’s handles is essential if you want to improve your point average. Regrip regularly for best results. 

learn more about regripping here

Final Thoughts 

We hope you’ve found the information above helpful. In short, covering your golf clubs is the best way to keep them safe for many years to come!

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