Why Matte Golf Balls and Pros and Cons

If you like to stay up-to-date on the going’s on in the world of golf, you’ve likely encountered matte golf balls before. After just a small amount of searching online, you’ll find countless people claiming they’re better… or terrible. Why matte golf balls? 

What makes them such an appealing or appalling option depending on who you ask in golfing forums online? In this article, we’ll find out. We’ll be discussing what matte golf balls are, why some people prefer them, and some other things to keep in mind when considering which golf balls to use. 

Read on to up your golfing knowledge! 

What Are Matte Golf Balls? 

Ever bought paint at a hardware store and noticed you had an option between glossy and matte paint? This is essentially the difference we’re dealing with here. Matte golf balls are painted with a matte, non-reflective paint that produces significantly less glare under direct light. 

This different style of paint also results in a different texture than you may be used to if you’ve only ever used regular golf balls before. Question is, why do people opt for something different in the first place? 

We find out further down this page.

Why Matte Golf Balls? The Main Benefits 

In this section, we’ll be exploring some of the main benefits (or purported benefits) to using matte golf balls. Keep in mind that not all of these advantages are backed by science or research. Some users simply report better results with this type of golf ball. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean that their claims are true – your mileage could vary considerably. 

Do Matte Golf Balls Spin More?

The spin style of matte golf balls is one factor that attracts much suspicion both on and offline. Some people claim that when it’s wet, matte balls tend to slow down somewhat. They also believe that in drier conditions, their spin is considerably faster. 

While gaining access to unique or more predictable spins might seem appealing, it’s important to note here that there’s not really any evidence that the weather affects matte golf balls. 

If you expect something to happen, you’ll likely look out for it. This is probably what’s happening when people use matte golf balls in different weather conditions. Whether it’s raining or a bright summer’s day, your matte balls will probably perform just the same. 

The Facts About Matte Golf Balls 

In this (admittedly short) section, we’ll explore some of the facts about matte golf balls. While there are plenty of subjective claims made about them online, there’s still something concrete to be found. 

Read on to learn more. 


Perhaps the most concrete benefit to using a matte golf ball is visibility. With a glossy coating on your golf ball, it’s far more likely that it will reflect sunlight as it travels through the air. This glare can make it difficult to track the path of your ball and actually spot where it lands. 

On larger courses with multiple holes, this can quickly add up to several minutes of looking around – far from ideal. With a matte ball, you’ll be dealing with significantly less glare and should therefore find it easier to actually find the ball after you’ve struck it. 

Visibility is the most concrete, and perhaps the only provable, benefit to using matte golf balls for most people. 

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The ‘Maybes’ About Matte Golf Balls 

In this section, we’ll explore some of the more subjective benefits to using a matte golf ball. Some users swear by these advantages, but we’re yet to see any real evidence to back up their claims. 

Check out the suggestions below and see if they might ring true for you. Just keep in mind that your mileage may vary. 


It goes without saying that distance is a top priority for most people when shopping for golf balls. The ability to launch the balls right across the fairway is certainly an appealing one. For this reason, some people turn to matte golf clubs in search of that extra bit of boost. 

They claim that their smoother texture improves their aerodynamics which helps them to more easily slice through the air. Just to reiterate – there’s not really much proof for this. Try them out for yourself and see how you feel. 

Spin Style 

As mentioned above, some people claim that the spin style of matte golf balls is unique. They believe that matte golf balls slow down in the rain and speed up in the sun. This of course could be fun, and even useful, when integrated correctly into your technique. 

Trouble is, there’s just no proof that this is what actually happens. There are plenty of people online who are willing to swear it’s real, but there haven’t really been any real-world studies to back up their claims. Until they emerge, it’s best to treat this claim with a healthy pinch of salt. 


This one depends on where you are, but sometimes, matte golf balls can be a touch cheaper in certain stores. This is by no means guaranteed, but it’s worth watching out for next time you’re shopping. It can also go the other way in terms of price so be sure to pay attention! 


A smoother texture results in a higher level of friction – does this sound like it makes any sense to you? Some people claim that matte balls are ‘gripper’ once they hit the green. As with the other suggestions listed above, this is likely a subjective experience rather than something that’s actually happening. 

Try them out for yourself and see what you think. 

Why Matte Golf Balls? Final Thoughts 

We hope you’ve found the information on this page helpful. Matte golf balls can be a useful option if you’re trying to maintain good visibility on sunnier days. Their non-glossy paint means they reflect significantly less light and can therefore be tracked through the sky much easier. 

Any other claims about matte golf balls, including their spin style and ‘friction,’ should be taken with a healthy pinch of salt. Whatever kind of golf ball you choose, we hope it serves you well for many years to come!

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